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Call for Papers: DATE 2010

Keynote Addresses

PDF icon Has Anything Changed in Electronic Design Since 1983? [p. 1]
M. Muller

PDF icon Embedded Systems Design - Scientific Challenges and Work Directions [p. 2]
J. Sifakis

2.2: Emerging Interconnection Technologies for Multicore

Moderators: P Paulin, STMicroelectronics, FR; G Nicolescu, Polytechnique Montreal, CA
PDF icon A Low-Power Fat Tree-Based Optical Network-on-Chip for Multiprocessor System-on-Chip [p. 3]
H. Gu, J. Xu and W. Zhang

PDF icon SunFloor 3D: A Tool for Networks on Chip Topology Synthesis for 3D Systems on Chips [p. 9]
C. Seiculescu, S. Murali, L. Benini and G De Micheli

PDF icon User-Centric Design Space Exploration for Heterogeneous Network-on-Chip Platforms [p. 15]
C.-L. Chou and R. Marculescu

PDF icon A Highly Resilient Routing Algorithm for Fault-Tolerant NoCs [p. 21]
D. Fick, A. DeOrio, G. Chen, V. Bertacco, D. Sylvester and D. Blaauw

2.3: Applications on Reconfigurable Hardware 1

Moderators: G. Sassatelli, LIRMM, FR; M. Huebner, Karlsruhe U, DE
PDF icon Mapping of a Film Grain Removal Algorithm to a Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Architecture [p. 27]
S. Whitty, H. Sahlbach, R. Ernst and W. Putzke-Roeming

PDF icon An ILP Formulation for Task Mapping and Scheduling on Multi-Core Architectures [p. 33]
Y. Yi, W. Han, X. Zhao, A.T. Erdogan and T. Arslan

PDF icon DPR in High Energy Physics [p. 39]
W. Gao, A. Kugel, R. Maenner, N. Abel, N. Meier and U. Kebschull

PDF icon A Flexible Layered Architecture for Accurate Digital Baseband Algorithm Development and Verification [p. 45]
A. Alimohammad, S. Fouladi Fard and B.F. Cockburn

2.4: Task Allocation for MPSoCs

Moderators: J. Teich, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE; P. Marwedel, TU Dortmund. DE
PDF icon Lifetime Reliability-Aware Task Allocation and Scheduling for MPSoC Platforms [p. 51]
L. Huang, F. Yuan and Q. Xu

PDF icon Integrated Scheduling and Synthesis of Control Applications on Distributed Embedded Systems [p. 57]
S. Samii, P. Eles, Z. Peng and A. Cervin

PDF icon Towards No-Cost Adaptive MPSoC Static Schedules through Exploitation of Logical-to-Physical Core Mapping Latitude [p. 63]
C. Yang and A. Orailoglu

PDF icon Pipelined Data Parallel Task Mapping/Scheduling Technique for MPSoC [p. 69]
H. Yang and S. Ha

2.5: Approaches for Reliability Improvement

Moderators: B. Becker, Freiburg U, DE; M. Psarakis, Piraeus U, GR
PDF icon Joint Logic Restructuring and Pin Reordering against NBTI-Induced Performance Degradation [p. 75]
K.-C. Wu and D. Marculescu

PDF icon A Self-Adaptive System Architecture to Address Transistor Aging [p. 81]
O. Khan and S. Kundu

PDF icon Masking Timing Errors on Speed-Paths In Logic Circuits [p. 87]
M.R. Choudhury and K. Mohanram

2.6: Scheduling and Timing Analysis for Embedded Real-Time Systems

Moderators: R. Dick, Northwestern U, US; R. Leupers, RWTH Aachen U, DE
PDF icon WCRT Algebra and Interfaces for Esterel-Style Synchronous Processing [p. 93]
M. Mendler, R. von Hanxleden and C. Traulsen

PDF icon Reliable Mode Changes in Real-Time Systems with Fixed Priority or EDF Scheduling [p. 99]
N. Stoimenov, S. Perathoner and L. Thiele

PDF icon Improved Worst-Case Response-Time Calculations by Upper-Bound Conditions [p. 105]
V. Pollex, S. Kollman, K. Albers and F. Slomka

PDF icon A Generalized Scheduling Approach for Dynamic Dataflow Applications [p. 111]
W. Plishker, N. Sane and S.S. Bhattacharyya

2.7: System-Level Synthesis and Optimization

Moderators: P. Pop, TU Denmark, DK; R. Woods, Queens U Belfast, IE
PDF icon Optimizing Data Flow Graphs to Minimize Hardware Implementation [p. 117]
D. Gomez-Prado, Q. Ren, M. Ciesielski, J. Guillot and E. Boutillon

PDF icon Multi-Clock SOC Design Using Protocol Conversion [p. 123]
R. Sinha, P.S. Roop, Z. Salcic and S. Basu

PDF icon A Formal Approach to Design Space Exploration of Protocol Converters [p. 129]
K. Avnit and A. Sowmya

PDF icon Model-Based Synthesis and Optimization of Static Multi-Rate Image Processing Algorithms [p. 135]
J. Keinert, H. Dutta, F. Hannig, C. Haubelt and J. Teich

2.8: PANEL SESSION - Consolidation, a Modern "Moor of Venice" Tale [p. 141]

Organizer: M. Casale-Rossi, Synopsys, IT
Moderator: G. De Micheli, EPFL, CH

Panelists: A. Domic, M. Montalti, M. Muller, J. Sawicki

PDF icon

3.2: Variability and Reliability Aware Energy Management

Moderators: M. Miranda, IMEC, BE; W. Dehaene, KU Leuven, BE
PDF icon Variation Resilient Adaptive Controller for Subthreshold Circuits [p. 142]
B. Mishra, B.M. Al-Hashimi and M. Zwolinski

PDF icon Minimization of NBTI Performance Degradation Using Internal Node Control [p. 148]
D.R Bild, G.E. Bok and R.P. Dick

PDF icon Physically Clustered Forward Body Biasing for Variability Compensation in Nano-Meter CMOS Design [p. 154]
A. Sathanur, A. Pullini, G. De Micheli, L. Benini and E. Macii

PDF icon An Event-Guided Approach to Reducing Voltage Noise in Processors [p. 160]
M.S Gupta, V.J Reddi, G. Holloway, G.-Y. Wei and D. Brooks

3.3: Applications on Reconfigurable Hardware 2

Moderators: R. Cottrell, Altera European Technology Centre; C. Heer, Infineon Technologies, DE
PDF icon Design and Implementation of a Database Filter for BLAST Acceleration [p. 166]
P. Afratis, C. Galanakis, E. Sotiriades, G.-G. Mplemenos, G. Chrysos, I. Papaefstathiou and D. Pnevmatikatos

PDF icon A Software-Supported Methodology for Exploring Interconnection Architectures Targeting 3-D FPGAs [p. 172]
K. Siozios, V.F. Pavlidis and D. Soudris

PDF icon Priority-Based Packet Communication on a Bus-Shaped Structure for FPGA-Systems [p. 178]
O. Sander, B. Glas, C. Roth, J. Becker and K.D. Mueller-Glaser

PDF icon Exploration of Power Reduction and Performance Enhancement in LEON3 Processor with ESL Reprogrammable eFPGA in Processor Pipeline and as a Co-Processor [p. 184]
S.Z. Ahmed, J. Eydoux, L. Rouge, J.-P. Cuelle, G. Sassatelli and L. Torres

3.4: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - High-Level Modeling and Verification

Organiser/Moderator: W. Mueller, Paderborn U, DE
PDF icon Functional Qualification of TLM Verification [p. 190]
N. Bombieri, F. Fummi, G. Pravadelli, M. Hampton and F. Letombe

PDF icon Solver Technology for System-level to RTL Equivalence Checking [p. 196]
A. Koelbl, R. Jacoby, H. Jain and C. Pixley

3.5: System-Level Test and Debug

Moderators: F. Novak, Josef Stefan Institute, SI; V. Singh, Indian Institute of Science, IN
PDF icon A High-Level Debug Environment for Communication-Centric Debug [p. 202]
K. Goossens, B. Vermeulen and A.B. Nejad

PDF icon Cache Aware Compression for Processor Debug Support [p. 208]
A. Vishnoi, P.R. Panda and M. Balakrishnan

PDF icon Fault Insertion Testing of a Novel CPLD-Based Fail-Safe System [p. 214]
G. Griessnig, R. Mader, C. Steger and R. Weiss

PDF icon Test Architecture Design and Optimization for Three-Dimensional SoCs [p. 220]
L. Jiang, L. Huang and Q. Xu

