Thursday 21 March 2013 Technical Sessions

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Session LabelSession TitleTimeLocationDetails
9.1SPECIAL DAY on "Electronic Technologies for Smart Cities" - HOT TOPIC: Smart Grid and Buildings08:30 - 10:00OisansRead More
9.2System-Level Analysis and Simulation08:30 - 10:00Belle-EtoileRead More
9.3Thermal/Power Management Techniques for Energy-Efficient Systems08:30 - 10:00StendahlRead More
9.4Emerging Architectures08:30 - 10:00ChartreuseRead More
9.5Manufacturing and Design Security08:30 - 10:00MeijeRead More
9.6Improving IC Quality and Lifetime Though Advanced Characterization08:30 - 10:00BayardRead More
9.7Design and Scheduling08:30 - 10:00Les BansRead More
IP4Interactive Presentations10:00 - 10:30Exhibition Hall (espace accueil)Read More
10.1SPECIAL DAY on "Electronic Technologies for Smart Cities" - HOT TOPIC: Smart Data Centers Design and Optimization11:00 - 12:30OisansRead More
10.2EMBEDDED TUTORIAL: On the Use of GP-GPUs for Accelerating Computing-Intensive EDA Applications11:00 - 12:30Belle-EtoileRead More
10.3Thermal Analysis and Power Optimization Techniques11:00 - 12:30StendahlRead More
10.4Abstraction Techniques and SAT/SMT-Based Optimizations11:00 - 12:30ChartreuseRead More
10.5Design and Verification of Mixed-Signal Circuits11:00 - 12:30MeijeRead More
10.6On-Line Testing Techniques11:00 - 12:30BayardRead More
10.7Embedded Software for Many-Core Architectures11:00 - 12:30Les BansRead More
10.8PANEL: Will 3D-IC Remain a Technology of the Futureā€¦ Even in the Future?11:00 - 12:30Lesdigiueres (Exhibition Theatre)Read More
11.0Special Day Keynote on "Electronic Technologies for Smart Cities"13:30 - 14:00OisansRead More
11.1SPECIAL DAY on "Electronic Technologies for Smart Cities" - HOT TOPIC: Smart Health14:00 - 15:35OisansRead More
11.2High-Level Synthesis and Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures14:00 - 15:30Belle-EtoileRead More
11.3Efficient NoC Routing Mechanisms14:00 - 15:30StendahlRead More
11.4System-Level Modelling for Physical Properties14:00 - 15:30ChartreuseRead More
11.5Energy Challenges for Multi-Core and NoC Architectures14:00 - 15:30MeijeRead More
11.6Modelling and Design for Signal and Power Integrity14:00 - 15:30BayardRead More
11.7Powerful Aging14:00 - 15:30Les BansRead More
11.8EMBEDDED TUTORIAL: Advances in Asynchronous Logic: from Principles to GALS & NoC, Recent Industry Applications, and Commercial CAD Tools14:00 - 15:30Lesdigiueres (Exhibition Theatre)Read More
IP5Interactive Presentations15:30 - 16:00Exhibition Hall (espace accueil)Read More
12.1SPECIAL DAY on "Electronic Technologies for Smart Cities" - HOT TOPIC: Internet of Energy - Connecting Smart Mobility in the Cloud16:00 - 17:30OisansRead More
12.2Methodologies to Improve Yield, Reliability and Security in Embedded Systems16:00 - 17:30Belle-EtoileRead More
12.3NoC Mapping and Synthesis16:00 - 17:30StendahlRead More
12.4Emerging Logic16:00 - 17:30ChartreuseRead More
12.5Emerging Technology Architectures for Energy-Efficient Memories16:00 - 17:30MeijeRead More
12.6Clock Distribution and Analogue Circuit Synthesis16:00 - 17:30BayardRead More
12.7Physical Design16:00 - 17:30Les BansRead More
12.8EMBEDDED TUTORIAL: Closed-Loop Control for Power and Thermal Management in Multi-core Processors: Formal Methods and Industrial Practice16:00 - 17:30Lesdigiueres (Exhibition Theatre)Read More