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Call for Papers DATE 2005

Volume I

Plenary : Keynote Session

Moderator: J. Figueras, UP Catalunya, ES

Opportunities and Challenges in Building Silicon Products in 65nm and Beyond [p. 2]
G. Spirakis

1A: Architectural-Level Power Management

Moderators: J. Henkel, NEC, US; A. Macii, Politecnico di Torino, IT
PDF icon Fine-Grained Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling for Precise Energy and Performance Trade-Off Based on the Ratio of Off-Chip Access to On-Chip Computation Times [p. 4]
K. Choi, R. Soma, and M. Pedram

PDF icon Hybrid Architectural Dynamic Thermal Management [p. 10]
K. Skadron

PDF icon Value-Conscious Cache: Simple Technique for Reducing Cache Access Power [p. 16]
Y. Chang, C. Yang, and F. Lai

PDF icon State-Preserving vs. Non-State-Preserving Leakage Control in Caches [p. 22]
D. Parikh, K. Sankaranarayanan, Y. Li, K. Skadron, Y. Zhang, and M. Stan

1B: Formal Verification Using Functional and Structural Information

Moderators: A. Veneris, Toronto U, CA; K. Winkelmann, Infineon Technologies, DE
PDF icon Arithmetic Reasoning in DPLL-Based SAT Solving [p. 30]
M. Wedler, D. Stoffel, and W. Kunz

PDF icon Enhanced Diameter Bounding via Structural Transformation [p. 36]
J. Baumgartner and A. Kuehlmann

PDF icon Improved Symbolic Simulation by Dynamic Functional Space Partitioning [p. 42]
T. Feng, L. Wang, K. Cheng, and A. Lin

1C: Power, Timing and Diagnosis Constrained Testing

Moderators: S. Kundu, Intel, US; B. Straube, FhG IIS/EAS Dresden, DE
PDF icon Using BDDs and ZBDDs for Efficient Identification of Testable Path Delay Faults [p. 50]
S. Padmanaban and S. Tragoudas

PDF icon Level of Similarity: A Metric for Fault Collapsing [p. 56]
I. Pomeranz and S. Reddy

PDF icon Design of Routing-Constrained Low Power Scan Chains [p. 62]
Y. Bonhomme, P. Girard, L. Guiller, C. Landrault, S. Pravossoudovitch, and A. Virazel

PDF icon Z-Sets and Z-Detections: Circuit Characteristics that Simplify Fault Diagnosis [p. 68]
I. Pomeranz, S. Venkataraman, S. Reddy, and B. Seshadri

1D: Mixed-Signal Circuits and Systems

Moderators: A. Rodriguez-Vazquez, IMSE-CNM, ES; P. Wambacq, IMEC, BE
PDF icon A 2.7V 350µW 11-b Algorithmic Analog-to-Digital Converter with Single-Ended Multiplexed Inputs [p. 76]
A. Nagari and G. Nicollini

PDF icon Digital Background Gain Error Correction in Pipeline ADCs [p. 82]
A. Ginés, E. Peralías, and A. Rueda

PDF icon Digital Ground Bounce Reduction by Phase Modulation of the Clock [p. 88]
M. Badaroglu, G. Gielen, H. De Man, P. Wambacq, G. Van Der Plas, and S. Donnay

PDF icon Pseudo-Random Sequence Based Tuning System for Continuous-Time Filters [p. 94]
A. Baschirotto, S. D'Amico, F. Corsi, C. Marzocca, and G. Matarrese

1E: Communication-Centric and Source-Level Optimisations for High-Level Synthesis

Moderators: J. Teich, Erlangen-Nuremberg U, DE; P. Cheung, Imperial College London, UK
PDF icon A Crosstalk Aware Interconnect with Variable Cycle Transmission [p. 102]
L. Li, N. Vijaykrishnan, M. Kandemir, and M. Irwin

PDF icon Layout Conscious Bus Architecture Synthesis for Deep Submicron Systems on Chip [p. 108]
N. Thepayasuwan and A. Doboli

PDF icon Loop Shifting and Compaction for the High-Level Synthesis of Designs with Complex Control Flow [p. 114]
S. Gupta, N. Dutt, A. Nicolau, and R. Gupta

1F: Panel Session: SystemC and System Verilog: Where do They Fit? Where are They Going?

Organiser/Moderator: G. Martin, Cadence Berkeley Labs, US; D. Sciuto, Politecnico di Milano
S. Swan, Cadence, US
F. Ghenassia, STMicroelectronics, FR
P. Flake, Synopsys, US
J. Srouji, Intel, Israel
W. Rosenstiel, Tübingen U, DE

PDF icon SystemC and System Verilog: Where do They Fit? Where are they going? [p. 122]

2A: Low Power Systems and Architectures

Moderators: E. Schmidt, Chip Vision Design Systems, DE; C. Guardiani, PDF Solutions, IT
PDF icon Re-Configurable Bus Encoding Scheme for Reducing Power Consumption of the Cross Coupling Capacitance for Deep Sub-Micron Instruction Bus [p. 130]
S. Wong and C. Tsui

PDF icon Hierarchical Adaptive Dynamic Power Management [p. 136]
Z. Ren, B. Krogh, and R. Marculescu

PDF icon A Self-Tuning Cache Architecture for Embedded Systems [p. 142]
C. Zhang, F. Vahid, and R. Lysecky

PDF icon Scheduling Reusable Instructions for Power Reduction [p. 148]
J. Hu, N. Vijaykrishnan, S. Kim, M. Kandemir, and M. Irwin

2B: Advanced Formal Verification Techniques

Moderators: R. Drechsler, Bremen U, DE; H. Eveking, TU Darmstadt, DE
PDF icon Using Counter Example Guided Abstraction Refinement to Find Complex Bugs [p. 156]
P. Bjesse and J. Kukula

PDF icon Cost-Efficient Block Verification for a UMTS Up-Link Chip-Rate Coprocessor [p. 162]
G. Fey, D. Stoffel, H. Trylus, and K. Winkelmann

PDF icon Automatic Verification of Safety and Liveness for XScale-Like Processor Models Using WEB Refinements [p. 168]
P. Manolios and S. Srinivasan

2C: New Algorithms for TPG

Moderators: H. Obermeir, Infineon Technologies, DE; M. Hsiao, Virginia Tech., US
PDF icon A Probabilistic Method for the Computation of Testability of RTL Constructs [p. 176]
J. Fernandes, M. Santos, A. Oliveira, and J. Teixeira

PDF icon Graph-Based Functional Test Program Generation for Pipelined Processors [p. 182]
P. Mishra and N. Dutt

PDF icon Automatic Generation of Validation Stimuli for Application-Specific Processors [p. 188]
O. Goloubeva, M. Sonza Reorda, and M. Violante

PDF icon Efficient Static Compaction of Test Sequence Sets through the Application of Set Covering Techniques [p. 194]
M. Dimopoulos and P. Linardis