3.6: Model-Based Design and HW/SW System Integration

Moderators: P. Mosterman, The MathWorks, US; E. Villar, Cantabria U, ES
PDF icon A Co-Design Approach for Embedded System Modeling and Code Generation with UML and MARTE [p. 226]
J. Vidal, F. de Lamotte, G. Gogniat, P. Soulard and J.-P. Diguet

PDF icon Componentizing Hardware/Software Interface Design [p. 232]
K. Hao and F. Xie

PDF icon A UML Frontend for IP-XACT-Based IP Management [p. 238]
T. Schattkowsky, T. Xie and W. Mueller

PDF icon Evaluating UML2 Modeling of IP-XACT Objects for Automatic MP-SoC Integration onto FPGA [p. 244]
T. Arpinen, T. Koskinen, E. Salminen, T.D. Hamalainen and M. Hannikainen

3.7: NoC Customization Techniques

Moderators: T. Basten, Twente U, NL; S. Yoo, POSTECH (Pohang U of Science and Technology), KR
PDF icon aelite: A Flit-Synchronous Network on Chip with Composable and Predictable Services [p. 250]
A. Hansson, M. Subburaman and K. Goossens

PDF icon Configurable Links for Runtime Adaptive On-Chip Communication [p. 256]
M.A. Al Faruque, T. Ebi and J. Henkel

PDF icon Synthesis of Low-Overhead Configurable Source Routing Tables for Network Interfaces [p. 262]
I. Loi, F. Angiolini and L. Benini

PDF icon SCORES: A Scalable and Parametric Streams-Based Communication Architecture for Modular Reconfigurable Systems [p. 268]
A. Jara-Berrocal and A. Gordon-Ross

3.8: HOT TOPIC AND PANEL - Analogue Layout Synthesis - Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Organizer/Moderator: H. Graeb, TU Munich, DE

Panelists: J. Cessna, G. Goelz, V. Meyer zu Bexten and E. Petrus

PDF icon Analog Layout Synthesis - Recent Advances in Topological Approaches [p. 274]
H. Graeb, F. Balasa, R. Castro-Lopez, Y.-W. Chang, F.V. Fernandez, P.-H. Lin and M. Strasser

IP1: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon An Accurate Interconnect Thermal Model Using Equivalent Transmission Line Circuit [p. 280]
B. Wang and P. Mazumder

PDF icon Analogue Mixed Signal Simulation Using Spice and SystemC [p. 284]
T. Kirchner, N. Bannow and C. Grimm

PDF icon Reliability Aware through Silicon Via Planning for 3D Stacked ICs [p. 288]
A. Shayan, X. Hu, H. Peng, C.-K. Cheng, W. Yu, M. Popovich, T. Toms and X. Chen

PDF icon A Study on Placement of Post Silicon Clock Tuning Buffers for Mitigating Impact of Process Variation [p. 292]
K. Nagaraj and S. Kundu

PDF icon Analysis and Optimization of NBTI Induced Clock Skew in Gated Clock Trees [p. 296]
A. Chakraborty, G. Ganesan, A. Rajaram and D.Z. Pan

PDF icon Bitstream Relocation with Local Clock Domains for Partially Reconfigurable FPGAs [p. 300]
A. Flynn, A. Gordon-Ross and A.D. George

PDF icon Parallel Transistor Level Full-Chip Circuit Simulation [p. 304]
H. Peng and C.-K. Cheng

PDF icon Performance-Driven Dual-Rail Insertion for Chip-Level Pre-Fabricated Design [p. 308]
F.-W. Chen and Y.-Y. Liu

PDF icon Simulation Framework for Early Phase Exploration of SDR Platforms: A Case Study of Platform Dimensioning [p. 312]
M. Trautmann, S. Mamagkakis, B. Bougard, J. Declerck, E. Umans, A. Dejonghe, L. Van der Perre and F. Catthoor

PDF icon Fast and Accurate Protocol Specific Bus Modeling Using TLM 2.0 [p. 316]
B. van Moll, H. Corporaal, V. Reyes and M. Boonen

PDF icon Incorporating Graceful Degradation into Embedded System Design [p. 320]
M. Glass, M. Lukasiewycz, C. Haubelt and J. Teich

PDF icon Rewiring Using IRredundancy Removal and Addition [p. 324]
C.-C. Lin and C.-Y. Wang

4.2: Power Optimizations Including Reliability and Temperature

Moderators: V Mooney III, Georgia Institute of Technology, US; J. Henkel, Karlsruhe U, DE
PDF icon Gate Replacement Techniques for Simultaneous Leakage and Aging Optimization [p. 328]
Y. Wang, X. Chen, W. Wang, Y. Cao, Y. Xie and H. Yang

PDF icon Enabling Concurrent Clock and Power Gating in an Industrial Design Flow [p. 334]
L. Bolzani, A. Calimera, A. Macii, E. Macii and M. Poncino

PDF icon TRAM: A Tool for Temperature and Reliability Aware Memory Design [p. 340]
A. Khajeh, A. Gupta, N. Dutt, F. Kurdahi, A. Eltawil, K. Khouri and M. Abadir

4.3: Aerospace Systems, MEMS and Mixed-Signal Applications

Moderators: P. Manet, U Catholique de Lovain, BE; P. D'Abramo, Austriamicrosystems, AT
PDF icon Aircraft Integration Real-Time Simulator Modeling with AADL for Architecture Tradeoffs [p. 346]
J. Casteres and T. Ramaherirariny

PDF icon A Low-Cost SEE Mitigation Solution for Soft-Processors Embedded in Systems on Programmable Chips [p. 352]
M. Sonza Reorda, M. Violante, C. Meinhardt and R. Reis

PDF icon Communication Minimization for In-Network Processing in Body Sensor Networks: A Buffer Assignment Technique [p. 358]
H. Ghasemzadeh, N. Jain, M. Sgroi and R. Jafari

PDF icon A MEMS Reconfigurable Quad-Band Class-E Power Amplifier for GSM Standard [p. 364]
L. Larcher, R. Brama, M. Ganzerli, J. Iannacci, M. Bedani and A. Gnudi

PDF icon Power Reduction of A 12-Bit 40-MS/s Pipeline ADC Exploiting Partial Amplifier Sharing [p. 369]
J.A. Díaz-Madrid, H. Neubauer, H. Hauer, G. Doménech-Asensi and R. Ruiz-Merino

4.4 PANEL SESSION - Is the Second Wave of HLS the One Industry Will Surf on? [p. 374]

Organizer: L. Le Toumelin, Texas Instruments, FR
Moderator: J. Cong, UCLA, US

Panelists: J. Cong, G. Clave, T. Makelainen, Z. Zhang, V. Kathail and J. Kunkel

PDF icon

4.5: Test for Variability, Reliability and Circuit Marginality

Moderators: A. Rubio, UP Catalunya, ES; E.J. Marinissen, IMEC, BE
PDF icon Analyzing the Impact of Process Variations on Parametric Measurements: Novel Models and Applications [p. 375]
S. Reda and S. Nassif

PDF icon On Linewidth-Based Yield Analysis for Nanometer Lithography [p. 381]
A. Sreedhar and S. Kundu

PDF icon Impact of Voltage Scaling on Nanoscale SRAM Reliability [p. 387]
V. Chandra and R. Aitken

4.6: System Approaches to Flash Memory Management

Moderators: S. Yoo, POSTECH (Pohang U of Science and Technology), KR; A. Jerraya, CEA, FR
PDF icon A File-System-Aware FTL Design for Flash-Memory Storage Systems [p. 393]
P.-L. Wu, Y.-H. Chang and T.-W. Kuo

PDF icon FSAF: File System Aware Flash Translation Layer for NAND Flash Memories [p. 399]
S.K. Mylavarapu, S. Choudhuri, A. Shrivastava, J. Lee and A. Givargis

PDF icon A Set-Based Mapping Strategy for Flash-Memory Reliability Enhancement [p. 405]
Y.-S. Chu, J.-W. Hsieh, Y.-H. Chang and T.-W. Kuo

4.7: Novel Design Space Exploration and Power Optimization Techniques

Moderators: M. Poncino, Politecnico di Torino, IT; J. Haid, Infineon Technologies, AT
PDF icon Energy Efficient Multiprocessor Task Scheduling under Input-Dependent Variation [p. 411]
J. Cong and K. Gururaj

PDF icon Program Phase and Runtime Distribution-Aware Online DVFS for Combined Vdd/Vbb Scaling [p. 417]
J. Kim, S. Yoo and C.-M. Kyung

PDF icon ORION 2.0: A Fast and Accurate NoC Power and Area Model for Early-Stage Design Space Exploration [p. 423]
A.B. Kahng, B. Li, L.-S. Peh and K. Samadi

4.8: PANEL SESSION - Open Source Hardware IP, Are You Serious? [p. 429]

Organizer: P. Parrish, Sun Microsystems, US
Moderator: S. Mehta, Sun Microsystems, US

Panelists: J. Abraham, R. Goldman and J. McLean

PDF icon

5.1: HOT TOPIC - Concurrent SoC Development and End-to-End Planning [p. 430]

Organizer: L. Anghel, TIMA Laboratory, FR
Moderator: G. Smith, US

5.2: HOT TOPIC - The Nano-Electronics Challenge - Chip Designers Meet Real Nano-Electronics in 2010s?

