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DATE Executive Committee
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PH.D. Forum
Call for Papers: DATE 2008

Keynote Addresses

PDF icon Challenges of Digital Consumer and Mobile SOC's: More Moore Possible? [p. 1]
T. Furuyama

PDF icon Was Darwin Wrong? Has Design Evolution Stopped at the RTL Level...or Will Software and Custom Processors (or System-Level Design) Extend Moore's Law? [p. 2]
A. Naumann

1.2: Design Records

Moderators: G. De Micheli, EPF Lausanne, CH, P. van der Wolf, NXP Semiconductors Research, NL
PDF icon ATLAS: A Chip-Multiprocessor with Transactional Memory Support [p. 3]
N. Njoroge, J. Casper, S. Wee, Y. Teslyar, D. Ge, C. Kozyrakis and K. Olukotun

PDF icon A Dynamically Adaptive DSP for Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Platforms[p. 9]
F. Campi, A. Deledda, M. Pizzotti, L. Ciccarelli, P. Rolandi, C. Mucci, A. Lodi, A. Vitkovski and L. Vanzolini

PDF icon An 0.9 X 1.2", Low Power, Energy-Harvesting System with Custom Multi-Channel Communication Interface [p. 15]
P. Stanley-Marbell and D. Marculescu

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon An FPGA Based All-Digital Transmitter with Radio Frequency Output for Software Defined Radio [p. 21]
Z. Ye, J. Grosspietsch, G. Memik

1.3: Design for Testability for SoCs

Moderators: S. Kundu, Massachusetts U, US, H.-J. Wunderlich, Stuttgart U, DE
PDF icon A Non-Intrusive Isolation Approach for Soft Cores [p. 27]
O. Sinanoglu and T. Petrov

PDF icon Unknown Blocking Scheme for Low Control Data Volume and High Observability [p. 33]
S. Wang, W. Wei, S.T. Chakradhar

PDF icon Test Cost Reduction for SoC Using a Combined Approach to Test Data Compression and Test Scheduling [p. 39]
Q. Zhou and K.J. Balakrishnan

PDF icon High-Level Test Synthesis for Delay Fault Testability [p. 45]
S.-J. Wang and T.-H. Yeh

1.4: Communication Synthesis under Timing Constraints

Moderators: J. Teich, Erlangen-Nuremberg U, DE, M. Heijligers, NXP IC-Lab, NL
PDF icon Bus Access Optimisation for FlexRay-based Distributed Embedded Systems [p. 51]
T. Pop, P. Pop, P. Eles and Z. Peng

PDF icon A Decomposition-based Constraint Optimization Approach for Statically Scheduling Task Graphs with Communication Delays to Multiprocessors [p. 57]
N. Satish, K. Ravindran and K. Keutzer

PDF icon Design Closure Driven Delay Relaxation Based on Convex Cost Network Flow [p. 63]
C. Lin, A. Xie and H. Zhou

1.5: Performance Modelling and Synthesis of Analogue/Mixed-Signal Circuits

Moderators: F. V. Fernandez, IMSE, CSIC and Seville U, ES, L. Hedrich, Frankfurt/M U, DE
PDF icon Simulation-based Reusable Posynomial Models for MOS Transistor Parameters [p. 69]
V. Aggarwal and U.-M. O'Reilly

PDF icon Trade-Off Design of Analog Circuits Using Goal Attainment and "Wave Front" Sequential Quadratic Programming [p. 75]
D. Mueller, H. Graeb and U. Schlichtmann

PDF icon An Efficient Methodology for Hierarchical Synthesis of Mixed-Signal Systems with Fully Integrated Building Block Topology Selection [p. 81]
T. Eeckelaert, R. Schoofs, G. Gielen, M. Steyaert and W. Sansen

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon A Coefficient Optimization and Architecture Selection Tool for ∑Δ Modulators in MATLAB [p. 87]
O. Yetik, O. Saglamdemir, S. Talay and G. Dündar

1.6: System Level Mapping and Simulation

Moderators: P. van der Wolf, NXP Semiconductors Research, NL, L. Thiele, ETH Zurich, CH
PDF icon (694) Synthesis of Task and Message Activation Models in Real-Time Distributed Automotive Systems [p. 93]
W. Zheng, M. Di Natale, C. Pinello, P. Giusto and A. Sangiovanni Vincentelli

PDF icon (287) An ILP Formulation for System-Level Application Mapping on Network Processor Architectures [p. 99]
C. Ostler and K.S. Chatha

PDF icon (231) A Smooth Refinement Flow for Co-Designing HW and SW Threads [p. 105]
P. Destro, F. Fummi and G. Pravadelli

PDF icon (521) Speeding Up SystemC Simulation through Process Splitting [p. 111]
Y. N. Naguib and R. S. Guindi

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon (394) An FPGA Design Flow for Reconfigurable Network-Based Multi-Processor Systems on Chip [p. 117]
A. Kumar, A. Hansson, J. Huisken and H. Corporaal

1.7: Algorithms and Applications of Run-Time Reconfiguration

Moderators: W. Najjar, UC Riverside, US, F. Kurdahi, UC Irvine, US
PDF icon Hard Real-Time Reconfiguration Port Scheduling [p. 123]
F. Dittmann and S. Frank

PDF icon An Efficient Algorithm for Online Management of 2D Area of Partially Reconfigurable FPGAs [p. 129]
J. Cui, Q. Deng, X. He and Z. Gu

PDF icon Improving Utilization of Reconfigurable Resources Using Two-Dimensional Compaction [p. 135]
A.A. El Farag, H.M. El-Boghdadi and S.I. Shaheen

PDF icon Low-Power Warp Processor for Power Efficient High-Performance Embedded Systems [p. 141]
R. Lysecky

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Using Dynamic Voltage Scaling to Reduce the Configuration Energy of Run Time Reconfigurable Devices [p. 147]
Y. Qu, J.-P. Soininen and J. Nurmi

PDF icon A Shift Register Based Clause Evaluator for Reconfigurable SAT Solver [p. 153]
M. Safar, M. Shalan, M. W. El-Kharashi and A. Salem

2.2: IP Designs for Media Processing and Other Computational Intensive Kernels

Moderators: J. Dielissen, NXP Research, NL, N. Dutt, UC Irvine, US
PDF icon Efficient High-Performance ASIC Implementation of JPEG-LS Encoder [p. 159]
M. Papadonikolakis, V. Pantazis and A. P. Kakarountas

PDF icon Improve CAM Power Efficiency Using Decoupled Match Line Scheme [p. 165]
Y.-J. Chang, Y.-H. Liao and S.-J. Ruan

PDF icon Cyclostationary Feature Detection on a Tiled-SoC [p. 171]
A. B. J. Kokkeler, G. J. M. Smit, T. Krol and J. Kuper

PDF icon Mapping Control-Intensive Video Kernels onto a Coarse-Grain Reconfigurable Architecture: The H.264/AVC Deblocking Filter [p. 177]
C. Arbelo, A. Kanstein, S. López, J. F. López, M. Berekovic, R. Sarmiento and J.-Y. Mignolet

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon An Efficient Hardware Architecture for H.264 Intra Prediction Algorithm [p. 183]
E. Sahin and I. Hamzaoglu

PDF icon An FPGA Implementation of Decision Tree Classification [p. 189]
R. Narayanan, D. Honbo, G. Memik, A. Choudhary and J. Zambreno

PDF icon Radix 4 SRT Division with Quotient Prediction and Operand Scaling [p. 195]
N.R. Srivastava

2.3: Test Infrastructure of SoCs and its Verification

Moderators: F. Novak, Jozef Stefan Institute, SL, R. Dorsch, IBM, Boeblingen, DE
PDF icon SoC Testing Using LFSR Reseeding, and Scan-Slice-Based TAM Optimization and Test Scheduling [p. 201]
Z. Wang, K. Chakrabarty and S. Wang

PDF icon Optimized Integration of Test Compression and Sharing for SoC Testing [p. 207]
A. Larsson, E. Larsson, P. Eles and Z. Peng