2E: Optimisation of Memory Hierarchies

Moderators: R. Bergamaschi, IBM TJ Watson Res. Center, US; R. Hermida, Madrid Complutense U, ES
PDF icon Data Reuse Analysis Technique for Software-Controlled Memory Hierarchies [p. 202]
I. Issenin, N. Dutt, E. Brockmeyer, and M. Miranda

PDF icon Automatic Tuning of Two-Level Caches to Embedded Applications [p. 208]
A. Gordon-Ross, F. Vahid, and N. Dutt

PDF icon Low Static-Power Frequent-Value Data Caches [p. 214]
C. Zhang, J. Yang, and F. Vahid

PDF icon Using a Victim Buffer in an Application-Specific Memory Hierarchy [p. 220]
C. Zhang and F. Vahid

2F: Hot Topic -- High Security Smartcards

Organiser/Moderator: M. Renaudin, TIMA Laboratory, FR; F. Bouesse, TIMA Laboratory, FR
P. Proust, Gemplus Corporate R&D Security Technologies, FR
J. Tual, Axalto - Schlumberger, FR
L. Sourgen, STMicroelectronics, FR
F. Germain, DCSSI - French Government Service on the Security of Information Systems, FR
PDF icon High Security Smartcards [p. 228]

3A: New Directions in Low-Power Design

Moderators: M. Miranda, IMEC, BE; W. Nebel, OFFIS, DE
PDF icon Energy-Aware Communication and Task Scheduling for Network-on-Chip Architectures Under Real-Time Constraints [p. 234]
J. Hu and R. Marculescu

PDF icon A Low Cost Individual-Well Adaptive Body Bias (IWABB) Scheme for Leakage Power Reduction and Performance Enhancement in the Presence of Intra-Die Variations [p. 240]
T. Chen and J. Gregg

PDF icon A Logic Level Design Methodology for a Secure DPA Resistant ASIC or FPGA Implementation [p. 246]
K. Tiri and I. Verbauwhede

PDF icon Power Minimization in a Backlit TFT-LCD Display by Concurrent Brightness and Contrast Scaling [p. 252]
W. Cheng, Y. Hou, and M. Pedram

3B: Advances in SAT

Moderators: P. Bjesse, Synopsys, US; G. Cabodi, Politecnico di Torino, IT
PDF icon Managing Don't Cares in Boolean Satisfiability [p. 260]
S. Safarpour, A. Veneris, R. Drechsler, and J. Lee

PDF icon Exploiting Signal Unobservability for Efficient Translation to CNF in Formal Verification of Microprocessors [p. 266]
M. Velev

PDF icon A Novel SAT All-Solutions Solver for Efficient Preimage Computation [p. 272]
B. Li, M. Hsiao, and S. Sheng

3C: Analogue and High-Frequency Test

Moderators: A. Richardson, Lancaster U, UK; F Azais, LIRMM, FR
PDF icon Efficient Test Strategy for TDMA Power Amplifiers Using Transient Current Measurements: Uses and Benefits [p. 280]
G. Srinivasan, S. Bhattacharya, A. Chatterjee, and S. Cherubal

PDF icon Random Jitter Extraction Technique in a Multi-Gigahertz Signal [p. 286]
C. Ong, D. Hong, K. Cheng, and L. Wang

PDF icon Low Cost Analog Testing of RF Signal Paths [p. 292]
M. Negreiros, L. Carro, and A. Susin

PDF icon A Method for Parameter Extraction of Analog Sine-Wave Signals for Mixed-Signal Built-In-Self-Test Applications [p. 298]
D. Vázquez, G. Huertas, G. Leger, A. Rueda, and J. Huertas

3E: Energy Efficient Memory Usage

Moderators: E. de Kock, Philips Research, NL; G. Constantinides, Imperial College, UK
PDF icon A Novel Implementation of Tile-Based Address Mapping [p. 306]
S. Hettiaratchi and P. Cheung

PDF icon Power Aware Variable Partitioning and Instruction Scheduling for Multiple Memory Banks [p. 312]
Z. Wang and X. Hu

PDF icon Time-Energy Design Space Exploration for Multi-Layer Memory Architectures [p. 318]
R. Szymanek, K. Kuchcinski, and F. Catthoor

PDF icon Breaking Instance-Independent Symmetries in Exact Graph Coloring [p. 324]
A. Ramani, F. Aloul, I. Markov, and K. Sakallah

3F: Hot Topic -- How Can System Level Design Solve the Interconnect Technology Scaling Problem?

Organiser: R. Lauwereins, IMEC, BE
Moderator: R. Wilson, CMP Media, US
K. Maex, IMEC, BE
P. Groeneveld, Magma Design Automation, US
G. Martin, Cadence, US
A. Cuomo, STMicroelectronics, IT
F. Catthoor, IMEC, BE
P. van de Steeg, Philips Semiconductors, NL
PDF icon How Can System Level Design Solve the Interconnect Technology Scaling Problem? [p. 332]

4A: System Level Design Methodology

Moderators: Y. Mathys, Motorola, FR; H. Hsieh, UC Riverside, US
PDF icon System Design Using Kahn Process Networks: The Compaan/Laura Approach [p. 340]
E. Deprettere, B. Kienhuis, T. Stefanov, A. Turjan, and C. Zissulescu

PDF icon Microarchitecture Development via Metropolis Successive Platform Refinement [p. 346]
D. Densmore, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, and S. Rekhi

PDF icon Fast Exploration of Parameterized Bus Architecture for Communication-Centric SoC Design [p. 352]
C. Shin, Y. Kim, E. Chung, K. Choi, J. Kong, and S. Eo

PDF icon SoftContract: An Assertion-Based Software Development Process that Enables Design-by-Contract [p. 358]
J. Brunel, P. Giusto, M. di Natale, A. Ferrari, and L. Lavagno

PDF icon A System Level Exploration Platform and Methodology for Network Applications Based on Configurable Processors [p. 364]
D. Quinn, B. Lavigueur, G. Bois, and M. Aboulhamid

4B: System Level Modelling and Analysis

Moderators: S. Singh, Xilinx, US; A. Jantsch, Royal Inst. of Tech., SE
PDF icon Refinement of Mixed-Signal Systems with Affine Arithmetic [p. 372]
C. Grimm, W. Heupke, and K. Waldschmidt

PDF icon System-Level Performance Analysis in SystemC [p. 378]
H. Posadas, F. Herrera, P. Sánchez, E. Villar, and F. Blasco

PDF icon Modeling and Validating Globally Asynchronous Design in Synchronous Frameworks [p. 384]
M. Mousavi, P. Le Guernic, J. Talpin, S. Shukla, and T. Basten

PDF icon Synchronous Protocol Automata: A Framework for Modelling and Verification of SoC Communication Architectures [p. 390]
V. D'Silva, S. Ramesh, and A. Sowmya