Organizer/Moderator: S. Fujita, Toshiba, JP
PDF icon Nano-electronics Challenge - Chip Designers Meet Real Nano-Electronics in 2010s? [p. 431]
S. Fujita

PDF icon MTJ-Based Nonvolatile Logic-in-Memory Circuit, Future Prospects and Issues [p. 433]
S. Matsunaga, J. Hayakawa, S. Ikeda, K. Miura, T. Endoh, H. Ohno and T. Hanyu

PDF icon Imperfection-Immune VLSI Logic Circuits Using Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Ttransistors [p. 436]
S. Mitra, J. Zhang, N. Patil and H. Wei

PDF icon Reconfigurable Circuit Design with Nanomaterials [p. 442]
C. Dong, S. Chilstedt and D. Chen

5.3: Embedded Systems Security

Moderators: J. Quevremont, Thales, FR; L. Torres, LIRMM, Montpellier U/CNRS, FR
PDF icon An Architecture for Secure Software Defined Radio [p. 448]
C. Li, A. Raghunathan and N.K. Jha

PDF icon Optimizing the HW/SW Boundary of an ECC SoC Design Using Control Hierarchy and Distributed Storage [p. 454]
X. Guo and P. Schaumont

PDF icon Hardware Aging-Based Software Metering [p. 460]
F. Dabiri and M. Potkonjak

5.4: Architectural Exploration for MPSoCs

Moderators: D. Sciuto, Politecnico di Milano, IT; M. Lajolo, NEC Laboratories, US
PDF icon On-Chip Communication Architecture Exploration for Processor-Pool-Based MPSoC [p. 466]
Y.-P. Joo, S. Kim and S. Ha

PDF icon Combined System Synthesis and Communication Architecture Exploration for MPSoCs [p. 472]
M. Lukasiewycz, M. Streubuehr, M. Glass, C. Haubelt and J. Teich

PDF icon UMTS MPSoC Design Evaluation Using a System Level Design Framework [p. 478]
D. Densmore, A. Simalatsar, A. Davare, R. Passerone and A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

5.5: On-Line Testing and Fault Tolerance

Moderators: P. Harrod, ARM, UK; G. Dinatale, LIRMM, FR
PDF icon Fault-Tolerant Average Execution Time Optimization for General-Purpose Multi-Processor System-on-Chips [p. 484]
M. Vayrynen, V. Singh and E. Larsson

PDF icon Improving Yield and Reliability of Chip Multiprocessors [p. 490]
A. Pan, O. Khan and S. Kundu

PDF icon A Unified Online Fault Detection Scheme Via Checking of Stability Violation [p. 496]
G. Yan, Y. Han and X. Li

PDF icon Statistical Fault Injection: Quantified Error and Confidence [p. 502]
R. Leveugle, A. Calvez, P. Maistri and P. Vanhauwaert

5.6: Performance Analysis Support for the Design of Embedded Real-Time Systems

Moderators: P. Pop, TU Denmark, DK; P. Eles, Linkoping U, SE
PDF icon KAST: K-Associative Sector Translation for NAND Flash Memory in Real-Time Systems [p. 507]
H. Cho, D. Shin and Y.I. Eom

PDF icon White Box Performance Analysis Considering Static Non-Preemptive Software Scheduling [p. 513]
A. Viehl, M. Pressler, O. Bringmann and W. Rosenstiel

PDF icon Application Specific Performance Indicators for Quantitative Evaluation of the Timing Behavior for Embedded Real-Time Systems [p. 519]
F. Koenig, D. Boers, F. Slomka, U. Margull, M. Niemetz and G. Wirrer

PDF icon Response-Time Analysis of Arbitrarily Activated Tasks in Multiprocessor Systems with Shared Resources [p. 524]
M. Negrean, S. Schliecker and R. Ernst

5.7: Novel Computing and Simulation Approaches

Moderators: T. Austin, U of Michigan, US; C. Kozyrakis, Stanford U, US
PDF icon Light NUCA: A Proposal for Bridging the Inter-Cache Latency Gap [p. 530]
D. Suarez, T. Monreal, F. Vallejo, R. Beivide and V. Vinals

PDF icon ReSiM, A Trace-Driven, Reconfigurable ILP Processor Simulator [p. 536]
S. Fytraki and D. Pnevmatikatos

PDF icon Heterogeneous Coarse-Grained Processing Elements: A Template Architecture for Embedded Processing Acceleration [p. 542]
G. Ansaloni, P. Bonzini and L. Pozzi

PDF icon Algorithms for the Automatic Extension of an Instruction-Set [p. 548]
C. Galuzzi, D. Theodoropoulos, R. Meeuws and K. Bertels

IP2: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Dimensioning Heterogeneous MPSoCs via Parallelism Analysis [p. 554]
B. Ristau, T. Limberg, O. Arnold and G. Fettweis

PDF icon MPSoCs Run-Time Monitoring through Networks-on-Chip [p. 558]
L. Fiorin, G. Palermo and C. Silvano

PDF icon Assessing Fat-Tree Topologies for Regular Network-on-Chip Design under Nanoscale Technology Constraints [p. 562]
D. Ludovici, F. Gilabert, S. Medardoni, C. Gomez, M.E. Gomez, P. Lopez, G. Gaydadjiev and D. Bertozzi

PDF icon A Hybrid Packet-Circuit Switched On-Chip Network Based on SDM [p. 566]
M. Modarressi, H. Sarbazi-Azad and M. Arjomand

PDF icon SecBus: Operating System Controlled Hierarchical Page-Based Memory Bus Protection [p. 570]
L. Su, S. Courcambec, P. Guillemin, C. Schwarz and R. Pacalet

PDF icon A Link Arbitration Scheme for Quality of Service in a Latency-Optimized Network-on-Chip [p. 574]
J. Diemer and R. Ernst

PDF icon Flow Regulation for On-Chip Communication [p. 578]
Z. Lu, M. Millberg, A. Jantsch, A. Bruce, P. van Der Wolf and T. Henriksson

PDF icon Customizing IP Cores for System-on-Chip Designs Using Extensive External Don't Cares [p. 582]
K.-H. Chang, V. Bertacco and I.L. Markov

PDF icon Extending IP-XACT to Support an MDE Based Approach For SoC Design [p. 586]
A. El Mrabti, F. Petrot and A. Bouchhima

PDF icon Overcoming Limitations of the SystemC Data Introspection [p. 590]
C. Genz and R. Drechsler

PDF icon Selective Light Vth Hopping (SLITH): Bridging the Gap between Run-Time Dynamic and Leakage Power Reduction [p. 594]
H. Xu, R. Vemuri and W.-B. Jone

PDF icon A Power-Efficient Migration Mechanism for D-NUCA Caches [p. 598]
A. Bardine, M. Comparetti, P. Foglia, G. Gabrielli and C.A. Prete

6.1.1: PANEL SESSION - Vertical Integration Versus Disaggregation [p. 602]

Organizer: Y. Zorian, Virage Logic, US
Moderator: P. Aycinena, US

Panelists: A. Aznar, J.-A. Carballo, R. Madhavan, M. Merced, A. Shubat and R. Yavatkar

PDF icon

6.1.2: KEYNOTE

PDF icon Trends and Challenges in Wireless Application Processors [p. 603]
P. Garnier

6.2: Emerging Hardware: 3D Integration and CNTFET

Moderators: Y. Xie, Pennsylvania State U, US; P. Marchal, IMEC, BE
PDF icon System-Level Process Variability Analysis and Mitigation for 3D MPSoCs [p. 604]
S. Garg and D. Marculescu

PDF icon Co-Design of Signal, Power, and Thermal Distribution Networks for 3D ICs [p. 610]
Y.-J. Lee, Y.-J. Kim, G. Huang, M. Bakir, Y. Joshi, A. Fedorov and S.K. Lim

PDF icon Design of Compact Imperfection-Immune CNFET Layouts for Standard-Cell-Based Logic Synthesis [p. 616]
S. Bobba, J. Zhang, A. Pullini, D. Atienza and G. De Micheli