PDF icon A Sophisticated Memory Test Engine for LCD Display Drivers [p. 213]
O. Spang, H.-M. Von Staudt and M.G. Wahl

PDF icon Formal Verification of a Pervasive Interconnect Bus System in a High-Performance Microprocessor [p. 219]
T. Le, T. Glökler and J. Baumgartner

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Low Cost Debug Architecture Using Lossy Compression for Silicon Debug [p. 225]
E. Anis and N. Nicolici

PDF icon An SoC Test Scheduling Algorithm Using Reconfigurable Union Wrappers [p. 231]
T. Yoneda, M. Imanishi and H. Fujiwara

2.4: HOT TOPIC - Microprocessors in the Era of Terascale Integration

Moderator: A. González, Intel and UPC, ES
PDF icon Microprocessors in the Era of Terascale Integration [p. 237]
S. Borkar, N.P. Jouppi and P. Stenstrom

2.5: Statistical / Nonlinear Analysis and Verification for Analogue Circuits

Moderators: G. Vandersteen, IMEC, BE, J. Roychowdhury, Minnesota U, US
PDF icon CMCal: An Accurate Analytical Approach for the Analysis of Process Variations with Non-Gaussian Parameters and Nonlinear Functions [p. 243]
M. Zhang, M. Olbrich, D. Seider, M. Frerichs, H. Kinzelbach and E. Barke

PDF icon A Symbolic Methodology for the Verification of Analog and Mixed Signal Designs [p. 249]
G. Al-Sammane, M. H. Zaki and S. Tahar

PDF icon Efficient Nonlinear Distortion Analysis of RF Circuits [p. 255]
D. Tannir and R. Khazaka

PDF icon Nonlinearity Analysis of Analog/RF Circuits Using Combined Multisine and Volterra Analysis [p. 261]
J. Borremans, L. De Locht, P. Wambacq and Y. Rolain

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Optimizing Analog Filter Designs for Minimum Nonlinear Distortions Using Multisine Excitations [p. 267]
J. Lataire, G. Vandersteen and R. Pintelon

2.6: System Modeling and Specification

Moderators: T. Schattkowsky, Paderborn U, DE, W. Klingauf, TU Braunschweig, DE
PDF icon Performance Analysis of Complex Systems by Integration of Dataflow Graphs and Compositional Performance Analysis [p. 273]
S. Schliecker, S. Stein and R. Ernst

PDF icon Tackling an Abstraction Gap: Co-Simulating with SystemC DE and Bluespec ESL [p. 279]
H.D. Patel and S.K Shukla

PDF icon A Calculator for Pareto Points [p. 285]
M. Geilen and T. Basten

PDF icon Modeling and Simulation to the Design of ZΔ Fractional-N Frequency Synthesizer [p. 291]
S. Huang, H. Ma and Z. Wang

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon System Level Power Optimization of Sigma-Delta Modulator [p. 297]
F. Gong and X. Wu

PDF icon Executable System-Level Specification Models Containing UML-Based Behavioral Patterns [p. 301]
L.S. Indrusiak, A. Thuy and M. Glesner

2.7: Design Space Exploration and Nano-Technologies for Reconfigurable Computing

Moderators: W. Luk, Imperial College, London, UK, R. Lysecky, Arizona U, US
PDF icon Assessing Carbon Nanotube Bundle Interconnect for Future FPGA Architectures [p. 307]
S. Eachempati, A. Nieuwoudt, A. Gayasen, N. Vijaykrishnan and Y. Massoud

PDF icon Two-Level Microprocessor-Accelerator Partitioning [p. 313]
S. Sirowy, Y. Wu, S. Lonardi and F. Vahid

PDF icon Design Space Exploration of Partially Re-Configurable Embedded Processors [p. 319]
A. Chattopadhyay, W. Ahmed, K. Karuri, D. Kammler, R. Leupers, G. Ascheid and H. Meyr

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Generating and Executing Multi-Exit Custom Instructions for an Adaptive Extensible Processor [p. 325]
H. Noori, F. Mehdipour, K. Murakami, K. Inoue and M. Goudarzi

3.2: Implementation of LDPC Codecs for Various Communication Standards

Moderators: M. Heijligers, NXP IC Lab, NL, N. Wehn, Kaiserslautern U, DE
PDF icon Low Complexity LDPC Code Decoders for Next Generation Standards [p. 331]
T. Brack, M. Alles, T. Lehnigk-Emden, F. Kienle, N. When, N.E. L'Insalata, F. Rossi, M. Rovini and L. Fanucci

PDF icon Non-Fractional Parallelism in LDPC Decoder Implementations [p. 337]
J. Dielissen and A. Hekstra

PDF icon Minimum-Energy LDPC Decoder for Real-Time Mobile Application [p. 343]
W. Wang and G. Choi

PDF icon Pipelined Implementation of a Real Time Programmable Encoder for Low Density Parity Check Code on a Reconfigurable Instruction Cell Architecture [p. 349]
Z. Khan and T. Arslan

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Implementation of AES/Rijndael on a Dynamically Reconfigurable Architecture [p. 355]
C. Mucci, L. Vanzolini, A. Lodi, A. Deledda, R. Guerrieri, F. Campi and M. Toma

3.3: Testing NoCs

Moderators: Z. Peng, Linkoping U, SE; J. Raik, TU Tallinn, ES
PDF icon Using the Inter- and Intra-Switch Regularity in NoC Switch Testing [p. 361]
M. Hosseinabady, A. Dalirsani and Z. Navabi

PDF icon Toward a Scalable Test Methodology for 2D-mesh Network-on-Chips [p. 367]
K. Petersén and J. Öberg

PDF icon Remote Testing and Diagnosis of System-on-Chips Using Network Management Frameworks [p. 373]
O. Laouamri and C. Aktouf

3.4: Synthesis at System and Architectural Levels

Moderators: P. Pop, DTU, DK; S. Chakraborty, National U of Singapore, SG
PDF icon Fast Memory Footprint Estimation Based on Maximal Dependency Vector Calculation [p. 379]
Q. Hu, A. Vandecappelle, P.G. Kjeldsberg, F. Catthoor and M. Palkovic

PDF icon Mapping Multi-Dimensional Signals into Hierarchical Memory Organizations [p. 385]
H. Zhu, I.I. Lucian and F. Balasa

PDF icon The Impact of Loop Unrolling on Controller Delay in High Level Synthesis [p. 391]
S. Kurra, N.K. Singh and P.R. Panda

PDF icon Clock-Frequency Assignment for Multiple Clock Domain Systems-on-a-Chip [p. 397]
S. Sirowy, Y. Wu, S. Lonardi and F. Vahid

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon System-Level Process Variation Driven Throughput Analysis for Single and Multiple Voltage-Frequency Island Designs [p. 403]
S. Garg and D. Marculescu

PDF icon Reliability-Aware System Synthesis [p. 409]
M. Glass, M. Lukasiewycz, T. Streichert, C. Haubelt and J. Teich

3.5: Analogue and Mixed-Signal Design and Characterization

Moderators: A. Rodriguez-Vazquez, AnaFocus, ES; M. Glesner, TU Darmstadt, DE
PDF icon Flexibility-oriented Design Methodology for Reconfigurable Delta Sigma Modulators [p. 415]
P. Sun, Y. Wei and A. Dobili

PDF icon Experimental Validation of a Tuning Algorithm for High-Speed Filters [p. 421]
G. Matarrese, C. Marzocca, F. Corsi, S. D'Amico and A. Baschirotto

PDF icon Design of High-Resolution MOSFET-Only Pipelined ADCs with Digital Calibration [p. 427]
H. Aminzadeh, M. Danaie and R. Lotfi

PDF icon A New Technique for Characterization of Digital-to-Analog Converters in High-Speed Systems [p. 433]
J. Savoj, A.-A. Abbasfar, A. Amirkhany, B. W. Garlepp and M. A. Horowitz

3.6: PANEL SESSION - Should You Trust the Surgeon or the Family Doctor?