PDF icon Aspects of Formal and Graphical Design of a Bus System [p. 396]
T. Seceleanu and T. Westerlund

4C: Advances in SoC Testing

Moderators: R. Dorsch, IBM Deutschland Entwicklung, DE; E. Larsson, Linköping U, SE
PDF icon Scan Power Minimization through Stimulus and Response Transformations [p. 404]
O. Sinanoglu and A. Orailoglu

PDF icon Synchro-Tokens: Eliminating Nondeterminism to Enable Chip-Level Test of Globally Asynchronous Locally-Synchronous SoC's [p. 410]
M. Heath, W. Burleson, and I. Harris

PDF icon Wrapper Design for Testing IP Cores with Multiple Clock Domains [p. 416]
Q. Xu and N. Nicolici

PDF icon Efficient Modular Testing of SOCs Using Dual-Speed TAM Architectures [p. 422]
A. Sehgal and K. Chakrabarty

PDF icon An Arithmetic Structure for Test Data Horizontal Compression [p. 428]
M. Flottes, R. Poirier, and B. Rouzeyre

4E: New Issues in Analogue System- and Circuit-Level Performance Modelling

Moderators: F. Fernandez, IMSE-CNM, ES; R. Schwencker, Infineon Technologies, DE
PDF icon A Phase-Frequency Transfer Description of Analog and Mixed-Signal Front-End Architectures for System-Level Design [p. 436]
E. Martens and G. Gielen

PDF icon Hierarchical Automatic Behavioral Model Generation of Nonlinear Analog Circuits Based on Nonlinear Symbolic Techniques [p. 442]
L. Näthke, V. Burkhay, L. Hedrich, and E. Barke

PDF icon Performance Modeling of Analog Integrated Circuits Using Least-Squares Support Vector Machines [p. 448]
T. Kiely and G. Gielen

PDF icon Extended Subspace Identification of Improper Linear Systems [p. 454]
G. Vandersteen, D. Linten, R. Pintelon, and S. Donnay

PDF icon Identification and Modeling of Nonlinear Dynamic Behavior in Analog Circuits [p. 460]
X. Huang and H. Mantooth

4F: Fabrics and Scheduling for Reconfigurable Computing

Moderators: G. Koch, Micronas GmbH, DE; C. Passerone, Politecnico di Torino, IT
PDF icon Exploring Logic Block Granularity for Regular Fabrics [p. 468]
A. Koorapaty, V. Kheterpal, P. Gopalakrishnan, M. Fu, and L. Pileggi

PDF icon Network Topology Exploration of Mesh-Based Coarse-Grain Reconfigurable Architectures [p. 474]
N. Bansal, S. Gupta, N. Dutt, A. Nicolau, and R. Gupta

PDF icon A Configurable Logic Architecture for Dynamic Hardware/Software Partitioning [p. 480]
R. Lysecky and F. Vahid

PDF icon Configuration-Sensitive Process Scheduling for FPGA-Based Computing Platforms [p. 486]
G. Chen, M. Kandemir, and U. Sezer

4G: Power Aware Design and Synthesis

Moderators: R. Zafalon, STMicroelectronics, IT; K. Roy, Purdue U, US
PDF icon Simultaneous State, Vt and Tox Assignment for Total Standby Power Minimization [p. 494]
D. Lee, H. Deogun, D. Blaauw, and D. Sylvester

PDF icon A Scalable ODC-Based Algorithm for RTL Insertion of Gated Clocks [p. 500]
P. Babighian, E. Macii, and L. Benini

PDF icon Impact of Data Transformations on Memory Bank Locality [p. 506]
M. Kandemir

PDF icon Why Transition Coding for Power Minimization of On-Chip Buses Does Not Work [p. 512]
C. Kretzschmar, D. Müller, and A. Nieuwland

PDF icon Overhead-Conscious Voltage Selection for Dynamic and Leakage Energy Reduction of Time-Constrained Systems [p. 518]
A. Andrei, M. Schmitz, P. Eles, Z. Peng, and B. Al-Hashimi

5A: System Level Design: Case Studies, Exploration and Optimisation

Moderators: B. Kienhuis, LIACS, Leiden U, NL; F. Petrot, Pierre et Marie Curie U, FR
PDF icon Dynamic Power Management Using Date Buffers [p. 526]
Y. Lu and L. Cai

PDF icon Dynamic Memory Management Design Methodology for Reduced Memory. Footprint in Multimedia and Wireless Network Applications [p. 532]
D. Atienza, J. Mendias, S. Mamagkakis, D. Soudris, and F. Catthoor

PDF icon High-Level System Modeling and Architecture Exploration with SystemC on a Network SoC: S3C2510 Case Study [p. 538]
H. Jang, M. Kang, K. Shim, M. Lee, K. Chae, and K. Lee

PDF icon A SystemC-Based Verification Methodology for Complex Wireless Software IP [p. 544]
G. Post, P. Venkataraghavan, T. Ray, and D. Seetharaman

5B: Recent Advances in Digital Systems Simulation

Moderators: M. Zwolinski, Southampton U, UK; M. Lajolo, NEC Laboratories, US
PDF icon A New Optimized Implementation of the SystemC Engine Using Acyclic Scheduling [p. 552]
D. Pérez, O. Temam, and G. Mouchard

PDF icon Stimuli Generation with Late Binding of Values [p. 558]
A. Ziv

PDF icon Native ISS-SystemC Integration for the Co-Simulation of Multi-Processor SoC [p. 564]
F. Fummi, S. Martini, G. Perbellini, and M. Poncino

PDF icon Extraction of Schematic Array Models for Memory Circuits [p. 570]
S. Bose and A. Nandi

5C: On-Line Testing and Reliability for Nanometric Technology

Moderators: T. Mak, Intel Corp., US; Y. Tsiatouhas, Ioannina U, GR
PDF icon Effective Software-Based Self-Test Strategies for On-Line Periodic Testing of Embedded Processors [p. 578]
A. Paschalis and D. Gizopoulos

PDF icon Evaluating the Effects of SEUs Affecting the Configuration Memory of an SRAM-Based FPGA [p. 584]
M. Bellato, P. Bernardi, A. Candelori, M. Rebaudengo, M. Sonza Reorda, M. Violante, M. Ceschia, D. Bortolato, A. Paccagnella, and P. Zambolin

PDF icon Early SEU Fault Injection in Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal Circuits: A Global Flow [p. 590]
R. Leveugle and A. Ammari

PDF icon On Concurrent Error Detection with Bounded Latency in FSMs [p. 596]
S. Almukhaizim, Y. Makris, and P. Drineas

5E: Parasitic-Aware Analogue Design

Moderators: H. Graeb, TU Munich, DE; G. Vandersteen, IMEC, BE
PDF icon Fast, Layout-Inclusive Analog Circuit Synthesis Using Pre-Compiled Parasitic-Aware Symbolic Performance Models [p. 604]
M. Ranjan, A. Agarwal, H. Sampath, R. Vemuri, W. Verhaegen, and G. Gielen

