Wednesday 20 March 2013 Technical Sessions

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Session LabelSession TitleTimeLocationDetails
5.1SPECIAL DAY on "High-Performance Low-Power Computing" HOT TOPIC - System Approaches to Energy-Efficiency08:30 - 10:00OisansRead More
5.2PANEL: Can Energy Harvesting Deliver Enough Power for Automotive Electronics?08:30 - 10:00Belle-EtoileRead More
5.3Post-Silicon Debug Techniques08:30 - 10:00StendahlRead More
5.4Novel Approaches for Real-Time Architectures08:30 - 10:00ChartreuseRead More
5.5Error-Aware Adaptive Modern Computing Architectures08:30 - 10:00MeijeRead More
5.6Advances in Mixed-Signal, RF, and MEMS testing08:30 - 10:00BayardRead More
5.7Compilers and Software Synthesis for Embedded Systems08:30 - 10:00Les BansRead More
IP2Interactive Presentations10:00 - 10:30Exhibition Hall (espace accueil)Read More
6.1SPECIAL DAY on "High-Performance Low-Power Computing" EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - HW-SW Architecture Approaches to Energy-Efficiency11:00 - 12:30OisansRead More
6.2HOT TOPIC: Emerging Nanoscale Devices: A Booster for High Performance Computing11:00 - 12:30Belle-EtoileRead More
6.3Verification and Simulation Support for Architecture11:00 - 12:30StendahlRead More
6.4Design Space Exploration for Application Specific Architectures11:00 - 12:30ChartreuseRead More
6.5Reliable Multi-Processor Computing Systems Design11:00 - 12:30MeijeRead More
6.6HOT TOPIC: Energy-Efficient Design and Test Techniques for Future Multi-Core Systems11:00 - 12:30BayardRead More
6.7Model-Based Design and Verification for Embedded Systems11:00 - 12:30Les BansRead More
6.8EXHIBITION THEATRE: Silicon Europe - Leading European Regions Join Forces11:00 - 12:30Lesdigiueres (Exhibition Theatre)Read More
7.0Special Day Keynote on "High-Performance Low-Power Computing"13:30 - 14:00OisansRead More
7.1SPECIAL DAY on "High-Performance Low-Power Computing" HOT TOPIC - Many-Core SoC Approaches to Energy-Efficiency14:30 - 16:00OisansRead More
7.2Formal Verification Algorithms and Models14:30 - 16:00Belle-EtoileRead More
7.3Dynamic Reconfiguration14:30 - 16:00StendahlRead More
7.4Emerging Memory14:30 - 16:00ChartreuseRead More
7.5Energy-efficient architectures and software design for power-constrained systems14:30 - 16:00MeijeRead More
7.6On-Line Approaches Towards Processor Resilience14:30 - 16:00BayardRead More
7.7EMBEDDED TUTORIAL: From multi-core SoC to scale-out processors14:30 - 16:00Les BansRead More
IP3Interactive Presentations16:00 - 16:30Exhibition Hall (espace accueil)Read More
8.1SPECIAL DAY on "High-Performance Low-Power Computing" HOT TOPIC - Fabrication Technology Approaches to Energy-Efficiency17:00 - 18:30OisansRead More
8.2Scheduling for Real-Time Embedded Systems17:00 - 18:30Belle-EtoileRead More
8.3Logic Synthesis Techniques17:00 - 18:30StendahlRead More
8.4High-Speed Robust NoCs17:00 - 18:30ChartreuseRead More
8.5Industrial Experiences with Embedded System Design17:00 - 18:30MeijeRead More
8.6DfT Methods17:00 - 18:30BayardRead More
8.7Monitoring and Control of Cyber Physical Systems17:00 - 18:30Les BansRead More
8.8HOT TOPIC: Countering Counterfeit Attacks on Micro-Electronics17:00 - 18:30Lesdigiueres (Exhibition Theatre)Read More