Organizer: M. Casale-Rossi, Synopsys, Italy
Moderator: A. Strojwas, Carnegie Mellon U, US
PDF icon DFM/DFY: Should You Trust the Surgeon or the Family Doctor? [p. 439]
Panelists: R. Aitken, A. Domic, C. Guardiani, P. Magarshack, D. Pattullo, J. Sawicki

3.7: Automatic Synthesis of Computation Intensive Application Specific Circuits

Moderators: F. Ferrandi, Politecnico di Milano, IT; T. Henriksson, NXP Semiconductors Research, NL
PDF icon Automatic Synthesis of Compressor Trees: Reevaluating Large Counters [p. 443]
A.K. Verma and P. Ienee

PDF icon Area Optimization of Multi-Cycle Operators in High-Level Synthesis [p. 449]
M.C. Molina, R. Ruiz-Sautua, J.M. Mendias and R. Hermida

PDF icon Data-Flow Transformations Using Taylor Expansion Diagrams [p. 455]
M. Ciesielski, S. Askar, D. Gomez-Prado, J. Guillot and E. Boutillon

PDF icon Automatic Application Specific Floating-point Unit Generation [p. 461]
Y.J. Chong and S. Parameswaran

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Time-Constrained Clustering for DSE of Clustered VLIW-ASP [p. 467]
M. Schölzel

4.1: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - Design, Verification and Test (Ubiquitous Communication and Computation Special Day)

Organizer/Moderator: P Liuha, Nokia, FI
PDF icon Applications for Ubiquitous Computing and Communications [p. 473]

4.2: Automotive

Moderators: L. Fanucci, Pisa U, IT; J. Gerlach, Robert Bosch GmbH, DE
PDF icon Timing Simulation of Interconnected AUTOSAR Software-Components [p. 474]
M. Krause, O. Bringmann, A. Hergenhan, G. Tabanoglu and W. Rosenstiel

PDF icon FPGA-based Networking Systems for High Data-rate and Reliable In-vehicle Communications [p. 480]
S. Saponara, E. Petri, M. Tonarelli, I. Del Corona and L. Fanucci

PDF icon Low-g Accelerometer Fast Prototyping for Automotive Applications [p. 486]
F. D'Ascoli, F. Iozzi, C. Marino, M. Melani, M. Tonarelli, L. Fanucci, A. Giambastiani, A. Rocchi and M. De Marinis

PDF icon Using an Innovative SOC-level FMEA Methodology to Design in Compliance with IEC61508 [p. 492]
R. Mariani, G. Boschi and F. Colucci

PDF icon Using Partial-Run-Time Reconfigurable Hardware to Accelerate Video Processing in Driver Assistance Systems [p. 498]
C. Claus, J. Zeppenfeld, F. Müller and W. Stechele

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Towards a Methodology for the Quantitative Evaluation of Automotive Architectures [p. 504]
P. Popp, M. Di Natale, P. Giusto, S. Kanajan and C. Pinello

4.3: Test Generation for Diagnosis, Scan Testing and Advanced Memory Fault Models

Moderators: H. Obermeir, Infineon Technologies AG, DE; B. Straube, FhG IIS/EAS Dresden, DE
PDF icon Dynamic Learning Based Scan Chain Diagnosis [p. 510]
Y. Huang

PDF icon Diagnosis, Modeling and Tolerance of Scan Chain Hold-Time Violations [p. 516]
O. Sinanoglu and P. Schremmer

PDF icon On Test Generation by Input Cube Avoidance [p. 522]
I. Pomeranz and S.M. Reddy

PDF icon Slow Write Driver Faults in 65nm SRAM Technology: Analysis and March Test Solution [p. 528]
A. Ney, P. Girard, C. Landrault, S. Pravossoudovitch, A. Virazel and M. Bastian

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon On Power-profiling and Pattern Generation for Power-safe Scan Tests [p. 534]
V.R. Devanathan, C.P. Ravikumar and V. Kamakoti

PDF icon Automatic Test Pattern Generation for Maximal Circuit Noise in Multiple Aggressor Crosstalk Faults [p. 540]
K.P. Ganeshpure and S. Kundu

4.4: Future Design Challenges

Moderators: V. Narayanan, Penn State U, US; C. Guiducci, Bologna U, IT
PDF icon Temperature-aware NBTI Modeling and the Impact of Input Vector Control on Performance Degradation [p. 546]
Y. Wang, H. Luo, K. He, R. Luo, H. Yang and Y. Xie

PDF icon A Cross-Referencing-Based Droplet Manipulation Method for High-Throughput and Pin-Constrained Digital Microfluidic Arrays [p. 552]
T. Xu and K. Chakrabarty

PDF icon Reversible Circuit Technology Mapping from Non-reversible Specifications [p. 558]
Z. Zilic, K. Radecka and A. Khazamiphur

PDF icon Distributed Power-Management Techniques for Wireless Network Video Systems [p. 564]
N. H. Zamora, J.-C. Kao and R. Marculescu

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Improving the Fault Tolerance of Nanometric PLA Designs [p. 570]
F. Angiolini, M.H. Ben Jamaa, D. Atienza, L. Benini, and G. De Micheli

PDF icon Techniques for Designing Noise-Tolerant Multi-Level Combinational Circuits [p. 576]
K. Nepal, R.I. Bahar, J. Mundy, W.R. Patterson and A. Zaslavsky

4.5: Application-Specific Architectures

Moderators: T. Austin, U of Michigan, US; B. Calder, Microsoft, US
PDF icon An Efficient Code Compression Technique Using Application-Aware Bitmask and Dictionary Selection Methods [p. 582]
S.-W. Seong and P. Mishra

PDF icon Optimizing Instruction-set Extensible Processors under Data Bandwidth Constraints [p. 588]
K. Atasu, R.G. Dimond, O. Mencer, W. Luk, C. Özturan and G. Düundar

PDF icon Resource Prediction for Media Stream Decoding [p. 594]
J. Hamers and L. Eeckhout

PDF icon Register Pointer Architecture for Efficient Embedded Processors [p. 600]
J.S. Park, S.-B. Park, J.D. Balfour, D. Black-Schaffer, C. Kozyrakis and W.J. Dally

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Feasibility of Combined Area and Performance Optimization for Superscalar Processors Using Random Search [p. 606]
S. Van Haastregt and P.M.W. Knijnenburg

PDF icon A Decoupled Architecture of Processors with Scratch-Pad Memory Hierarchy [p. 612]
A. Milidonis, N. Alachiotis, V. Porpodas, H. Michail, A.P. Kakarountas and C.E. Goutis

4.6: Technology and Process Aware Low Power Circuit Design

Moderators: A.J. Acosta, Seville U/IMSE, ES; B.C. Paul, Toshiba, US
PDF icon An Algorithm to Minimize Leakage through Simultaneous Input Vector Control and Circuit Modification [p. 618]
N. Jayakumar and S.P. Khatri

PDF icon Understanding Voltage Variations in Chip Multiprocessors Using a Distributed Power-Delivery Network [p. 624]
M.S. Gupta, J.L. Oatley, R. Joseph, G.-Y. Wei and D.M. Brooks

PDF icon Process Variation Tolerant Low Power DCT Architecture [p. 630]
N. Banerjee, G. Karakonstantis and K. Roy

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Statistical Dual-Vdd Assignment for FPGA Interconnect Power Reduction [p. 636]
Y. Lin and L. He

4.7: Hardware Implementation of MPSoCs and NoCs Architectures

Moderators: K. Goossens, NXP Semiconductors Research, NL; B. Candaele, Thales Communications, FR
PDF icon Hardware Scheduling Support in SMP Architectures [p. 642]
A.C. Nácul, F. Regazzoni and M. Lajolo

PDF icon A Scalable, Timing-Safe, Network-on-Chip Architecture with an Integrated Clock Distribution Method [p. 648]
T. Bjerregaard, M.B. Stensgaard and J. Sparsø