PDF icon Sensitivity-Based Modeling and Methodology for Full-Chip Substrate Noise Analysis [p. 610]
R. Murgai, S. Reddy, T. Miyoshi, T Horie, and M. Tahoori

PDF icon SubCALM: A Program for Hierarchical Substrate Coupling Simulation on Floorplan Level [p. 616]
T. Brandtner and R. Weigel

PDF icon Optimization of Integrated Spiral Inductors Using Sequential Quadratic Programming [p. 622]
Y. Zhan and S. Sapatnekar

5F: Hardware/Software System Design and Architecture Exploration

Moderators: B. Juurlink, TU Delft, NL; R. Leupers, RWTH Aachen, DE
PDF icon System Design for DSP Applications Using the MASIC Methodology [p. 630]
A. K. Deb, A. Jantsch, and J. Öberg

PDF icon Flexible Software Protection Using Hardware/Software Codesign Techniques [p. 636]
J. Zambreno, A. Choudhary, R. Simha, and B. Narahari

PDF icon Interactive Cosimulation with Partial Evaluation [p. 642]
P. Schaumont and I. Verbauwhede

PDF icon Communication Analysis for System on Chip Design [p. 648]
A. Siebenborn, O. Bringmann, and W. Rosenstiel

5G: Hot Topic -- Extremely Low-Power Logic

Organizer/Moderator: C. Piguet, CSEM, CH
J. Gautier, CEA-LETI, FR
C. Heer, Infineon Technologies, DE
I. O'Connor, Ecole centrale de Lyon, FR
U. Schlichtmann, Technical University of Munich, DE
PDF icon Extremely Low-Power Logic [p. 656]

IP1: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Decomposition of Instruction Decoder for Low Power Design [p. 664]
W. Kuo, T. Hwang, and A. Wu

PDF icon Functional Level Power Analysis: An Efficient Approach for Modeling the Power Consumption of Complex Processors [p. 666]
J. Laurent, N. Julien, E. Senn, and E. Martin

PDF icon Formal Verification Coverage: Are the RTL-Properties Covering the Design's Architectural Intent? [p. 668]
P. Basu, S. Das, P. Dasgupta, P. Chakrabarti, C. Mohan, and L. Fix

PDF icon Functional Coverage Metric Generation from Temporal Event Relation Graph [p. 670]
Y. Kwon and C. Kyung

PDF icon Automatic Scan Insertion and Pattern Generation for Asynchronous Circuits [p. 672]
A. Efthymiou, D. Edwards, and C. Sotiriou

PDF icon Automatic Synthesis and Simulation of Continuous-Time ΣΔ Modulators [p. 674]
H. Aboushady, L. de Lamarre, N. Beilleau, and M. Louërat

PDF icon A Methodology for System-Level Analog Design Space Exploration [p. 676]
F. De Bernardinis and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

PDF icon Systematic Design for Optimization of High-Resolution Pipelined ADCs [p. 678]
R. Lotfi, M. Taherzadeh-Sani, and O. Shoaei

PDF icon A Direct Bootstrapped CMOS Large Capacitive-Load Driver Circuit [p. 680]
J. García, J. Montiel-Nelson, J. Sosa, and H. Navarro

PDF icon Co-Processor Synthesis: A New Methodology for Embedded Software Acceleration [p. 682]
B. Hounsell and R. Taylor

PDF icon Behavioural Bitwise Scheduling Based on Computational Effort Balancing [p. 684]
M. Molina, R. Ruiz-Sautua, J. Mendías, and R. Hermida

PDF icon A Tool for Automatic Generation of RTL-Level VHDL Description of RNS FIR Filters [p. 686]
A. Nannarelli, A. Del Re, and M. Re

PDF icon On Transfer Function and Power Consumption Transient Response [p. 688]
L. Cao

PDF icon Polynomial Abstraction for Verification of Sequentially Implemented Combinational Circuits [p. 690]
T. Raudvere, A. Singh, I. Sander, and A. Jantsch

PDF icon Regression Simulation: Applying Path-Based Learning in Delay Test and Post-Silicon Validation [p. 692]
L. Wang

IP2: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon A Game Theoretic Approach to Low Energy Wireless Video Streaming [p. 696]
A. Iranli, K. Choi, and M. Pedram

PDF icon Block-Enabled Memory Macros: Design Space Exploration and Application-Specific Tuning [p. 698]
A. Ivaldi, A. Macii, E. Macii, and L. Benini

PDF icon Synthesis of Partitioned Shared Memory Architectures for Energy-Efficient Multi-Processor SoC [p. 700]
E. Macii, K. Patel, and M. Poncino

PDF icon A Low Power Strategy for Future Mobile Terminals [p. 702]
M. Nikitovic and M. Brorsson

PDF icon A 0.18 µm CMOS Implementation of On-Chip Analogue Test Signal Generation from Digital Test Patterns [p. 704]
L. Rolíndez, S. Mir, G. Prenat, and A. Bounceur

PDF icon A Digital Test for First-Order ΣΔModulators [p. 706]
G. Leger and A. Rueda

PDF icon Trim Bit Setting of Analog Filters Using Wavelet-Based Supply Current Analysis [p. 708]
S. Bhunia, A. Raychowdhury, and K. Roy

PDF icon SoC Test Scheduling with Power-Time Tradeoff and Hot Spot Avoidance [p. 710]
J. Chin and M. Nourani

PDF icon STEPS: Experimenting a New Software-Based Strategy for Testing SoCs Containing P1500-Compliant IP Cores [p. 712]
M. Benabdenbi, F. Pêcheux, A. Greiner, M. Tuna and E. Viaud

PDF icon Are Our Designs for Testability Features Fault Secure? [p. 714]
C. Metra, M. Omaña, and T. Mak

PDF icon Test Compression and Hardware Decompression for Scan-Based SoCs [p. 716]
F. Wolff, C. Papachristou, and D. McIntyre

PDF icon Concurrent Sizing, Vdd and Vth Assignment for Low-Power Design [p. 718]
A. Srivastava, D. Sylvester, and D. Blaauw

PDF icon Sizing and Characterization of Leakage-Control Cells for Layout-Aware Distributed Power-Gating [p. 720]
P. Babighian, E. Macii, and L. Benini

IP3: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon An Asynchronous Synthesis Toolset Using Verilog [p. 724]
F. Burns, D. Shang, A. Koelmans, and A. Yakovlev

PDF icon Organizing Libraries of DFG Patterns [p. 726]
G. Dittmann

PDF icon Compositional Memory Systems for Data Intensive Applications [p. 728]
A. Molnos, M. Heijligers, J. Van Eijndhoven, and S. Cotofana

PDF icon Scalar Metric for Temporal Locality and Estimation of Cache Performance [p. 730]
J. Alakarhu and J. Niittylahti