PDF icon Novel Library of Logic Gates with Ambipolar CNTFETs: Opportunities for Multi-Level Logic Synthesis [p. 622]
M.H. Ben Jamaa, K. Mohanram and G. De Micheli

6.3: Design and Security Evaluation of Cryptographic Functions

Moderators: M. O'Neill, Queen's U Belfast, IE; L. Fesquet, TIMA Laboratory, FR
PDF icon Enhancing Correlation Electro-Magnetic Attack Using Planar Near-Field Cartography [p. 628]
D. Real, F. Valette and M. Drissi

PDF icon Evaluation on FPGA of Triple Rail Logic Robustness against DPA and DEMA [p. 634]
V. Lomne, P. Maurine, L. Torres, M. Robert, R. Soares and N. Calazans

PDF icon Successful Attack of an FPGA-Based WDDL DES Cryptoprocessor without Place and Route Constraints [p. 640]
L. Sauvage, S. Guilley, J.-L. Danger, Y. Mathieu and M. Nassar

PDF icon Hardware Evaluation of the Stream Cipher-Based Hash Functions Radiogatun and irRUPT [p. 646]
L. Henzen, F. Carbognani, N. Felber and W. Fichtner

6.4: Runtime Checking and Optimization

Moderators: D. Pnevmatikatos, TU Crete, GR; L. Pozzi, Lugano U, IT
PDF icon Architectural Support for Low Overhead Detection of Memory Violations [p. 652]
S. Ghose, L. Gilgeous, P. Dudnik, A. Aggarwal and C. Waxman

PDF icon CASPAR: Hardware Patching for Multi-Core Processors [p. 658]
I. Wagner and V. Bertacco

PDF icon A New Speculative Addition Architecture Suitable for Two's Complement Operations [p. 664]
A. Cilardo

PDF icon Limiting the Number of Dirty Cache Lines [p. 670]
P. De Langen and B. Juurlink

6.5: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - Contactless Testing: Possibility or Pipe-Dream?

Organizer/Moderator: E.J. Marinissen, IMEC, BE
PDF icon Contactless Testing: Possibility or Pipe-Dream? [p. 676]
E.J. Marinissen, D.Y. Lee, J.P. Hayes, C. Sellathamby, B. Moore, S. Slupsky and L. Pujol

6.6: Fault Tolerance and Energy Issues in Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems

Moderators: A. Girault, INRIA Rhone Alpes, FR; L. Almeida, Aveiro U, PT
PDF icon Analysis and Optimization of Fault-Tolerant Embedded Systems with Hardened Processors [p. 682]
V. Izosimov, I. Polian, P. Pop, P. Eles and Z. Peng

PDF icon On Bounding Response Times under Software Transactional Memory in Distributed Multiprocessor Real-Time Systems [p. 688]
S.F. Fahmy, B. Ravindran and E.D. Jensen

PDF icon An Approximation Scheme for Energy-Efficient Scheduling of Real-Time Tasks in Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems [p. 694]
C.-Y. Yang, J.-J. Che, T.-W. Kuo and L. Thiele

6.7: Analogue Synthesis and Optimization

Moderators: T. Kazmierski, Southampton U, UK; L. Hedrich, J W Goethe U Frankfurt/M, DE
PDF icon A Graph Grammar Based Approach to Automated Multi-Objective Analog Circuit Design [p. 700]
A. Das and R. Vemuri

PDF icon Massively Multi-Topology Sizing of Analog Integrated Circuits [p. 706]
P. Palmers, T. McConnaghy, M. Steyaert and G. Gielen

PDF icon Improved Performance and Variation Modelling for Hierarchical-Based Optimisation of Analogue Integrated Circuits [p. 712]
S. Ali, L. Ke, R. Wilcock and P. Wilson

PDF icon Computation of IP3 Using Single-Tone Moments Analysis [p. 718]
D. Tannir and R. Khazaka

6.8: HOT TOPIC AND PANEL - Formal Approaches to Analogue Verification - Now or Never?

Moderator: R. Popp, edacentrum, DE
PDF icon Formal Approaches to Analog Circuit Verification [p. 724]
E. Barke, D. Grabowski, H. Graeb, L. Hedrich, S. Heinen, R. Popp, S. Steinhorst and Y. Wang

7.1: PANEL SESSION - ESL Methodology for SoC [p. 730]

Organizer: L. Toda, Mentor Graphics, US
Moderator: W. Rhines, Mentor Graphics, US

7.2: HOT TOPIC - The Impact of Non-Volatile Memory on Architecture Design and Tools

Organizer/Moderator: Y. Xie, Pennsylvania State U, US
PDF icon An Overview of Non-Volatile Memory Technology and the Implication for Tools and Architectures [p. 731]
H. Li and Y. Chen

PDF icon Power and Performance of Read-Write Aware Hybrid Caches with Non-volatile Memories [p. 737]
X. Wu, J. Li, L. Zhang, E. Speight and Y. Xie

PDF icon Using Non-Volatile Memory to Save Energy in Servers [p. 743]
D. Roberts, T. Kgil and T. Mudge

7.3: On-Chip Communication for Multi-Core Platforms

Moderators: V. Zaccaria, Politecnico di Milano, IT; F. Petrot, TIMA Laboratory, FR
PDF icon aEqualized: A Novel Routing Algorithm for the Spidergon Network on Chip [p. 749]
N. Concer, S. Iamundo and L. Bononi

PDF icon Group-Caching for NoC Based Multicore Cache Coherent Systems [p. 755]
W. Zuo, S. Feng, Z. Qi, J. Weixing, L. Jiaxin, D. Ning, X. Licheng, T. Yuan and Q. Baojun

PDF icon A Monitor Interconnect and Support Subsystem for Multicore Processors [p. 761]
S. Madduri, R. Vadlamani, W. Burleson and R. Tessier

7.4: Non-Functional Properties of MPSoCs

Moderators: L. Lavagno, Politecnico di Torino, IT; W. Kruijtzer, NXP Semiconductors, NL
PDF icon A Real-Time Application Design Methodology for MPSoCs [p. 767]
G. Beltrame, L. Fossati and D. Sciuto

PDF icon Adaptive Prefetching for Shared Cache Based Chip Multiprocessors [p. 773]
M. Kandemir, Y. Zhang and O. Ozturk

PDF icon CUFFS: An Instruction Count Based Architectural Framework for Security of MPSoCs [p. 779]
K. Patel, S. Parameswaran and R. Ragel

7.5: Test Development and On-Line Error Detection

Moderators: S. Kundu, Massachusetts U, US; M. Violante, Politecnico di Torino, IT
PDF icon Design as You See FIT: System-Level Soft Error Analysis of Sequential Circuits [p. 785]
D. Holcomb, W. Li and S.A. Seshia

PDF icon Detecting Errors Using Multi-Cycle Invariance Information [p. 791]
N. Alves, K. Nepal, J. Dworak and R.I. Bahar

PDF icon A Novel Approach to Entirely Integrate Virtual Test into Test Development Flow [p. 797]
P. Lu, D. Glaser, G. Uygur and K. Helmreich

7.6: Software Support for MPSoC and Multi-Core Systems

Moderators: P. Felber, Neuchatel U, CH; C. Schlaeger, AMD, DDEdt> PDF icon Robust Non-Preemptive Hard Real-Time Scheduling for Clustered Multicore Platforms [p. 803]
M. Lombardi, M. Milano and L. Benini

PDF icon Efficient OpenMP Support and Extensions for MPSoCs with Explicitly Managed Memory Hierarchy [p. 809]
A. Marongiu and L. Benini

PDF icon Using Randomization to Cope with Circuit Uncertainty [p. 815]
H. Safizadeh, M. Tahghighi, E.K. Ardestani, G. Tavasoli and K. Bazargan

PDF icon Process Variation Aware Thread Mapping for Chip Multiprocessors [p. 821]
S. Hong, S.H.K. Narayanan, M. Kandemir and O. Ozturk

7.7: Sizing, Placement, Planning and Packaging

Moderators: H. Graeb, TU Munich, DE; D. Stroobandt, Ghent U, BE
PDF icon Gate Sizing for Large Cell-Based Designs [p. 827]
S. Held

PDF icon Multi-Domain Clock Skew Scheduling-Aware Register Placement to Optimize Clock Distribution Network [p. 833]
N. MohammadZadeh, M. Mirsaeedi, A. Jahanian and M.S. Zamani

PDF icon Decoupling Capacitor Planning with Analytical Delay Model on RLC Power Grid [p. 839]
Y. Tao and S.K. Lim