PDF icon Butterfly and Benes-Based On-Chip Communication Networks for Multiprocessor Turbo Decoding [p. 654]
H. Moussa, O. Muller, A. Baghdadi and M. Jezequel

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Capturing the Interaction of the Communication, Memory and I/O Subsystems in Memory-Centric Industrial MPSoC Platforms [p. 660]
S. Medardoni, M. Ruggiero, D. Bertozzi, L. Benini, G. Strano and C. Pistritto

5.1.1: Security and Trust in Ubiquitous Communication (Ubiquitous Communication and Computation Special Day)

Organizer/Moderator: P. Liuha, Nokia, FI
PDF icon Cost-Aware Capacity Optimization in Dynamic Multi-Hop WSNs [p. 666]
J. Suhonen, M. Kohvakka, M. Kuorilehto, M. Hännikäinen, and T.D. Hämäläinen

PDF icon Design Methods for Security and Trust [p. 672]
I. Verbauwhede and P. Schaumont

5.1.2: Lunch-Time Keynote and Awards

PDF icon Emerging Solutions Technology and Business Views for the Ubiquitous Communication [p. 678]
H. Huomo

5.2: Best Industrial System Designs in Aerospace, Avionics and Automotive

Moderators: L. Fanucci, Pisa U, IT; A. Reutter, Robert Bosch GmbH, DE
PDF icon Development of on Board, Highly Flexible, Galileo Signal Generator ASIC [p. 679]
L. Baguena, E. Liégeon, A. Bepoix, J. M. Dusserre, C. Oustric, P. Bellocq and V. Heiries

PDF icon New Safety Critical Radio Altimeter for Airbus and Related Design Flow [p. 684]
D. Hairion, S. Emeriau, E. Combot and M. Sarlotte

PDF icon Introducing New Verification Methods into a Company's Design Flow: An Industrial User's Point of View [p. 689]
R. Lissel and J. Gerlach

5.3: Mixed-Signal and RF Test

Moderators: A. Chatterjee, Georgia Institute of Technology, US; B. Kaminska, Simon Fraser U, CA
PDF icon Testable Design for Advanced Serial-Link Transceivers [p. 695]
M. Lin and K.-T. Cheng

PDF icon Method for Reducing Jitter in Multi-Gigahertz ATE [p. 701]
D.C. Keezer, D. Minier and P. Ducharme

PDF icon Re-Configuration of Sub-blocks for Effective Application of Time Domain Tests [p. 707]
J. Anders, S. Krishnan and G. Gronthoud

PDF icon An ADC-BiST Scheme Using Sequential Code Analysis [p. 713]
E.S. Erdogan and S. Ozev

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Boosting SER Test for RF Transceivers by Simple DSP Technique [p. 719]
J. Dabrowski and R. Ramzan

PDF icon Novel Test Infrastructure and Methodology Used for Accelerated Bring-Up and In-System Characterization of the Multi-Gigahertz Interfaces on the Cell Processor [p. 725]
P. Yeung, A. Torres and P. Batra

PDF icon Evaluation of Test Measures for LNA Production Testing Using a Multinormal Statistical Model [p. 731]
J. Tongbong, S. Mir and J.L. Carbonero

5.4: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL AND PANEL - Heterogeneous Systems on Chip and Systems in Package

Organizers/Moderators: B. Courtois, TIMA Laboratory, FR; I. O'Connor, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, FR
PDF icon Heterogeneous Systems on Chip and Systems in Package [p. 737]
I. O'Connor, B. Courtois, K. Chakrabarty, N. Delorme, M. Hampton, J. Hartung

5.5: Novel Directions in Architectural Simulation and Validation

Moderators: E.M. Aboulhamid, Montreal U, CA; T. Austin, U of Michigan, US
PDF icon Engineering Trust with Semantic Guardians [p. 743]
I. Wagner and V. Bertacco

PDF icon CATS: Cycle Accurate Transaction-driven Simulation with Multiple Processor Simulators [p. 749]
D. Kim, S. Ha and R. Gupta

PDF icon A One-Shot Configurable-Cache Tuner for Improved Energy and Performance [p. 755]
A. Gordon-Ross, P. Viana, F. Vahid, W. Najjar and E. Barros

PDF icon Design Fault Directed Test Generation for Microprocessor Validation [p. 761]
D.A. Mathaikutty, S.K. Shukla, S.V. Kodakara, D. Lilja and A. Dingankar

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Impact of Description Language, Abstraction Layer, and Value Representation on Simulation Performance [p. 767]
W. Ecker, V. Esen, L. Schönberg, T. Steininger M. Velten and M. Hull

5.6: Power Management

Moderators: D. Soudris, Thrace Democritus U, GR; M. Poncino, Politecnico di Torino, IT
PDF icon Adaptive Power Management in Energy Harvesting Systems [p. 773]
C. Moser, L. Thiele, D. Brunelli and L. Benini

PDF icon Stochastic Modeling and Optimization for Robust Power Management in a Partially Observable System [p. 779]
Q. Qiu, Y. Tan and Q. Wu

PDF icon Efficient and Scalable Compiler-Directed Energy Optimization for Realtime Applications [p. 785]
P.-K. Huang and S. Ghiasi

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Peripheral-Conscious Scheduling on Energy Minimization for Weakly Hard Real-time Systems [p. 791]
L. Niu and G. Quan

PDF icon Task Scheduling under Performance Constraints for Reducing the Energy Consumption of GALS Multi-Processor SoC [p. 797]
R. Watanabe, M. Kondo, M. Imai, H. Nakamura and T. Nanya

5.7: Advanced Techniques for Embedded Processors Design

Moderators: W. Kruijtzer, NXP, NL; G. Martin, Tensilica, US
PDF icon Instruction Trace Compression for Rapid Instruction Cache Simulation [p. 803]
A. Janapsatya, A. Ignjatovic, S. Parameswaran and J. Henkel

PDF icon Efficient Code Density through Look-up Table Compression [p. 809]
T. Bonny and J. Henkel

PDF icon Microarchitectural Support for Program Code Integrity Monitoring in Application-specific Instruction Set Processors [p. 815]
Y. Fei and Z.J. Shi

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Soft-core Processor Customization Using the Design of Experiments Paradigm [p. 821]
D. Sheldon, F. Vahid and S. Lonardi

6.1: Advances in Potential Power Supply (Ubiquitous Communication and Computation Special Day)

PDF icon Power Supply and Power Management in Ubicom[p. 827]

6.2: Best Industrial Systems Designs in Communication and Multimedia

Moderators: O. Deprez, Texas Instruments, FR; M. Heijligers, NXP IC-Lab, NL
PDF icon From Algorithm to First 3.5G Call in Record Time . A Novel System Design Approach Based on Virtual Prototyping and Its Consequences for Interdisciplinary System Design Teams [p. 828]
M. Brandenburg, A. Schöllhom, S. Heinen, J. Eckmüller and T. Eckart

PDF icon Portable Multimedia SoC Design: A Global Challenge [p. 831]
M. Paganini, G. Kimmich, S. Ducrey, G. Caubit and V. Coeffe

PDF icon What If You Could Design Tomorrow's System Today? [p. 835]
N. Wingen

6.3: Nano and FIFO

Moderators: E. Larsson, Linkoping U, SE; D. Gizopoulos, Piraeus U, GR
PDF icon Circuit-Level Modeling and Detection of Metallic Carbon Nanotube Defects in Carbon Nanotube FETs [p. 841]
H. Hashempour and F. Lombardi

PDF icon Error Rate Reduction in DNA Self-Assembly by Non-Constant Monomer Concentrations and Profiling [p. 847]
B. Jang, Y.-B. Kim and F. Lombardi

PDF icon Design and DFT of a High-Speed Area-Efficient Embedded Asynchronous FIFO [p. 853]
P. Wielage, E.J. Marinissen, M. Altheimer and C. Wouters

PDF icon Test Quality Analysis and Improvement for an Embedded Asynchronous FIFO [p. 859]
T. Dubois, M. Azimane, E. Larsson, E.J. Marinissen, P. Wielage and C. Wouters