PDF icon .NET Framework -- A Solution for the Next Generation Tools for System-Level Modeling and Simulation [p. 732]
J. Lapalme, E. Aboulhamid, G. Nicolescu, L. Charest, J. David, F. Boyer, and G. Bois

PDF icon Modeling and Simulating Memory Hierarchies in a Platform-Based Design Methodology [p. 734]
P. Viana, E. Barros, S. Rigo, R. Azevedo, and G. Araújo

PDF icon Integrating the Synchronous Dataflow Model with UML [p. 736]
P. Green and S. Essa

PDF icon Design and Behavioral Modeling Tools for Optical Network-On-Chip [p. 738]
M. Brière, L. Carrel, T. Michalke, F. Mieyeville, I. O'Connor, and F. Gaffiot

PDF icon Hierarchical Modeling and Simulation of Large Analog Circuits [p. 740]
S. Tan, Z. Qi, and H. Li

PDF icon Efficient Mixed-Domain Behavioural Modeling of Ferromagnetic Hysteresis Implemented in VHDL-AMS [p. 742]
P. Wilson, J. Ross, A. Brown, T. Kazmierski, and J. Baranowski

PDF icon A Fast Algorithm for Finding Maximal Empty Rectangles for Dynamic FPGA Placement [p. 744]
M. Handa and R. Vemuri

PDF icon Enhancing Reliability of Operational Interconnections in FPGAs [p. 746]
A. Fit-Florea, M. Halas, and F. Kocan

PDF icon Operating System Support for Interface Virtualization of Reconfigurable Coprocessors [p. 748]
M. Vuletic, L. Righetti, L. Pozzi, and P. Ienne

Volume II

6A: Performances Analysis for MPSoC

Moderators: R. Ernst, TU Braunschweig, DE; A. Jantsch, Royal Inst. of Tech., SE
PDF icon Analyzing On-Chip Communication in a MPSoC Environment [p. 752]
F. Angiolini, D. Bertozzi, L. Benini, M. Loghi, and R. Zafalon

PDF icon A Mapping Strategy for Resource-Efficient Network Processing on Multiprocessor SoCs [p. 758]
M. Grünewald, J. Niemann, M. Porrmann, and U. Rückert

PDF icon Cost-Performance Trade-Offs in Networks on Chip: A Simulation-Based Approach [p. 764]
S. Pestana, E. Rijpkema, A. Radulescu, K. Goossens, and O. Gangwal

PDF icon A Case Study in Networks-on-Chip Design for Embedded Video [p. 770]
J. Xu, W. Wolf, T. Lv, J. Henkel, and S. Chakradhar

6B: Synthesis for Noise and Manufacturability

Moderators: T. Villa, Udine U, IT; T. Shiple, Synopsys, FR
PDF icon Exploiting Crosstalk to Speed up On-Chip Buses [p. 778]
C. Duan and S. Khatri

PDF icon False-Noise Analysis for Domino Circuits [p. 784]
A. Glebov, S. Gavrilov, V. Zolotov, M. Becer, C. Oh, and R. Panda

PDF icon Crosstalk Minimization in Logic Synthesis for PLA [p. 790]
Y. Liu, T. Hwang, and K. Wang

PDF icon Synthesis for Manufacturability: A Sanity Check [p. 796]
A. Nardi and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

6C: Support for BIST

Moderators: G: Carlsson, Ericsson Telecom, SE; K. Chakrabarty, Duke U, US
PDF icon Design of Sub-10-Picoseconds On-Chip Time Measurement Circuit [p. 804]
M. Abas, D. Kinniment, and G. Russell

PDF icon Impact of Test Point Insertion on Silicon Area and Timing during Layout [p. 810]
H. Vranken, H. Wunderlich, and F. Sapei

PDF icon Designing Self Test Programs for Embedded DSP Cores [p. 816]
H. Rizk, C. Papachristou, and F. Wolff

6E: Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation in Power/Ground/Substrate

Moderators: P. Feldmann, IBM T.J. Watson Res. Center, US; L. Silveira, INESC ID/IST - TU Lisbon, PT
PDF icon Automated, Accurate Macromodelling of Digital Aggressors for Power/Ground/Substrate Noise Prediction [p. 824]
Z. Wang, J. Roychowdhury, and R. Murgai

PDF icon Thermal and Power Integrity Based Power/Ground Networks Optimization [p. 830]
T. Wang, J. Tsai, and C. Chen

PDF icon Synthesized Compact Models (SCM) of Substrate Noise Coupling Analysis and Synthesis in Mixed-Signal ICs [p. 836]
H. Lan and R. Dutton

6F: Panel Session -- Chips of the Future: Soft, Crunchy or Hard?

Organizer/Moderator: P. Paulin, STMicroelectronics, FR
R. Bramley, STMicroelectronics
A. Silburt, Cisco, CAN
J. Balzano, Alcatel, FR
K. van Berkel, Philips Research, NL
N. Wehn, Kaiserslautern U, DE
PDF icon Chips of the Future: Soft, Crunchy or Hard? [p. 844]

6G: Power-Aware Networks and Interfaces (Low Power Special Day)

Moderators: M. Pedram, Southern California U, US; A. Amara, ISEP, FR
PDF icon Tuning In-Sensor Data Filtering to Reduce Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks [p. 852]
I. Kadayif and M. Kandemir

PDF icon Power-Aware Network Swapping for Wireless Palmtop PCs [p. 858]
A. Acquaviva, E. Lattanzi, and A. Bogliolo

PDF icon Power Aware Interface Synthesis for Bus-Based SoC Design [p. 864]
N. Liveris and P. Banerjee

PDF icon Asynchronous Design by Conversion: Converting Synchronous Circuits into Asynchronous Ones [p. 870]
A. Branover, R. Kol, and R. Ginosar

7A: Networks on Chip Design

Moderators: G. Nicolescu, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, CA; M. Coppola, STMicroelectronics, FR
PDF icon An Efficient On-Chip Network Interface Offering Guaranteed Services, Shared-Memory Abstraction, and Flexible Network Configuration [p. 878]
A. Radulescu, J. Dielissen, K. Goossens, E. Rijpkema, and P. Wielage

PDF icon ×pipesCompiler: A Tool for Instantiating Application Specific Networks-on-Chip [p. 884]
S. Murali, G. De Micheli, A. Jalabert, and L. Benini

PDF icon Guaranteed Bandwidth Using Looped Containers in Temporally Disjoint Networks within the Nostrum Network on Chip [p. 890]
M. Millberg, E. Nilsson, R. Thid, and A. Jantsch

PDF icon Bandwidth-Constrained Mapping of Cores onto NoC Architectures [p. 896]
S. Murali and G. De Micheli

7B: Advances in Technology Mapping and Circuit Sizing

Moderators: T. Kutzschebauch, Magma Design Automation, US; L. Stok, IBM, US
PDF icon Synthesis and Optimization of Threshold Logic Networks with Application to Nanotechnologies [p. 904]
R. Zhang, P. Gupta, L. Zhong, and N. Jha

PDF icon Fast Comparisons of Circuit Implementations [p. 910]
S. Karandikar and S. Sapatnekar

PDF icon Saving Power by Mapping Finite-State Machines into Embedded Memory Blocks in FPGAs [p. 916]
A. Tiwari and K. Tomko

PDF icon MemMap: Technology Mapping Algorithm for Area Reduction in FPGAs with Embedded Memory Arrays Using Reconvergence Analysis [p. 922]
M. Kumar, J. Bobba, and V. Kamakoti

7C: Panel Session -- Nanometer Design: What are the Requirements for Manufacturing Test?