PDF icon Package Routability-and IR-Drop-Aware Finger/Pad Assignment in Chip-Package Co-Design [p. 845]
C.-H. Lu, H.-M. Chen, C.-N. J. Liu and W.-Y. Shih

7.8: HOT TOPIC - Timing Specification and Analysis in Automotive Systems

Organizer: W. Mueller, Paderborn U, DES
Moderator: M. di Natale, Scuola S Anna, IT
PDF icon Learning Early-Stage Platform Dimensioning from Late-Stage Timing Verification [p. 851]
K. Richter, M. Jersak and R. Ernst

PDF icon The Influence of Real-time Constraints on the Design of FlexRay-based Systems [p. 858]
S. Reichelt, O. Scheickl and G. Tabanoglu

PDF icon Time and Memory Tradeoffs in the Implementation of AUTOSAR Components [p. 864]
A. Ferrari, M. Di Natale, G. Gentile and P. Gai

IP3: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Systolic Like Soft-Detection Architecture for 4x4 64-QAM MIMO System [p. 870]
P. Bhagawat, R. Dash and G. Choi

PDF icon Co-Simulation Based Platform for Wireless Protocols Design Explorations [p. 874]
A. Fourmique, B. Girodias, G. Nicolescu and E.M. Aboulhamid

PDF icon How To Speed-Up Your NLFSR-Based Stream Cipher [p. 878]
E. Dubrova

PDF icon A High Performance Reconfigurable Motion Estimation Hardware Architecture [p. 882]
O. Tasdizen, H. Kukner, A. Akin and I. Hamzaoglu

PDF icon Partition-Based Exploration for Reconfigurable JPEG Designs [p. 886]
P.G Potter, W. Luk and P. Cheung

PDF icon Automated Synthesis of Streaming C Applications to Process Networks In Hardware [p. 890]
S. van Haastregt and B. Kienhuis

PDF icon Distributed Sensor For Steering Wheel Grip Force Measurement In Driver Fatigue Detection [p. 894]
F. Baronti, F. Lenzi, R. Roncella and R. Saletti

PDF icon Making DNA Self-Assembly Error-Proof: Attaining Small Growth Error Rates through Embedded Information Redundancy [p. 898]
S. Garcia and A. Orailoglu

PDF icon Machine Learning-Based Volume Diagnosis [p. 902]
S. Wang and W. Wei

PDF icon Adaptive Idleness Distribution for Non-Uniform Aging Tolerance in Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip [p. 906]
F. Paterna, L. Benini, A. Acquaviva, F. Papariello, G. Desoli and M. Olivieri

8.1: PANEL SESSION - Architectures and Integration for Programmable SoC's [p. 910]

Organizer: G. Schreiner, The MathWorks GmbH, DES
Moderator: E. Schubert, ESIC GmbH, DES

Panelists: A. Jantsch, P. Urard, F. Schirrmeister, P. Mosterman, L. Le-Toumelin and C. Engblom

PDF icon

8.2: Advanced Low-Power Memory

Moderators: A. Macii, Politecnico di Torino, IT; T. Ishihara, Kyushu U, JP
PDF icon Process Variation Aware SRAM/Cache for Aggressive Voltage-Frequency Scaling [p. 911]
A. Sasan (M.A. Makhzan), H. Homayoun, A. Eltawil and F. Kurdahi

PDF icon Single Ended 6T SRAM with Isolated Read-Port for Low-Power Embedded Systems [p. 917]
J. Singh, D.K. Pradhan, S. Hollis, S.P. Mohanty and J. Mathew

PDF icon System-Level Power/Performance Evaluation of 3D Stacked Drams for Mobile Applications [p. 923]
M. Facchini, T. Carlson, A. Vignon, M. Palcovic, F. Catthoor, W. Dehaene, L. Benini and P. Marchal

PDF icon A Novel DRAM Architecture as a Low Leakage Alternative for SRAM Caches in a 3D Interconnect Context [p. 929]
A. Vignon, S. Cosemans, W. Dehaene, P. Marchal and M. Facchini

8.3: Applications and Thermal Management for Multi-Core Platforms

Moderators: L. Anghel, TIMA Laboratory, FR; M. Coppola, STMicroelectronics, FR
PDF icon A Case for Multi-Channel Memories in Video Recording [p. 934]
E. Aho, J. Nikara, P.A. Tuominen and K. Kuusilinna

PDF icon High Level H.264/AVC Video Encoder Parallelization for Multiprocessor Implementation [p. 940]
H.K. Zrida, A. Jemai, A.C. Ammari and M. Abid

PDF icon Temperature-Aware Scheduler Based on Thermal Behavior Grouping in Multicore Systems [p. 946]
I. Yeo and E.J. Kim

PDF icon Hardware/Software Co-design Architecture for Thermal Management of Chip Multiprocessors [p. 952]
O. Khan and S. Kundu

8.4 Design Methods for Reconfigurable Systems

Moderators: F. Ferrandi, Politecnico di Milano, IT; C. Passerone, Politecnico di Torino, IT
PDF icon Cross-Architectural Design Space Exploration Tool for Reconfigurable Processors [p. 958]
L. Bauer, M. Shafique and J. Henkel

PDF icon Automatically Mapping Applications to a Self-Reconfiguring Platform [p. 964]
K. Bruneel, F. Abouelella and D. Stroobandt

PDF icon OSSS+R: A Framework for Application Level Modelling and Synthesis of Reconfigurable Systems [p. 970]
A. Schallenberg, W. Nebel, A. Herrholz, P.A. Hartmann and F. Oppenheimer

PDF icon Design Optimizations to Improve Placeability of Partial Reconfiguration Modules [p. 976]
M. Koester, W. Luk, J. Hagemeyer and M. Porrmann

8.5: Debug and Diagnosis

Moderators: S. Kajihara, Kyushu Institute of Technology, JP; A. Virazel, LIRMM, FR
PDF icon Automated Data Analysis Solutions to Silicon Debug [p. 982]
Y.-S. Yang, N. Nicolici and A. Veneris

PDF icon Efficient and Accurate Method for Intra-gate Defect Diagnoses in Nanometer Technology and Volume Data [p. 988]
A. Ladhar, M. Masmoudi and L. Bouzaida

PDF icon Selection of a Fault Model for Fault Diagnosis Based on Unique Responses [p. 994]
I. Pomeranz and S.M. Reddy

PDF icon Improving Compressed Test Pattern Generation for Multiple Scan Chain Failure Diagnosis [p. 1000]
X. Tang, R. Guo, W.-T. Cheng and S.M. Reddy

8.6: Embedded Application Development and Verification

Moderators: S. Hutcheson, Rolls-Royce, UK; W. Ecker, Infineon Technologies, DE
PDF icon A Case Study in Distributed Deployment of Embedded Software for Camera Networks [p. 1006]
F. Leonardi, A. Pinto and L.P. Carloni

PDF icon pTest: An Adaptive Testing Tool for Concurrent Software on Embedded Multicore Processors [p. 1012]
S.-W. Chang, K.-Y. Hsieh and J.K. Lee

PDF icon A Generic Platform for Estimation of Multi-Threaded Program Performance on Heterogeneous Multiprocessor [p. 1018]
A. Sahu, M. Balakrishnan and P.R. Panda

PDF icon Networked Embedded System Applications Design Driven by an Middleware Environment [p. 1024]
F. Fummi, G. Perbellini and N. Roncolato

8.7: HOT TOPIC - Health-Care Electronics: The Market, The Challenges, The Progress

Organizers/Moderators: G. Gielen, KU Leuven, BE; W. Eberle, IMEC, BE
PDF icon Health-Care Electronics: The Market, the Challenges, the Progress [p. 1030]
W. Eberle, A.S. Mecheri, T.K. T. Nguyen, G. Gielen, R. Campagnolo, A. Burdett, C. Toumazou and B. Volckaerts

8.8: INVITED INDUSTRIAL SESSION - Industrial System Designs in Multimedia and Communication

Moderators: C. Heer, Infineon Technologies, DE; L. Fanucci, Pisa U, IT
PDF icon Design and Implementation of Scalable, Transparent Threads for Multi-Core Media Processor [p. 1035]
T. Kodaka, S. Sasaki, T. Tokuyoshi, R. Ohyama, N. Nonogaki, K. Kitayama, T. Mori, Y. Ueda, H. Arakida, Y. Okuda, T. Kizu, Y. Tsuboi and N. Matsumoto

PDF icon High Data Rate Fully Flexible SDR Modem [p. 1040]
F. Kasperski, O. Pierrelee, F. Dotto and M. Sarlotte