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Logic Level Fault Tolerance Approaches Targeting Nanoelectronics PLAs [p. 865]
W. Rao, A. Orailoglu and R. Karri

6.4: System Level Validation

Moderators: F. Fummi, Verona U, IT; M. Lajolo, NEC Laboratories, US
PDF icon A Multi-Core Debug Platform for NoC-Based Systems [p. 870]
S. Tang and Q. Xu

PDF icon Seamless Hardware/Software Performance Co-Monitoring in a Codesign Simulation Environment with RTOS Support [p. 876]
L. Moss, M. De Nanclas, L. Filion, S. Fontaine, G. Bois and M. Aboulhamid

PDF icon Incremental ABV for Functional Validation of TL-to-RTL Design Refinement [p. 882]
N. Bombieri, F. Fummi and G. Pravadelli

PDF icon Efficient Testbench Code Synthesis for a Hardware Emulator System [p. 888]
I. Mavroidis and I. Papaefstathiou

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Implementation of a Transaction Level Assertion Framework in SystemC [p. 894]
W. Ecker, V. Esen, T. Steininger, M. Velten and M. Hull

PDF icon Automatic Generation of Functional Coverage Models from Behavioral Verilog Descriptions [p. 900]
S. Verma, I.G. Harris and K. Ramineni

6.5: Model-Based Design for Embedded Systems

Moderators: P.J. Mosterman, The MathWorks, Inc, US; H. Giese, Paderborn U, DE
PDF icon Compositional Specification of Behavioral Semantics [p. 906]
K. Chen, J. Sztipanovits and S. Neema

PDF icon Performance Analysis of Multimedia Applications Using Correlated Streams [p. 912]
K. Huang, L. Thiele, T. Stefanov and E. Deprettere

PDF icon Simulation Platform for UHF RFID [p. 918]
V. Derbek, C. Steger, R. Weiβ, D. Wischounig, J. Preishuber-Pfluegl and M. Pistauer

PDF icon Tool-Support for the Analysis of Hybrid Systems and Models [p. 924]
A. Bauer, M. Pister and M. Tautschnig

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Automatic Model Generation for Black Box Real-Time Systems [p. 930]
T.H. Feng, L. Wang, W. Zheng, S. Kanajan and S.A. Seshia

6.6: PANEL SESSION - Life Begins at 65 - Unless You Are Mixed Signal

Organizers: N. Nandra, Synopsys, US; R. Wittmann, Nokia, DE
Moderator: G. Gielen, KU Leuven, BE
PDF icon Life Begins at 65 - Unless You Are Mixed Signal? [p. 936]
R. Wittmann, N. Nandra, J. Kunkel, M. Vanzi, J. Franca, H.-J. Wassener, C. Münker

6.7: Resource Optimisation for Best Effort and Quality of Service

Moderators: M. Coppolla, STMicroelectronics, IT; P. Ienne, EPFL Lausanne, CH
PDF icon Routing Table Minimization for Irregular Mesh NoCs [p. 942]
E. Bolotin, I. Cidon, R. Ginosar and A. Kolodny

PDF icon Congestion-Controlled Best-Effort Communication for Networks-on-Chip [p. 948]
J.W. van den Brand, C. Ciordas, K. Goossens and T. Basten

PDF icon Undisrupted Quality-of-Service during Reconfiguration of Multiple Applications in Networks on Chip [p. 954]
A. Hansson, M. Coenen and K. Goossens

7.1: HOT TOPIC - Testing 35 Billions of Transistors in 2020, Is It Possible?

Organizers: L. Anghel, TIMA Laboratory, FR; M.-L. Flottes, LIRMM, Montpellier, FR Moderator Y. Zorian, Virage Logic, US
PDF icon Testing in the Year 2020 [p. 960]
R. Galivanche, R. Kapur and A. Rubio

7.2: Designs in Avionics, Military and Space

Moderators: P. Manet, U Catholique de Louvain, BE ; I. Söderquist, SAAB AB, Saab Avitronics, SE
PDF icon Transaction Level Modeling of SCA Compliant Software Defined Radio Waveforms and Platforms PIM/PSM [p. 966]
G. Gailliard, E. Nicollet, M. Sarlotte and F. Verdier

PDF icon Event Driven Data Processing Architecture [p. 972]
I. Söderquist

PDF icon Reconfigurable System-on-Chip Data Processing Units for Space Imaging Instruments [p. 977]
B. Fiethe, H. Michalik, C. Dierker, B. Osterloh and G. Zhou

PDF icon Enabling Certification for Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration Using a Minimal Flow [p. 983]
B. Rousseau, P. Manet, D. Galerin, D. Merkenbraeck, J.-D. Legat, F. Dedeken and Y. Gabriel

PDF icon Identification of Process/Design Issues during 0.18 μm Technology Qualification for Space Application [p. 989]
J. Ferrigno, P. Perdu, K. Sanchez and D. Lewis

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon RECOPS: Reconfiguring Programmable Devices for Military Hardware Electronics [p. 994]
P. Manet, D. Maufroid, L. Tosi, M. Di Ciano, O. Mulertt, Y. Gabriel, J.-D. Legat, D. Aulagnier, C. Gamrat, R. Liberati and V. La Barba

7.4: Timing Analysis and Validation

Moderators: F. Salice, Politecnico di Milano, IT; P. Sanchéz, Cantabria U, ES
PDF icon WAVSTAN: Waveform Based Variational Static Timing Analysis [p. 1000]
S.K Tiwary and J.R. Phillips

PDF icon Rapid and Accurate Latch Characterization via Direct Newton Solution of Setup/Hold Times [p. 1006]
S. Srivastava and J. Roychowdhury

PDF icon Temperature and Voltage Aware Timing Analysis: Application to Voltage Drops [p. 1012]
B. Lasbouygues, R. Wilson, N. Azemard and P. Maurine

PDF icon Accurate Timing Analysis Using SAT and Pattern-Dependent Delay Models [p. 1018]
D. Tadesse, D. Sheffield, E. Lenge, R.I. Bahar and J. Grodstein

7.5: Model-Based Analysis and Middleware of Embedded Systems

Moderators: S. van Loo, Philips Research, NL; H. De Groot, European Microsoft Innovation Centre, DE
PDF icon CARAT: A Toolkit for Design and Performance Analysis of Component-Based Embedded Systems [p. 1024]
E. Bondarev, M. Chaudron and P.H.N. de With

PDF icon Modeling and Simulation Alternatives for the Design of Networked Embedded Systems [p. 1030]
E. Alessio, F. Fummi, D. Quaglia and M. Turolla

PDF icon Middleware Design Optimization of Wireless Protocols Based on the Exploitation of Dynamic Input Patterns [p. 1036]
S. Mamagkakis, D. Soudris and F. Catthoor

PDF icon Lightweight Middleware for Seamless HW-SW Interoperability, with Application to Wireless Sensor Networks [p. 1042]
F.J. Villanueva, D. Villa, F. Moya, J. Barba, F. Rincón and J.C. López

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon A Middleware-centric Design Flow for Networked Embedded Systems [p. 1048]
F. Fummi, G. Perbellini, R. Pietrangeli and D. Quaglia

7.6: Advanced Architectures for Low Power Optimization

Moderators: J. Henkel, Karlsruhe U, DE; A. Macii, Politecnico di Torino, IT
PDF icon Dynamic Reconfiguration in Sensor Networks with Regenerative Energy Sources [p. 1054]
A. Nahapetian, P. Lombardo, A. Acquaviva, L. Benini and M. Sarrafzadeh

PDF icon Dynamic Power Management under Uncertain Information [p. 1060]
H. Jung and M. Pedram

PDF icon Very Wide Register: An Asymmetric Register File Organization for Low Power Embedded Processors [p. 1066]
P. Raghavan, A. Lambrechts, M. Jayapala, F. Catthoor, D. Verkest and H. Corporaal

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Single-ended Coding Techniques for Off-chip Interconnects to Commodity Memory [p. 1072]
M. Choudhury, K. Ringgenberg, S. Rixner and K. Mohanram