Organizer: K. Thapar, Mentor Graphics Europe, UK
Moderator: J. Rajski, Mentor Graphics, US
M. Vergniault, STMicroelectronics, FR
P. Muhmenthaler, Infineon Technologies, DE
E. Haioun, Motorola, FR
E. Marinissen, Philips Research, NL
R. Illman, Cadence Design Foundry, UK
B. Bennetts, Bennetts Associates, UK
S. Dowd, Jennic, UK
PDF icon Nanometer Design: What are the Requirements for Manufacturing Test? [p. 930]

7E: Issues in Interconnect Simulation and Model Order Reduction

Moderators: I. Elfadel, IBM T.J. Watson Res. Center, US; U. Feldmann, Infineon Technologies, DE
PDF icon Poor Man's TBR: A Simple Model Reduction Scheme [p. 938]
J. Phillips and L. Silveira

PDF icon Model Order Reduction Techniques for Linear Systems with Large Numbers of Terminals [p. 944]
P. Feldmann

PDF icon SCORE: Spice COmpatible Reluctance Extraction [p. 948]
R. Jiang and C. Chen

PDF icon A Compact Propagation Delay Model for Deep-Submicron CMOS Technologies including Crosstalk [p. 954]
J. Rosselló and J. Segura

7F: Emerging Technologies: From Sensors to Qubits

Moderators: T. Basten, TU Eindhoven, NL; L. Claesen, National Chiao Tung U, Taiwan, ROC
PDF icon A Framework for Battery-Aware Sensor Management [p. 962]
S. Dasika, S. Vrudhula, S. Chopra, and R. Srinivasan

PDF icon Local Decisions and Triggering Mechanisms for Dynamic Fault Tolerance [p. 968]
P. Stanley-Marbell and D. Marculescu

PDF icon An Algorithm for Nano-Pipelining of Circuits and Architectures for a Nanotechnology [p. 974]
P. Gupta and N. Jha

PDF icon Smaller Two-Qubit Circuits for Quantum Communication and Computation [p. 980]
V. Shende, I. Markov, and S. Bullock

7G: Embedded Tutorial -- Architectures and Design Techniques for Energy Efficient Embedded DSP and Multimedia Processing

Organizer: E. Macii, Politecnico di Torino, IT
Moderator: N. Chang, Seoul National U, KR
I. Verbauwhede, UCLA, US
C. Piguet, CSEM, CH
P. Schaumont, UCLA, US
B. Kienhuis, Leiden U, NL
PDF icon Architectures and Design Techniques for Energy Efficient Embedded DSP and Multimedia Processing [p. 988]

8A: Platform-Based Design and VC Reuse Methods

Moderators: R. Seepold, Carlos III de Madrid U, ES; T. Riesgo, UP Madrid, ES
PDF icon Measurement of IP Qualification Costs and Benefits [p. 996]
A. Vörg, W. Rosenstiel, and M. Radetzki

PDF icon Architecture-Level Performance Estimation for IP-Based Embedded Systems [p. 1002]
K. Ueda, K. Sakanushi, Y. Takeuchi, and M. Imai

PDF icon Generalized Latency-Insensitive Systems for Single-Clock and Multi-Clock Architectures [p. 1008]
M. Singh and M. Theobald

PDF icon Platform Based on Open-Source Cores for Industrial Applications [p. 1014]
M. Bolado, J. Castillo, P. Huerta, H. Posadas, P. Sánchez, C. Sánchez, F. Blasco, and H. Fouren

PDF icon MINCE: Matching INstructions with Combinational Equivalence for Extensible Processor [p. 1020]
N. Cheung, S. Parameswaran, J. Henkel, and J. Chan

8B: Real-Time Issues in Embedded Systems

Moderators: S. Hu, Notre Dame U, US; F. Wolf, Volkswagen, DE
PDF icon Design Optimization of Multi-Cluster Embedded Systems for Real-Time Applications [p. 1028]
P. Pop, P. Eles, Z. Peng, V. Izosimov, M. Hellring, and O. Bridal

PDF icon Timing Analysis for Preemptive Multi-Tasking Real-Time Systems with Caches [p. 1034]
Y. Tan and V. Mooney

PDF icon Workload Characterization Model for Tasks with Variable Execution Demand [p. 1040]
A. Maxiaguine, S. Künzli, and L. Thiele

PDF icon Context-Aware Performance Analysis for Efficient Embedded System Design [p. 1046]
M. Jersak, R. Henia, and R. Ernst

PDF icon Compact Binaries with Code Compression in a Software Dynamic Translator [p. 1052]
S. Shogan and B. Childers

8C: Real-Life Defect Modelling and Detection

Moderators: R. Aitken, Artisan, US; H. Manhaeve, Q-star Test, BE
PDF icon Pattern Selection for Testing of Deep Sub-Micron Timing Defects [p. 1060]
M. C. Chao, L. Wang, and K. Cheng

PDF icon Balanced Excitation and its Effect on the Fortuitous Detection of Dynamic Defects [p. 1066]
J. Dworak, B. Cobb, J. Wingfield, and M. Mercer

PDF icon Intermittent Scan Chain Fault Diagnosis Based on Signal Probability Analysis [p. 1072]
Y. Huang, W. Cheng, C. Hsieh, H. Tseng, A. Huang, and Y. Hung

PDF icon A Modeling Approach for Addressing Power Supply Switching Noise Related Failures of Integrated Circuits [p. 1078]
C. Tirumurti, S. Kundu, S. Sur-Kolay, and Y. Chang

PDF icon Soft Faults and the Importance of Stresses in Memory Testing [p. 1084]
Z. Al-Ars and A. van De Goor

8E: Optimisation in Physical Design

Moderators: J. Lienig, TU Dresden, DE; R. Otten, TU Eindhoven, NL
PDF icon Wire Retiming for System-On-Chip by Fixpoint Computation [p. 1092]
C. Lin and H. Zhou

PDF icon Boosting: Min-Cut Placement with Improved Signal Delay [p. 1098]
A. Kahng, S. Reda, and I. Markov