PDF icon Cross-Coupling in 65nm Fully Integrated EDGE System on Chip - Design and Cross-Coupling Prevention of Complex 65nm SoC [p. 1045]
P.-H. Bonnaud and G. Sommer

9.1: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - Understanding Multicore Technologies [p. 1051]

Organizer: A Jerraya, CEA-LETI, FR
Moderators: G. Nicolescu, Polytechnique Montreal, CA; A. Jerraya, CEA-LETI, FR

9.2: NoC Performance Optimization

Moderators: F. Angiolini, iNOCs, D. Atienza, Madrid Complutense U, ES
PDF icon Latency Criticality Aware On-Chip Communication [p. 1052]
Z. Li, J. Wu, L. Shang, R.P. Dick and Y. Sun

PDF icon In-Network Reorder Buffer to Improve Overall NoC Performance While Resolving the In-Order Requirement Problem [p. 1058]
W.-C. Kwon, S. Yoo, J. Um and S.-W. Jeong

PDF icon An Efficent Dynamic Multicast Routing Protocol for Distributing Traffic in NoCs [p. 1064]
M. Ebrahimi, M. Daneshtalab, M.H. Neishaburi, S. Mohammadi, A. Afzali-Kusha, J. Plosila and H. Tenhunen

PDF icon Priority Based Forced Requeue to Reduce Worst Case Latencies for Bursty Traffic [p. 1070]
M. Millberg and A. Jantsch

9.3: Automotive Networks, Sensing and Communication

Moderators: L. Fanucci, Pisa U, IT; O. Bringmann, FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, DE
PDF icon Optimizations of an Application-Level Protocol for Enhanced Dependability in FlexRay [p. 1076]
W. Li, M. Di Natale, W. Zheng, P. Giusto, A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and S.A. Seshia

PDF icon Remote Measurement of Local Oscillator Drifts in FlexRay Networks [p. 1082]
E. Armengaud and A. Steininger

PDF icon CAN+: A New Backward-Compatible Controller Area Network (CAN) Protocol with up to 16x Higher Data Rates [p. 1088]
T. Ziermann, S. Wildermann and J. Teich

PDF icon Shock Immunity Enhancement via Resonance Damping in Gyroscopes for Automotive Applications [p. 1094]
E. Marchetti, L. Fanucci, A. Rocchi and M. De Marinis

PDF icon Integration of an Advanced Emergency Call Subsystem into a Car-Gateway Platform [p. 1100]
N. Martínez Madrid, R. Seepold, A. Reina Nieves, J. Saez Gomez, A. los Santos Aransay, P. Sanz Velasco, C. Rueda Morales and F. Ares

9.4: Architectural Synthesis

Moderators: P. Ienne, EPF Lausanne, CH; R. Kastner, UC San Diego, US
PDF icon Finite Precision Bit-Width Allocation Using SAT-Modulo Theory [p. 1106]
A.B. Kinsman and N. Nicolici

PDF icon HLS-L: High-Level Synthesis of High Performance Latch-Based Circuits [p. 1112]
S. Paik, I. Shin and Y. Shin

PDF icon Automatic Generation of Streaming Datapaths for Arbitrary Fixed Permutations [p. 1118]
P.A. Milder, J.C. Hoe and M. Pueschel

PDF icon SEU-Aware Resource Binding for Modular Redundancy Based Designs on FPGAs [p. 1124]
S. Golshan and E. Bozorgzadeh

9.5: Advances in Test Pattern Generation

Moderators: H. Obermeir, Infineon, DE; N. Nicolici, McMaster U, CA
PDF icon Generation of Compact Test Sets with High Defect Coverage [p. 1130]
X. Kavousianos and K. Chakrabarty

PDF icon A Scalable Method for the Generation of Small Test Sets [p. 1136]
S. Remersaro, J. Rajski, S.M. Reddy and I. Pomeranz

PDF icon QC-Fill: An X-Fill Method for Quick-and-Cool Scan Test [p. 1142]
C.-W. Tzeng and S.-Y. Huang

9.6: Model-Based Design for Embedded Systems

Moderators: P. Mosterman, The MathWorks, US ; E. Villar, Cantabria U, ES
PDF icon Exploring Parallelizations of Applications for MPSoC Platforms Using MPA [p. 1148]
R. Baert, E. Brockmeyer, S. Wuytack and T.J. Ashby

PDF icon An MDE Methodology for the Development of High-Integrity Real-Time Systems [p. 1154]
S. Mazzini, S. Puri and T. Vardanega

PDF icon Mode-Based Reconfiguration of Critical Software Component Architectures [p. 1160]
E. Borde, G. Haik and L. Pautet

PDF icon Towards a Formal Semantics for the AADL Behavior Annex [p. 1166]
Z. Yang, K. Hu, D. Ma and L. Pi

9.7: Efficient Reduction of Cell and Interconnect Models

Moderators: W. Schilders, NXP Semiconductors, NL ; L. Silveira, INESC ID / IST - TU Lisbon, PT
PDF icon On the Efficient Reduction of Complete EM Based Parametric Models [p. 1172]
J. Fernandez Villena, G. Ciuprina, D. Ioan and L.M. Silveira

PDF icon Efficient Compression and Handling of Current Source Model Library Waveforms [p. 1178]
S. Hatami, P. Feldmann, S. Abbaspour and M. Pedram

PDF icon New Simulation Methodology of 3D Surface Roughness Loss for Interconnects Modeling [p. 1184]
Q. Chen and N. Wong

PDF icon An Efficient Decoupling Capacitance Optimization Using Piecewise Polynomial Models [p. 1190]
X. Wang, Y. Cai, S. X.-D. Tan, X. Hong and J. Relles

9.8: INVITED INDUSTRIAL SESSION - Industrial System Design Flow

Moderators: M. Coppola, STMicroelectronics, FR; L. Fanucci, Pisa U, IT
PDF icon An Automated Flow For Integrating Hardware IP into the Automotive Systems Engineering Process [p. 1196]
J. Oetjens, R. Goergen, J. Gerlach and W. Nebel

PDF icon Model Based Design Needs High Level Synthesis [p. 1202]
S. Perry

PDF icon EMC-Aware Design on a Microcontroller for Automotive Applications [p. 1208]
P.J. Doriol, Y. Villavicencio, C. Forzan, M. Rotigni, G. Graziosi and D. Pandini

IP4: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Semiformal Verification of Temporal Properties in Automotive Hardware Dependent Software [p. 1214]
D. Lettnin, P.K. Nalla, J. Behrend, J. Ruf, J. Gerlach, T. Kropf, W. Rosenstiel, V. Schoenknecht and S. Reitemeyer

PDF icon On the Relationship between Stuck-At Fault Coverage and Transition Fault Coverage [p. 1218]
J. Schat

PDF icon System-Level Hardware-Based Protection of Memories against Soft-Errors [p. 1222]
V. Gherman, S. Evain, M. Cartron, N. Seymour and Y. Bonhomme

PDF icon A Study of the Single Event Effects Impact on Functional Mapping within Flash-Based FPGAs [p. 1226]
F. Abate, L. Sterpone, M. Violante and F. Lima Kastensmidt

PDF icon Finite Precision Processing in Wireless Applications [p. 1230]
D. Novo, M. Li, B. Bougard, L. Van der Perre and F. Catthoor

PDF icon A Physical-Location-Aware X-Filling Method for IR-Drop Reduction in At-Speed Scan Test [p. 1234]
W.-W. Hsieh, I.-S. Lin and T. Hwang

PDF icon Efficient Reliability Simulation of Analog ICs Including Variability and Time-Varying Stress [p. 1238]
E. Maricau and G. Gielen

PDF icon A Generic Architecture of CCSDS Low Density Parity Check Decoder for Near-Earth Applications [p. 1242]
F. Demangel, N. Fau, N. Drabik, F. Charot and C. Wolinski

PDF icon Property Analysis and Design Understanding [p. 1246]
U. Kuehne, D. Grosse and R. Drechsler

PDF icon Test Exploration and Validation Using Transaction Level Models [p. 1250]
M.A. Kochte, C.G. Zoellin, M.E. Imhof, R. Salimi Khaligh, M. Radetzki, H.-J. Wunderlich, S. Di Carlo and P. Prinetto

10.1.1: Multicore Products for Mass Market Applications

Organizer: P. Van der Wolf, NXP Semiconductors, NL
Moderators: D. Lattard, CEA-LETI, FR; P. Van der Wolf, NXP Semiconductors, NL
PDF icon Heterogeneous Multi-Core Platform for Consumer Multimedia Applications [p. 1254]
P. Kollig, C. Osborne and T. Henriksson