PDF icon PowerQuest: Trace Driven Data Mining for Power Optimization [p. 1078]
P. Babighian, G. Kamhi and M. Vardi

7.7: Performance Analysis for NoC Architectures

Moderators: S. Murali, Stanford U, US; L. Carloni, UCB, ES
PDF icon (408) System Level Assessment of an Optical NoC in an MPSoC Platform [p. 1084]
M. Briére, B. Girodias, Y. Bouchebaba, G. Nicolescu, F. Mieyeville, F. Gaffiot and I. O'Connor

PDF icon (142) Systematic Comparison between the Asynchronous and the Multi-Synchronous Implementations of a Network on Chip Architecture [p. 1090]
A. Sheibanyrad, I. Miro Panades and A. Greiner

PDF icon (768) Analytical Router Modeling for Networks-on-Chip Performance Analysis [p. 1096]
U.Y. Ogras and R. Marculescu

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon (374) Hard- and Software Modularity of the NOVA MPSoC Platform [p. 1102]
C. Sauer, M. Gries and S. Dirk

8.1: TUTORIAL SESSION - State of the Art (Space and Aeronautics Special Day)

Organizers: S. Prudhomme, Airbus, FR; E. Lansard, Alcatel Alenia Space, FR
Moderator: S. Prudhomme, Airbus, FR
PDF icon The Methodological and Technological Dimensions of Technology Transfer for Embedded Systems in Aeronautics and Space [p. 1108]
T. Pardessus, H. Daembkes, and R. Arning

8.2: Secure Systems

Moderators: R. Pacalet, ENST, FR; R. Locatelli, STMicroelectronics, FR
PDF icon Energy Evaluation of Software Implementations of Block Ciphers under Memory Constraints [p. 1110]
J. GroΒschädl, S. Tillich, C. Rechberger, M. Hofmann and M. Medwed

PDF icon An Area Optimized Reconfigurable Encryptor for AES-Rijndael [p. 1116]
M. Alam, S. Ray, D. Mukhopadhayay, S. Ghosh, D. RoyCowdhury and I. Sengupta

PDF icon Performance Aware Secure Code Partitioning [p. 1122]
S.H.K. Narayanan, M. Kandemir and R. Brooks

PDF icon Energy and Execution Time Analysis of a Software-based Trusted Platform Module [p. 1128]
N. Aaraj, A. Raghunathan, S. Ravi and N.K. Jha

8.3: Reliable Microarchitectures

Moderators: S. Vassiliadis, TU Delft, NL; P. Ienne, EPFL Lausanne, CH
PDF icon Utilization of SECDED for Soft Error and Variation-Induced Defect Tolerance in Caches [p. 1134]
L.D. Hung, H. Irie, M. Goshima and S. Sakai

PDF icon Transient Fault Prediction Based on Anomalies in Processor Events [p. 1140]
S. Narayanasamy, A. Coskun and B. Calder

PDF icon Low-cost Protection for SER Upsets and Silicon Defects [p. 1146]
M. Mehrara, M. Attariyan, S. Shyam, K. Constantinides, V. Bertacco and T. Austin

PDF icon Working with Process Variation Aware Caches [p. 1152]
M. Mutyam and V. Narayanan

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon (252) An Enhanced Technique for the Automatic Generation of Effective Diagnosis-oriented Test Programs for Processor [p. 1158]
E. Sanchéz, M. Schillaci, G. Squillero and M. Sonza Reorda

PDF icon (161) Functional and Timing Validation of Partially Bypassed Processor Pipelines [p. 1164]
Q. Zhu, A. Shrivastava and N. Dutt

8.4: Formal Techniques to Enhance the Verification Flow

Moderators: V. Bertacco, U of Michigan, US; S. Quer, Politecnico di Torino, IT
PDF icon A Compositional Approach to the Combination of Combinational and Sequential Equivalence Checking of Circuits without Known Reset States [p. 1170]
I.-H. Moon, B. Bjesse and C. Pixley

PDF icon Estimating Functional Coverage in Bounded Model Checking [p. 1176]
D. GroΒe, U. Kühne and R. Drechsler

PDF icon Abstraction and Refinement Techniques in Automated Design Debugging [p. 1182]
S. Safarpour and A. Veneris

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Automatic Hardware Synthesis from Specifications: A Case Study [p. 1188]
R. Bloem, S. Galler, B. Jobstmann, N. Piterman, A. Pnueli and M. Weiglhofer

8.5: Interconnect Extraction and Synthesis

Moderators: R. Suaya, Mentor Graphics, FR; P. Feldmann, IBM T J Watson Research Center, US
PDF icon pFFT in FastMaxwell: A Fast Impedance Extraction Solver for 3D Conductor Structures over Substrate [p. 1194]
T. Moselhy, X. Hu and L. Daniel

PDF icon Optimization-based Wideband Basis Functions for Efficient Interconnect Extraction [p. 1200]
X. Hu, T. Moselhy, J. White and L. Daniel

PDF icon Thermally Robust Clocking Schemes for 3D Integrated Circuits [p. 1206]
M. Mondal, A.J. Ricketts, S. Kirolos, T. Ragheb, G. Link, N. Vijaykrishnan and Y. Massoud

PDF icon Double-Via-Driven Standard Cell Library Design [p. 1212]
T.-Y. Lin, T.-H. Lin, H.-H. Tung and R.-B. Lin

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Analysis of Power Consumption and BER of Flip-flop Based Interconnect Pipelining [p. 1218]
J. Xu, A. Roy and M.H. Chowdhury

8.6: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL/PANEL - A Future of Customizable Processors: Are We There Yet?

Organizers: L. Pozzi, Lugano U, CH; P. Paulin, STMicroelectronics, CA
Moderator: P. Paulin, STMicroelectronics, CA
PDF icon A Future of Customizable Processors: Are We There Yet? [p. 1224]
L. Pozzi and P. G. Paulin

8.7: Placement and Floorplanning

Moderators: J. Dielissen, NXP Research, NL ; T. Shiple, Synopsys, FR
PDF icon Fast and Accurate Routing Demand Estimation for Efficient Routability-driven Placement [p. 1226]
P. Spindler and F.M. Johannes

PDF icon Yield-aware Placement Optimization [p. 1232]
P. Azzoni, M. Bertoletti, N. Dragone, F. Fummi, C. Guardiani and W. Vendraminetto

PDF icon Microarchitecture Floorplanning for Sub-threshold Leakage Reduction [p. 1238]
H. Mogal and K. Bazargan

9.1.1: HOT TOPIC I - Industrial Applications (Space and Aeronautics Special Day)

Organizers: S. Prudhomme, Airbus, FR; E. Lansard, Alcatel Alenia Space, FR
Moderator: E. Lansard, Alcatel Alenia Space, FR
PDF icon Industrial Applications [p. 1244]
X. Olive, J.-M. Pasquet and D. Flament

9.1.2: LUNCH TIME KEYNOTE - Setting the Industrial Scene (Space and Aeronautics Special Day)

PDF icon Flying Embedded: The Industrial Scene and Challenges for Embedded Systems in Aeronautics and Space [p. 1246]
J. Botti

9.2: Crypto Blocks and Security

Moderators: R. Locatelli, STMicroelectronics, IT; R. Pacalet, ENST, FR
PDF icon Compact Hardware Design of Whirlpool Hashing Core [p. 1247]
T. Alho, P. Hämäläinen, M. Hännikäinen and T.D. Hämäläinen

PDF icon An Efficient Polynomial Multiplier in GF(2m) and Its Application to ECC Designs [p. 1253]
S. Peter and P. Langendörfer

PDF icon Flexible Hardware Reduction for Elliptic Curve Cryptography in GF(2m) [p. 1259]
S. Peter, P. Langendörfer and K. Piotrowski

PDF icon Overcoming Glitches and Dissipation Timing Skews in Design of DPA-Resistant Cryptographic Hardware [p. 1265]
K.J. Lin, S.C. Fang, S.-H. Yang, and C.C. Lo