PDF icon Optimal Algorithm for Minimizing the Number of Twists in an On-Chip Bus [p. 1104]
L. Deng and M. Wong

PDF icon A Fast Word-Level Statistical Estimator of Intra-Bus Crosstalk [p. 1110]
S. Gupta and S. Katkoori

PDF icon Full-Chip Multilevel Routing for Power and Signal Integrity [p. 1116]
J. Xiong and L. He

8G: Hot Topic -- Platforms and Tools for Energy-Efficient Design of Multimedia Systems

Organizer/Moderator: E. Pol, Philips Research, NL
H. Van Antwerpen, Philips Research, NL
R. von Vignau, Philips Research, NL
R. Gupta, UC San Diego, US
N. Dutt, UC Irvine, US
N. Venkatasubramanian, UC Irvine, US
S. Mohapatra, UC California Irvine, US
C. Pereira, UC California San Diego, US
PDF icon Energy-Aware System Design for Wireless Multimedia [p. 1124]

9A: Communication Design for MPSoC

Moderators: K. Goossens, Philips Research, NL; L. Benini, Bologna U, IT
PDF icon Unified Component Integration Flow for Multi-Processor SoC Design and Validation [p. 1132]
M. Dziri, W. Cesário, A. Jerraya, and F. Wagner

PDF icon An Interconnect Channel Design Methodology for High Performance Integrated Circuits [p. 1138]
V. Chandra, A. Xu, H. Schmit, and L. Pileggi

PDF icon Modeling Shared Resource Contention Using a Hybrid Simulation/Analytical Approach [p. 1144]
A. Bobrek, J. Pieper, J. Nelson, J. Paul, and D. Thomas

PDF icon Supporting Cache Coherence in Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems [p. 1150]
T. Suh, D. Blough, and H. Lee

9B: Combining Static and Dynamic Software Optimisation

Moderators: R. Ernst, TU Braunschweig; P. Kajfasz, Thales Communications, FR
PDF icon Exploiting Processor Workload Heterogeneity for Reducing Energy Consumption in Chip Multiprocessors [p. 1158]
I. Kadayif, M. Kandemir, and I. Kolcu

PDF icon Fault-Tolerant Deployment of Embedded Software for Cost-Sensitive Real-Time Feedback-Control Applications [p. 1164]
C. Pinello, L. Carloni, and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

PDF icon Task Feasibility Analysis and Dynamic Voltage Scaling in Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Embedded Systems [p. 1170]
Y. Zhang and K. Chakrabarty

PDF icon Quasi-Static Scheduling for Real-Time Systems with Hard and Soft Tasks [p. 1176]
L. Cortés, P. Eles, and Z. Peng

9C: Hot Topic -- The Status of the New IEEE Test Standards

Organizer/Moderator: B. Bennetts, Bennetts Associates, UK
PDF icon Status of IEEE Testability Standards 1149.4, 1532 and 1149.6 [p. 1184]
S. Sunter, A. Osseiran, A. Cron, N. Jacobson, D. Bonnett, B. Eklow, C. Barnhart, and B. Bennetts

9E: Modelling and Estimation in Circuit Layout

Moderators: I. Markov, Michigan U, US; J. Lienig, TU Dresden, DE
PDF icon Eliminating False Positives in Crosstalk Noise Analysis [p. 1192]
Y. Ran, M. Marek-Sadowska, A. Kondratyev, and Y. Watanabe

PDF icon A New Approach to Timing Analysis Using Event Propagation and Temporal Logic [p. 1198]
A. Mondal, P. Chakrabarti, and C. Mandal

PDF icon A New Effective Congestion Model in Floorplan Design [p. 1204]
Y. Hsieh and T. Hsieh

PDF icon ULSI Interconnect Length Distribution Model Considering Core Utilization [p. 1210]
H. Nakashima, J. Inoue, K. Okada, and K. Masu

9G: Applications of Reconfigurability

Moderators: Y. Tanurhan, Actel, US; W. Rosenstiel, Tuebingen U and FZI Karlsruhe, DE
PDF icon Implementation of a UMTS Turbo-decoder on a Dynamically Reconfigurable Platform [p. 1218]
A. La Rosa, C. Passerone, F. Gregoretti, and L. Lavagno

PDF icon Design Methodology for a Tightly Coupled VLIW/Reconfigurable Matrix Architecture: A Case Study [p. 1224]
B. Mei, R. Lauwereins, S. Vernalde, and D. Verkest

PDF icon Efficient Implementations of Mobile Video Computations on Domain-Specific Reconfigurable Arrays [p. 1230]
I. Ahmed, S. Baloch, A. Pai, T. Arslan, N. Aydin, S. Khawam, and F. Westall

PDF icon Mapping Multi-Million Gate SoCs on FPGAs: Industrial Methodology and Experience [p. 1236]
H. Krupnova

10A: Interconnect Modelling for MPSoC

Moderators: B. Candaele, Thales, FR; A. Jerraya, TIMA Laboratory, FR
PDF icon Using a Communication Architecture Specification in an Application-Driven Retargetable Prototyping Platform for Multiprocessing [p. 1244]
X. Zhu and S. Malik

PDF icon A Power and Performance Model for Network-on-Chip Architectures [p. 1250]
N. Banerjee, P. Vellanki, and K. Chatha

PDF icon A System Level Processor/Communication Co-Exploration Methodology for Multi-Processor System-on-Chip Platforms [p. 1256]
A. Wieferink, T. Kogel, R. Leupers, G. Ascheid, H. Meyr, G. Braun, and A. Nohl

10B: Embedded Software Generation and Optimisation

Moderators: F. Rousseau, TIMA Laboratory, FR; J. Madsen, TU Denmark, DK
PDF icon Cache-Aware Scratchpad Allocation Algorithm [p. 1264]
M. Verma, L. Wehmeyer, and P. Marwedel

PDF icon Phase Coupled Code Generation for DSPs Using a Genetic Algorithm [p. 1270]
M. Lorenz and P. Marwedel

PDF icon A Methodology and Tool Suite for C Compiler Generation from ADL Processor Models [p. 1276]
M. Hohenauer, H. Scharwaechter, K. Karuri, O. Wahlen, T. Kogel, R. Leupers, G. Ascheid, H. Meyr, G. Braun, and H. van Someren

10C: Scan-Based Testing

Moderators: H. Vranken, Philips Research, NL; C. Papachristou, Case Western Reserve U, US
PDF icon Nine-Coded Compression Technique with Application to Reduced Pin-Count Testing and Flexible On-Chip Decompression [p. 1284]
M. Tehranipour, M. Nourani, and K. Chakrabarty

PDF icon CircularScan: A Scan Architecture for Test Cost Reduction [p. 1290]
B. Arslan and A. Orailoglu

PDF icon Hybrid Delay Scan: A Low Hardware Overhead Scan-Based Delay Test Technique for High Fault Coverage and Compact Test Sets [p. 1296]
S. Wang, S. Chakradhar, and X. Liu