PDF icon Multi-Core for Mobile Phones [p. 1260]
C.H. (K) van Berkel

10.1.2: Keynote

Organizers/Moderators: A. Jerraya, CEA-LETI, FR; P. Van der Wolf, NXP Semiconductors, NL
PDF icon Strategic Directions towards Multicore Application Specific Computing [p. 1266]
E. Flamand

10.2: Emerging Computation Models and Systems

Moderators: H. Patel, UC Berkeley, US; D. Chen, U of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, US
PDF icon Energy-Efficient Spatially-Adaptive Clustering and Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks [p. 1267]
H. Long, Y. Liu, X. Fan, R.P. Dick and H. Yang

PDF icon Online Adaptation Policy Design for Grid Sensor Networks with Reconfigurable Embedded Nodes [p. 1273]
V. Subramanian, M. Gilberti and A. Doboli

PDF icon Defect-Aware Logic Mapping for Nanowire-Based Programmable Logic Arrays via Satisfiability [p. 1279]
Y. Zheng and C. Huang

PDF icon Debugging of Toffoli Networks [p. 1284]
R. Wille, D. Grosse, S. Frehse, G.W. Dueck and R. Drechsler

PDF icon Cross-Contamination Avoidance for Droplet Routing in Digital Microfluidic Biochips [p. 1290]
Y. Zhao and K. Chakrabarty

10.3: Efficient Forward Error Correction and Signal Processing Implementations

Moderators: A. Baghdadi, Telecome Bretagne, FR; W. Eberle, IMEC, BE
PDF icon Error Correction in Single-Hop Wireless Sensor Networks - A Case Study [p. 1296]
D. Schmidt, M. Berning and N. Wehn

PDF icon Design of an Application-Specific Instruction Set Processor for High-Throughput and Scalable FFT [p. 1302]
X. Guan, H. Lin and Y. Fei

PDF icon A Novel LDPC Decoder for DVB-S2 IP [p. 1308]
S. Mueller, M. Schreger, M. Kabutz, M. Alles, F. Kienle and N. Wehn

PDF icon A Flexible Floating-Point Wavelet Transform and Wavelet Packet Processor [p. 1314]
A. Guntoro and M. Glesner

10.4: Bursting Performance in Simulation and Debugging

Moderators: F. Fummi, Verona U, IT; M. Zwolinski, Southampton U, UK
PDF icon On Hierarchical Statistical Static Timing Analysis [p. 1320]
B. Li, N. Chen, M. Schmidt, W. Schneider and U. Schlichtmann

PDF icon Increasing the Accuracy of SAT-Based Debugging [p. 1326]
A. Suelflow, G. Fey, C. Braunsteine, U. Kuehne and R. Drechsler

PDF icon GCS: High-Performance Gate-Level Simulation with GP-GPUs [p. 1332]
D. Chatterjee, A. DeOrio and V. Bertacco

PDF icon Trace Signal Selection for Visibility Enhancement in Post-Silicon Validation [p. 1338]
X. Liu and Q. Xu

10.5 Design-for-Test and Diagnosis

Moderators: J. Schloeffel, Mentor Graphics, DE; G. Dintale, LIRMM, FR
PDF icon A New Design-for-Test Technique for SRAM Core-Cell Stability Faults [p. 1344]
A. Ney, L. Dilillo, P. Girard, S. Pravossoudovitch, A. Virazel, M. Bastian and V. Gouin

PDF icon Test Cost Reduction for Multiple-Voltage Designs with Bridge Defects through Gate-Sizing [p. 1349]
S. Khursheed, B.M. Al-Hashimi and P. Harrod

PDF icon A Diagnosis Algorithm for Extreme Space Compaction [p. 1355]
S. Holst and H.-J. Wunderlich

10.6: Memory-Aware Compiler Techniques

Moderators: C. Haubelt, Erlangen-Nuremberg U, DE; D. Gajski, UC Irvine, US
PDF icon Thermal-Aware Memory Mapping in 3D Designs [p. 1361]
A.-C. Hsieh and T. Hwang

PDF icon Static Analysis to Mitigate Soft Errors in Register Files [p. 1367]
J. Lee and A. Shrivastava

PDF icon Using Dynamic Compilation for Continuing Execution under Reduced Memory Availability [p. 1373]
O. Ozturk and M. Kandemir

10.7: Mixed-Signal and Mixed Technology Design

Moderators: M. Ortmanns, Ulm U, DE; C. Grimm, TU Vienna, AT
PDF icon A Design Methodology for Fully Reconfigurable Delta-Sigma Data Converters [p. 1379]
Y. Ke, J. Craninkx and G. Gielen

PDF icon Optimal Sizing of Configurable Devices to Reduce Variability in Integrated Circuits [p. 1385]
P. Wilson and R. Wilcock

PDF icon An Automated Design Flow for Vibration-Based Energy Harvester Systems [p. 1391]
L. Wang, T.J. Kazmierski, B.M. Al-Hashimi, S.P. Beeby and D. Zhu

PDF icon Enhanced Design of Filterless Class-D Audio Amplifier [p. 1397]
C.W. Lin, B.-S. Hsieh and Y.C. Lin

11.1: PANEL SESSION - Multicore, Will Startups Drive Innovation? [p. 1403]

Organizer: A. Jerraya, CEA-LETI, FR
Moderator: R. Ernst, TU Braunschweig, DE

Panelists: N. Topham, D. Pulley, M. Harrand, J. Goodacre, G. Martin and Y. Tanurhan

PDF icon

11.2: High-Level Power and Thermal Management

Moderators: T. Ishihara, Kyushu U, JP ; B. Mishra, Southampton U, UK
PDF icon Effectiveness of Adaptive Supply Voltage and Body Bias as Post-Silicon Variability Compensation Techniques for Full-Swing and Low-Swing On-Chip Communication Channels [p. 1404]
G. Paci, D. Bertozzi and L. Benini

PDF icon Dynamic Thermal Management in 3D Multicore Architectures [p. 1410]
A.K. Coskun, J. Ayala, D. Atienza, T. Simunic-Rosing and J. Leblebici

PDF icon Energy Minimization for Real-Time Systems with Non-Convex and Discrete Operation Modes [p. 1416]
F. Dabiri, A. Vahdatpour, M. Potkonjak and M. Sarrafzadeh

PDF icon Exploiting Narrow-Width Values for Thermal-Aware Register File Designs [p. 1422]
S. Wang, J. Hu, S.G. Ziavras and S. W. Chung

11.3: Efficient Implementations for Media Processing

Moderators: K. Goossens, NXP Semiconductors and TU Delft, NL; C. Bouganis, Imperial College London, UK
PDF icon Visual Quality Analysis for Dynamic Backlight Scaling in LCD Systems [p. 1428]
A. Bartolini, M. Ruggiero and L. Benini

PDF icon A Parallel Approach for High Performance Hardware Design of Intra Prediction in H.264/AVC Video Codec [p. 1434]
M. Shafique, L. Bauer and J. Henkel

PDF icon Efficient Constant-Time Entropy Decoding for H.264 [p. 1440]
N. Iqbal and J. Henkel

PDF icon Predictive Models for Multimedia Applications Power Consumption Based on Use-Case and OS Level Analysis [p. 1446]
P. Bellasi, W. Fornaciari and D. Siorpaes

11.4: Decomposition and Restructuring Techniques for Logic Synthesis

Moderators: S. Nowick, Columbia U, US ; F. Fummi, Verona U, IT
PDF icon Algebraic Techniques to Enhance Common Sub-Expression Elimination for Polynomial System Synthesis [p. 1452]
S. Gopalakrishnan and P. Kalla

PDF icon Sequential Logic Synthesis Using Symbolic Bi-Decompsition [p. 1458]
V. Kravets and A. Mishchenko

PDF icon On Decomposing Boolean Functions via Extended Cofactoring [p. 1464]
A. Bernasconi, V. Ciriani, G. Trucco and T. Villa

PDF icon Register Placement for High-Performance Circuits [p. 1470]
M.-F. Chiang, T. Okamoto and T. Yoshimura

11.5: Test Data Compression

Moderators: J. Vial, Infineon, FR; T. Yoneda, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, JP
PDF icon Scalable Adaptive Scan (SAS) [p. 1476]
A. Chandra, R. Kapur and Y. Kanzawa

PDF icon LFSR-Based Test-Data Compression with Self-Stoppable Seeds [p. 1482]
M. Koutsoupia, E. Kalligeros, X. Kavousianos and D. Nikolos

PDF icon Seed Selection in LFSR-Reseeding-Based Test Compression for the Detection of Small-Delay Defects [p. 1488]
M. Yilmaz and K. Chakrabarty