9.3: Variation Tolerant Mixed Signal Test

Moderators: A. Rubio, UP Catalunya, ES; S. Mir, TIMA Laboratory, FR
PDF icon Dynamic Critical Resistance: A Timing-Based Critical Resistance Model for Statistical Delay Testing of Nanometer ICs [p. 1271]
J.L. Rosselló, C. de Benito, S.A. Bota, J. Segura

PDF icon Sensitivity Analysis for Fault-analysis and Tolerance in RF Front-end Circuitry [p. 1277]
T. Das and P.R. Mukund

PDF icon A Two-Tone Test Method for Continuous-Time Adaptive Equalizers [p. 1283]
D. Hong, S. Sabri, K.-T. Cheng and C.P. Yue

PDF icon Worst-Case Design and Margin for Embedded SRAM [p. 1289]
R. Aitken and S. Idgunji

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Pulse Propagation for the Detection of Small Delay Defects [p. 1295]
M. Favalli and C. Metra

PDF icon BIST Method for Die-Level Process Parameter Variation Monitoring in Analog/Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits [p. 1303]
A. Zjajo, M.J. Barragan Asian and J. Pineda de Gyvez

9.4: SAT Techniques for Verification

Moderators: R. Bloem, TU Graz, AT; R. Drechsler, Bremen U, DE
PDF icon A New Hybrid Solution to Boost SAT Solver Performance [p. 1307]
L. Fang and M.S. Hsiao

PDF icon QuteSAT: A Robust Circuit-based SAT Solver for Complex Circuit Structure [p. 1313]
C.-A. Wu, T.-H. Lin, C.-C. Lee and C.-Y. Huang

PDF icon Boosting the Role of Inductive Invariants in Model Checking [p. 1319]
G. Cabodi, S. Nocco and S. Quer

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Image Computation and Predicate Refinement for RTL Verilog Using Word Level Proofs [p. 1325]
D. Kroening and N. Sharygina

9.5: Compiler Techniques for Customizable Architectures

Moderators: A. Darte, ENS Lyon, FR; H. van Someren, ACE Associated Compiler Experts, NL
PDF icon Polynomial-Time Subgraph Enumeration for Automated Instruction Set Extension [p. 1331]
P. Bonzini and L. Pozzi

PDF icon Interrupt and Low-level Programming Support for Expanding the Application Domain of Statically-Scheduled Horizontally-Microcoded Architectures in Embedded Systems [p. 1337]
M. Reshadi and D. Gajski

PDF icon DRIM: A Low Power Dynamically Reconfigurable Instruction Memory Hierarchy for Embedded Systems [p. 1343]
Z. Ge, W.-F. Wong and H.-B. Lim

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon SoftSIMD . Exploiting Subword Parallelism Using Source Code Transformations [p. 1349]
S. Kraemer, R. Leupers, G. Ascheid and H. Meyr

PDF icon A Process Splitting Transformation for Kahn Process Networks [p. 1355]
S. Meijer, B. Kienhuis, A. Turjan and E. de Kock

9.6: Interconnect Optimization and Metastability

Moderators: S. Sapatnekar, Minnesota U, US; T. Shiple, Synopsys, FR
PDF icon Computing Synchronizer Failure Probabilities [p. 1361]
S. Yang and M. Greenstreet

PDF icon Layout-Aware Gate Duplication and Buffer Insertion [p. 1367]
D. Bañeres, J. Cortadella and M. Kishinevsky

PDF icon Self-Heating-Aware Optimal Wire Sizing under Elmore Delay Model [p. 1373]
M. Ni and S.O. Memik

9.7: Physical and Device Simulation

Moderators: M. Zwolinski, Southampton U, UK; F. Gaffiot, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, FR
PDF icon Statistical Blockade: A Novel Method for Very Fast Monte Carlo Simulation of Rare Circuit Events, and Its Application [p. 1379]
A. Singhee and R.A. Rutenbar

PDF icon Clock Domain Crossing Fault Model and Coverage Metric for Validation of SoC Design [p. 1385]
Y. Feng, Z. Zhou, D. Tong and X. Cheng

PDF icon Fast Statistical Circuit Analysis with Finite-Point Based Transistor Model [p. 1391]
M. Chen, W. Zhao, F. Liu and Y Cao

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Statistical Simulation of High-Frequency Bipolar Circuits [p. 1397]
W. Schneider, M. Schroter, W. Kraus and H. Wittkopf

10.1: HOT TOPIC II - Development and Industrialization (Space and Aeronautics Special Day)

Organizers/Moderators: S. Prudhomme, Airbus, FR; E. Lansard, Alcatel Alenia Space, FR
PDF icon Development and Industrialization [p. 1403]
M. Riffiod, P. Caspi, C. Piala and J.-L. Voirin

10.2: Wireless Communication and Networking System Implementation

Moderators: C. Heer, Infineon Technologies, DE ; O. Deprez, Texas Instruments, FR
PDF icon Low Power Design on Algorithmic and Architectural Level: A Case Study of an HSDPA Baseband Digital Signal Processing System [p. 1406]
M. Schämann, S. Hessel, U. Langmann and M. Bücker

PDF icon Mapping the Physical Layer of Radio Standards to Multiprocessor Architectures [p. 1412]
C. Grassmann, M. Richter and M. Sauermann

PDF icon Development of an ASIP Enabling Flows in Ethernet Access Using a Retargetable Compilation Flow [p. 1418]
K. Van Renterghem, P. Demuytere, D. Verhulst, J. Vandewege and X.-Z. Qiu

PDF icon An Effective AMS Top-Down Methodology Applied to the Design of a Mixed-Signal UWB System-on-Chip [p. 1424]
M. Crepaldi, M.R. Casu, M. Graziano and M. Zamboni

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Behavioral Modeling of Delay-Locked Loops and Its Application to Jitter Optimization in Ultra Wide-Band Impulse Radio Systems [p. 1430]
E. Barajas, R. Cosculluela, D. Coutinho, D. Mateo, J. L. González, I. Cairò, S. Banda, M. Ikeda

10.3: Soft Error Evaluation and Tolerance

Moderators: C. Metra, Bologna U, IT; B. Gottlieb, Intel, US
PDF icon Soft Error Rate Analysis for Sequential Circuits [p. 1436]
N. Miskov-Zivanov and D. Marculescu

PDF icon Verification-Guided Soft Error Resilience [p. 1442]
S.A. Seshia, W. Li and S. Mitra

PDF icon A Low-SER Efficient Core Processor Architecture for Future Technologies [p. 1448]
E.L. Rhod, C.A. Lisboa and L. Carro

PDF icon Accurate and Scalable Reliability Analysis of Logic Circuits [p. 1454]
M.R. Choudhury and K. Mohanram

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon A New Asymmetric SRAM Cell to Reduce Soft Errors and Leakage Power in FPGA [p. 1460]
B.S. Gill, C. Papachristou and F.G. Wolff

10.4: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - EDA - A Pivotal Theme in the European Technology Platforms - ARTEMIS and ENIAC (System)

Organizers/Moderators: P. Magarshack, STMicroelectronics, FR; E. Schutz, STMicroelectronics, BE
PDF icon Design Challenges at 65nm and Beyond [p. 1466]
A.B. Kahng

PDF icon The ARTEMIS Cross-Domain Architecture for Embedded Systems [p. 1468]
H. Kopetz

PDF icon HW/SW Implementation from Abstract Architecture Models [p. 1470]
A.A. Jerraya

10.5: Memory and Instruction-Set Customization for Real-Time Systems

Moderators: T.-W. Kuo, National Taiwan U, ROC ; H. van Someren, ACE Associated Compiler Experts, NL
PDF icon Instruction-Set Customization for Real-Time Embedded Systems [p. 1472]
H.P. Huynh and T. Mitra

PDF icon A Novel Technique to Use Scratch-pad Memory for Stack Management [p. 1478]
S. Park, H.-W. Park and S. Ha