PDF icon Diagnosis of Scan-Chains by Use of a Configurable Signature Register and Error-Correcting Codes [p. 1302]
A. Leininger, P. Muhmenthaler, and M. Goessel

10E: Novel Approaches to Analogue Simulation

Moderators: T. Kazmierski, Southampton U, UK; S. Yoo, TIMA Laboratory, FR
PDF icon Hierarchical Multi-Dimensional Table Lookup for Model Compiler Based Circuit Simulation [p. 1310]
B. Wan and C. Shi

PDF icon Direct Nonlinear Order Reduction with Variational Analysis [p. 1316]
L. Feng, X. Zeng, C. Chiang, D. Zhou, and Q. Fang

PDF icon Steady-State Analysis of Nonlinear Circuits Using Discrete Singular Convolution Method [p. 1322]
X. Zhou, D. Zhou, J. Liu, R. Li, X. Zeng, and C. Chiang

PDF icon Hybrid Reduction Technique for Efficient Simulation of Linear/Nonlinear Mixed Circuits [p. 1327]
T. Mine, H. Kubota, A. Kamo, T. Watanabe, and H. Asai

10F: Embedded Tutorial -- System Verilog for VHDL Users

Organizer/Moderator: H. Schlebusch, Synopsys, DE
Speaker: T. Fitzpatrick, Synopsys, US
PDF icon System Verilog for VHDL Users [p. 1334]

10G: Hot Topic -- Quo Vadis Multimedia? From Desktop Multimedia to Distributed Multimedia Systems

Organizer/Moderator: P. Eles, Linkoping U, SE
R. Marculescu, Carnegie Mellon U, US
J. Henkel, NEC, US
M. Pedram, Southern California U, US
PDF icon Distributed Multimedia System Design: A Holistic Perspective [p. 1342]

IP4: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Adaptive Prefetching for Multimedia Applications in Embedded Systems [p. 1350]
H. Sbeyti, S. Niar, and L. Eeckhout

PDF icon Data Windows: A Data-Centric Approach for Query Execution in Memory-Resident Databases [p. 1352]
J. Pisharath, A. Choudhary, and M. Kandemir

PDF icon High-Performance QuIDD-Based Simulation of Quantum Circuits [p. 1354]
G. Viamontes, I. Markov, and J. Hayes

PDF icon An Application of Parallel Discrete Event Simulation Algorithms to Mixed Domain System Simulation [p. 1356]
D. Reed, S. Levitan, J. Boles, J. Martinez, and D. Chiarulli

PDF icon Fault Tolerance of Programmable Switch Blocks [p. 1358]
J. Huang, M. Tahoori, and F. Lombardi

PDF icon A New Self-Checking Sum-Bit Duplicated Carry-Select Adder [p. 1360]
E. Sogomonyan, D. Marienfeld, V. Ocheretnij, and M. Gössel

PDF icon A Macromodelling Methodology for Efficient High-Level Simulation of Substrate Noise Generation [p. 1362]
L. Elvira, F. Martorell, X. Aragonés, and J. González

PDF icon Accurate Estimation of Parasitic Capacitances in Analog Circuits [p. 1364]
A. Agarwal, H. Sampath, V. Yelamanchili, and R. Vemuri

PDF icon GRAAL -- A Development Framework for Embedded Graphics Accelerators [p. 1366]
D. Crisu, S. Cotofana, S. Vassiliadis, and P. Liuha

PDF icon From Synchronous to Asynchronous: An Automatic Approach [p. 1368]
J. Cortadella, A. Kondratyev, L. Lavagno, K. Lwin, and C. Sotiriou

PDF icon Enhancing Testability of System on Chips Using Network Management Protocols [p. 1370]
O. Laouamri and C. Aktouf

PDF icon Minimization of Crosstalk Noise, Delay and Power Using a Modified Bus Invert Technique [p. 1372]
M. Lampropoulos, B. Al-Hashimi, and P. Rosinger

PDF icon Energy-Efficient Design for Highly Associative Instruction Caches in Next-Generation Embedded Processors [p. 1374]
J. Aragon, D. Nicolaescu, A. Veidenbaum, and A. Badulescu

PDF icon Dynamic Voltage and Cache Reconfiguration for Low Power [p. 1376]
A. Nacul and A. Givargis

IP5: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Overhead-free Polymorphism in Network-on-Chip Implementation of Object-Oriented Models [p. 1380]
M. Goudarzi, S. Hessabi, and A. Mycroft

PDF icon Multi-Processor SoC Design Methodology Using a Concept of Two-Layer Hardware-Dependent Software [p. 1382]
S. Yoo, M. Youssef, A. Bouchhima, A. Jerraya, and M. Diaz-Nava

PDF icon Synthesis of Reversible Logic [p. 1384]
A. Agrawal and N. Jha

PDF icon A Unified Design Space for Regular Parallel Prefix Adders [p. 1386]
M. Ziegler and M. Stan

PDF icon MODD: A New Decision Diagram and Representation for Multiple Output Binary Functions [p. 1388]
A. Jabir and D. Pradhan

PDF icon Issues in Implementing Latency Insensitive Protocols [p. 1390]
M. Casu and L. Macchiarulo

PDF icon Model-Based Specification and Execution of Embedded Real-Time Systems [p. 1392]
T. Schattkowsky and W. Mueller

PDF icon A Demonstration of Co-Design and Co-Verification in a Synchronous Language [p. 1394]
S. Singh

PDF icon Profile Guided Management of Code Partitions for Embedded Systems [p. 1396]
S. Zhou, B. Childers, and N. Kumar

IP6: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Realizable Reduction for Electromagnetically Coupled RLMC Interconnects [p. 1400]
R. Jiang and C. Chen

PDF icon Statistically Aware Buffer Planning [p. 1402]
G. Garcea, N. van der Meijs, and R. Otten

PDF icon A Tunneling Model for Gate Oxide Failure in Deep Sub-Micron Technology [p. 1404]
S. Bernadini, J. Portal, and P. Masson

PDF icon Power Supply Noise Monitor for Signal Integrity Faults [p. 1406]
J. Vázquez and J. de Gyvez

PDF icon Testing of Quantum Dot Cellular Automata Based Designs [p. 1408]
M. Tahoori and F. Lombardi

PDF icon Net and Pin Distribution for 3D Package Global Routing [p. 1410]
J. Minz, M. Pathak, and S. Lim

PDF icon Placement Using a Localization Probability Model (LPM) [p. 1412]
M. Olbrich and E. Barke

PDF icon CMOS Structures Suitable for Secured Hardware [p. 1414]
S. Guilley, P. Hoogvorst, Y. Mathieu, R. Pacalet, and J. Provost

PDF icon Timing Correction and Optimization with Adaptive Delay Sequential Elements [p. 1416]
K. Rahimi, S. Bridges, and C. Diorio