Tuesday 19 March 2013 At-A-Glance

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Interactive Presentations: 16:00 - 16:30 IP1 (in room Exhibition Hall (espace accueil))

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08:30 - 10:3010:30 - 12:3011:30 - 13:0012:30 - 14:3013:00 - 14:0013:00 - 14:3014:30 - 16:0014:30 - 16:3016:00 - 16:3016:30 - 18:3017:00 - 18:3018:30 - 19:3018:30 - 21:30
Track 1
Auditorium Dauphine
1.1 Plenary: Opening and Keynote
Track 1
2.1 Advanced Technology Nodes: Dependency on Collaboration3.1 The Role of Prototyping in Today's SOCs4.1 Is reusing off-the-shelf Semiconductor IP possible today?
Booth 46, Exhibition
UB01 Session 1UB02 Session 2UB03 Session 3UB04 Session 4
FM3 IEEE European Test Technology Technical Council (ETTTC) Meeting
Exhibition Hall (espace accueil)
IP1 Interactive Presentations
7 Laux 4
FM4 EDAA General Assembly
FM5 27. European SystemC Users' Group Meeting
Track 2
2.2 Acceleration and Verification of ESL and Analog Systems3.2 PANEL: The Heritage of Mead & Conway: What Has Remained the Same, What Was Missed, What Has Changed, What Lies Ahead4.2 The Quest for Better NoCs
Track 3
2.3 Energy Optimization in Multi-core Systems3.3 Addressing Process and Delay Variation in High-Level Synthesis4.3 EMBEDDED TUTORIAL: Reliability Analysis Reloaded: How Will We Survive?
Track 4
2.4 Memory and Cache Architectures3.4 Microarchitectural Techniques for Reliability4.4 Emerging Solutions to Manage Energy/Performance Trad-Offs Along the Memory Hierarchy
Track 5
2.5 Communications, Multimedia, and Consumer Electronics3.5 Energy Efficient Mobile and Cloud Computing Systems4.5 Device Identification and Protection
Track 6
2.6 HOT TOPIC: Reliability Challenges of Real-time Systems in Forthcoming Technology Nodes3.6 Dealing with Timing Variation in Advanced Technologies4.6 New Techniques for Test Pattern Generation
Track 7
Les Bans
2.7 Safety Critical Real-Time Systems3.7 Timing Analysis4.7 HOT TOPIC: Security Challenges in Automotive Hardware/Software Architecture Design
Track 8
Lesdigiueres (Exhibition Theatre)
2.8 HOT TOPIC: IP Subsystems: The next productivity wave?3.8 HOT TOPIC: Design for Variability, Manufacturability, Reliability, and Debug: Many Faces of the Same Coin?4.8 EXHIBITION THEATRE: Testimonials
Track 0
Auditorium Dauphine
3.0 Special Lunch-Time Session: Grenoble ecosystem to provide semiconductor alternative process for advanced CMOS