PDF icon Scratchpad Memories vs Locked Caches in Hard Real-Time Systems: A Quantitative Comparison [p. 1484]
I. Puaut and C. Pais

PDF icon Task Scheduling for Reliable Cache Architectures of Multiprocessor Systems [p. 1490]
M. Sugihara, T. Ishihara and K. Murakami

10.6: Order Reduction and Variation-Aware Interconnect Modelling

Moderators: L. Daniel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US; L.M. Silveira, TU Lisbon, PT
PDF icon Fast Positive-Real Balanced Truncation of Symmetric Systems Using Cross Riccati Equations [p. 1496]
N. Wong

PDF icon Random Sampling of Moment Graph: A Stochastic Krylov-Reduction Algorithm [p. 1502]
Z. Zhu and J. Phillips

PDF icon Statistical Model Order Reduction for Interconnect Circuits Considering Spatial Correlations [p. 1508]
J. Fan, N. Mi, S.X.-D. Tan, Y. Cai and X. Hong

PDF icon A Sparse Grid Based Spectral Stochastic Collocation Method for Variations-Aware Capacitance Extraction of Interconnects under Nanometer Process Technology [p. 1514]
H. Zhu, X. Zeng, W. Cai, J. Xue and D. Zhou

Interactive Presentation

PDF icon Simulation Methodology and Experimental Verification for the Analysis of Substrate Noise on LC-VCO's [p. 1520]
S. Bronckers, C. Soens, G. Van Der Plas, G. Vandersteen and Y. Rolain

10.7: Temperature and Process Aware Low Power Techniques

Moderators: C. Silvano, Politecnico di Milano, IT; E. Schmidt, ChipVision Design Systems, DE
PDF icon Accurate Temperature-Dependent Integrated Circuit Leakage Power Estimation Is Easy [p. 1526]
Y. Liu, R.P. Dick, L. Shang and H. Yang

PDF icon Low-Overhead Circuit Synthesis for Temperature Adaptation Using Dynamic Voltage Scheduling [p. 1532]
S. Ghosh, S. Bhunia and K. Roy

PDF icon Maximum Circuit Activity Estimation Using Pseudo-Boolean Satisfiability [p. 1538]
H. Mangassarian, A. Veneris, S. Safarpour, F.N. Najm and M.S. Abadir

Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Efficient Computation of Discharge Current Upper Bounds for Clustered Sleep Transistor Sizing [p. 1544]
A. Sathanur, A. Calimera, L. Benini, A. Macii, E. Macii and M. Poncino

PDF icon Processor Tolerant Beta-Ratio Modulation for Ultra-Dynamic Voltage Scaling [p. 1550]
M.-E. Hwang, T. Cakici and K. Roy

11.1: PANEL SESSION - Towards Total Open Source in Aeronautics and Space?
(Space and Aeronautics Special Day)

Organizers: S. Prudhomme, Airbus, FR; E. Lansard, Alcatel Alenia Space, FR
Moderator: P. Aycinena, Editor, EDA Confidential, US
PDF icon Towards Total Open Source in Aeronautics and Space? [p. 1556]
Panelists: E. Bantegnie, G. Ladier, R. Mueller, F. Gasperoni and A. Wilson

11.2: Wireless Communication and Networking Algorithms

Moderators: C. Grassmann, Infineon Technologies, DE ; O. Deprez, Texas Instruments, FR
PDF icon A Tiny and Efficient Wireless Ad-hoc Protocol for Low-cost Sensor Networks [p. 1557]
P. Gburzynski, B. Kaminska and W. Olesinski

PDF icon Scalable Reconfigurable Channel Decoder Architecture for Future Wireless Handsets [p. 1563]
G. Krishnaiah, N. Engin and S. Sawitzki

PDF icon A New Pipelined Implementation for Minimum Norm Sorting Used in Square Root Algorithm for MIMO-VBLAST Systems [p. 1569]
Z. Khan, T. Arslan, J.S. Thompson, A.T. Erdogan

PDF icon Optimization of the "FOCUS" Inband-FEC Architecture for 10-Gbps SDH/SONET Optical Communication Channels [p. 1575]
A. Tychopoulos and O. Koufopavlou

11.3: System Reliability and Security Issues

Moderators: C. Bolchini, Politecnico di Milano, IT; S. Bocchio, STMicroelectronics, IT
PDF icon A Framework for System Reliability Analysis Considering Both System Error Tolerance and Component Test Quality [p. 1581]
S.-J. Pan and K.-T. Cheng

PDF icon Experimental Evaluation of Protections against Laser-induced Faults and Consequences on Fault Modeling [p. 1587]
R. Leveugle, A. Ammari, V. Maingot, E. Teyssou, P. Moitrel, C. Mourtel, N. Feyt, J.-B. Rigaud and A. Tria

PDF icon Evaluation of Design for Reliability Techniques in Embedded Flash Memories [p. 1593]
B. Godard, J.-M. Daga, L. Torres and G. Sassatelli

PDF icon Reduction of Detected Acceptable Faults for Yield Improvement via Error-Tolerance [p. 1599]
T.-Y. Hsieh, K.-J. Lee and M.A. Breuer

11.4: Statistical Timing and Worst-Delay Corner Analysis

Moderators: M. Berkelaar, Magma Design Automation, NL; J. Cortadella, UP Catalunya, ES
PDF icon Use of Statistical Timing Analysis on Real Designs [p. 1605]
A. Nardi, E. Tuncer, S. Naidu, A. Antonau, S. Gradinaru, T. Lin and J. Song

PDF icon A Novel Criticality Computation Method in Statistical Timing Analysis [p. 1611]
F. Wang, Y. Xie and H. Ju

PDF icon Efficient Computation of the Worst-Delay Corner [p. 1617]
L. Guerra e Silva, L.M. Silveira and J.R. Phillips

11.5: Real-Time Methodologies

Moderators: I. Puaut, Rennes U/IRISA, FR; S. Baruah, North Carolina U, US
PDF icon Accounting for Cache-Related Preemption Delay in Dynamic Priority Schedulability Analysis [p. 1623]
L. Ju, S. Chakraborty and A. Roychoudhury

PDF icon Energy-Efficient Real-Time Task Scheduling with Task Rejection [p. 1629]
J.-J. Chen, T.-W. Kuo, C.-L. Yang and K.-J. King

PDF icon Feasibility Intervals for Multiprocessor Fixed-Priority Scheduling of Arbitrary Deadline Periodic Systems [p. 1635]
L. Cucu and J. Goossens

PDF icon Energy Minimization with Soft Real-time and DVS for Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor Embedded Systems [p. 1641]
M. Qiu, C. Xue, Z. Shao and E.H.-M. Sha

11.6: Impact of Nanometer Technologies in MPSoCs and SoC Design

Moderators: R. Marculescu, Carnegie Mellon U, US; D. Atienza, DACYA . Madrid Complutense U, ES
PDF icon Joint Consideration of Fault-Tolerance, Energy-Efficiency and Performance in On-Chip Networks [p. 1647]
A. Ejlali, B.M. Al-Hashimi, P. Rosinger and S.G. Miremadi

PDF icon Impact of Process Variations on Multicore Performance Symmetry [p. 1653]
E.B. Humenay, D. Tarjan and K. Skadron

PDF icon Temperature Aware Task Scheduling in MPSoCs [p. 1659]
A. Kivilcim Coskun, T. Simunic Rosing and K. Whisnant

11.7: High-Level Memory and Clock Power Optimization

Moderators: R. Zafalon, STMicroelectronics, IT; J. Haid, Infineon Technologies, DE
PDF icon Architectural Leakage-Aware Management of Partitioned Scratchpad Memories [p. 1665]
O. Golubeva, M. Loghi, M. Poncino and E. Macii

PDF icon Memory Bank Aware Dynamic Loop Scheduling [p. 1671]
M. Kandemir, T. Yemliha, S.W. Son and O. Özturk

PDF icon System Level Clock Tree Synthesis for Power Optimization [p. 1677]
S.A. Butt, S. Schmermbeck, J. Rosenthal, A. Pratsch and E. Schmidt