PDF icon A Generic Framework for Scan Capture Power Reduction in Fixed-Length Symbol-Based Test Compression Environment [p. 1494]
X. Liu and Q. Xu

11.6: Automating Model Generation and Implementation

Moderators: A. Gerstlauer, U of Texas at Austin, US; D. Borrione, TIMA Laboratory, FR
PDF icon Correct-by-Construction Generation of Device Drivers Based on RTL Testbenches [p. 1500]
N. Bombieri, F. Fummi, G. Pravadelli and S. Vinco

PDF icon Buffer Minimization of Real-Time Streaming Applications Scheduling on Hybrid CPU/FPGA Architectures [p. 1506]
J. Zhu, I. Sander and A. Jantsch

PDF icon A Formal Approach for Specification-Driven AMS Behavioral Model Generation [p. 1512]
S. Mukherjee, A. Ain, S.K. Panda, R. Mukhopadhyay and P. Dasgupta

PDF icon SC-DEVS: An Efficient Systemc Extension for the DEVS Model of Computation [p. 1518]
F. Madlener, H.G. Molter and S.A. Huss

11.7: Advances in Field Programmable Architectures and Applications

Moderators: P. Lysaght, Xilinx, US; K. Bertels, TU Delft, NL
PDF icon Exploiting Clock Skew Scheduling for FPGA [p. 1524]
S. Bae, P. Mangalagiri and N. Vijaykrishnan

PDF icon Accelerating FPGA-Based Emulation of Quasi-Cyclic LDPC Codes with Vector Processing [p. 1530]
X. Chen, J. Kang, S. Lin and V. Akella

PDF icon Runtime Reconfiguration of Custom Instructions for Real-Time Embedded Systems [p. 1536]
H.P. Huynh and T. Mitra

11.8 HOT TOPIC - Digital Design at a Crossroads - How to Make Statistical Design Industrially Relevant

Organizer/Moderator: M. Dietrich, Fraunhofer IIS/EAS Dresden, DE
PDF icon Digital Design at a Crossroads - How to Make Statistical Design Industrially Relevant [p. 1542]
U. Schlichtmann, M. Schmidt, M. Pronath, V. Glöckel, H. Kinzelbach, M. Dietrich, U. Eichler and J. Haase

IP5 Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Performance Optimal Speed Control of Multi-Core Processors under Thermal Constraints [p. 1548]
V. Hanumaiah, S. Vrudhula and K. Chatha

PDF icon Scalable Compile-Time Scheduler for Multi-Core Architectures [p. 1552]
M. Pelcat, P. Menuet, S. Aridhi and J.-F. Nezan

PDF icon Distributed Peak Power Management for Many-Core Architectures [p. 1556]
J. Sartori and R. Kumar

PDF icon Generating the Trace Qualification Configuration for MCDS from a High Level Language [p. 1560]
J. Braunes and R.G. Spallek

PDF icon Dynamic and Distributed Frequency Assignment for Energy and Latency Constrained MP-SoC [p. 1564]
D. Puschini, F. Clermidy, P. Benoit, G. Sassatelli and L. Torres

PDF icon A MILP-Based Approach to Path Sensitization of Embedded Software [p. 1568]
J.C. Costa and J.C. Monteiro

PDF icon An Efficient and Deterministic Multi-Tasking Run-Time Environment for Ada and the Ravenscar Profile on Atmel AVR ®32 UC3 Microcontroller [p. 1572]
K. Nyborg Gregertsen and A. Skavhaug

PDF icon Toward a Runtime System for Reconfigurable Computers: A Virtualization Approach [p. 1576]
M. Sabeghi and K. Bertels

PDF icon Separate Compilation and Execution of Imperative Synchronous Modules [p. 1580]
E. Vecchie, J.-P. Talpin and K. Schneider

12.1: PANEL SESSION - Programming MPSoC Platforms: Roadworks Ahead!

Organizer: R. Leupers, RWTH Aachen U, DE
Moderator: M. de Lange, ACE, NL
PDF icon Programming MPSoC Platforms: Road Works Ahead! [p. 1584]
R. Leupers, S. Ha, A. Vajda, R. Doemer, M. Bekooij and A. Nohl

12.2: Advanced SAT Techniques

Moderators: J. Baumgartner, IBM Corporation, US ; G. Cabodi, Politecnico di Torino, IT
PDF icon Faster SAT Solving with Better CNF Generation [p. 1590]
B. Chambers, P. Manolios and D. Vroon

PDF icon Exploiting Structure in an AIG Based QBF Solver [p. 1596]
F. Pigorsch and C. Scholl

PDF icon An Efficient Path-Oriented Bitvector Encoding Width Computation Algorithm for Bit-Precise Verification [p. 1602]
N. He and M.S. Hsiao

12.3: Baseband Processors for MIMO and UWB Communication Systems

Moderators: F. Kienle, TU Kaiserslautern, DE; W. Eberle, IMEC, BE
PDF icon Algorithm-Architecture Co-Design of Soft-Output ML MIMO Detector for Parallel Application Specific Instruction Set Processors [p. 1608]
M. Li, R. Fasthuber, D. Novo, B. Bougard, L. Van Der Perre and F. Catthoor

PDF icon A Low-Power ASIP for IEEE 802.15.4a Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radio Baseband Processing [p. 1614]
C. Bachmann, A. Genser, J. Hulzink, M. Berekovic and C. Steger

PDF icon ASIP-Based Flexible MMSE-IC Linear Equalizer for MIMO Turbo-Equalization Applications [p. 1620]
A.R. Jafri, D. Karakolah, A. Baghdadi and M. Jezequel

PDF icon Implementation of a Reduced-Lattice MIMO Detector for OFDM Systems [p. 1626]
J. Soler-Garrido, H. Vetter, M. Sandell, D. Milford and A. Lillie

12.4: System Level Simulation and Validation

Moderators: I. Harris, UC Irvine, US; V. Bertacco, U of Michigan, US
PDF icon Increased Accuracy through Noise Injection in RTOS Simulation [p. 1632]
H. Zabel and W. Mueller

PDF icon Flexible Energy-Aware Simulation of Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks [p. 1638]
F. Fummi, G. Perbellini, D. Quaglia and A. Acquaviva

PDF icon Selective State Retention Design Using Symbolic Simulation [p. 1644]
A. Darbari, B.M. Al-Hashimi, D. Flynn and J. Biggs

12.5: Mixed-Signal/RF Testing and DFX Engineering

Moderators: J. Machado da Silva, INESC, PT; C. Wegener, Infineon Technologies, DE
PDF icon A Loopback-Based INL Test Method for D/A and A/D Converters Employing a Stimulus Identification Technique [p. 1650]
E. Korhonen and J. KostamovaaraI

PDF icon A Novel Self-Healing Methodology for RF Amplifier Circuits Based on Oscillation Principles [p. 1656]
A. Goyal, M. Swaminathan and A. Chatterjee

PDF icon An Approach to Linear Model-Based Testing and Diagnosis for Nonlinear Cascaded Mixed-Signal Systems [p. 1662]
R. Mueller, C. Wegener, H.-J. Jentschel, S. Sattler and H. Mattes

PDF icon Enrichment of Limited Training Sets in Machine-Learning-Based Analog/RF Test [p. 1668]
H.-G. Stratigopoulos, S. Mir and Y. Makris

12.6: Accelerating Verification through Transformation and on

Moderators: J. Marques-Silva, Southampton U, UK; R. Bloem, TU Graz, AT
PDF icon Speculative Reduction-Based Scalable Redundancy Identification [p. 1674]
H. Mony, J. Baumgartner, A. Mishchenko and R. Brayton

PDF icon Scalable Liveness Checking via Property-Preserving Transformations [p. 1680]
J. Baumgartner and H. Mony

PDF icon Speeding up Model Checking by Exploiting Explicit and Hidden Verification Constraints [p. 1686]
G. Cabodi, P. Camurati, L. Garcia, M. Murciano, S. Nocco and S. Quer

PDF icon Strengthening Properties Using on Refinement [p. 1692]
M. Purandare, T. Wahl and D. Kroening

12.7: Advances in Multi-Cycle Design and Optimization

Moderators: M. Fujita, Tokyo U, JP; V. Kravets, IBM, US
PDF icon Sequential Logic Rectifications with Approximate SPFDs [p. 1698]
Y.-S. Yang, S. Sinha, A. Veneris, R.K. Brayton and D. Smith

PDF icon Variable-Latency Design by Function Speculation [p. 1704]
D. Baneres, J. Cortadella and M. Kishinevsky

PDF icon Fixed Points for Multi-Cycle Path Detection [p. 1710]
V. D'Silva and D. Kroening