Wednesday 21 March 2018 At-A-Glance

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Interactive Presentations: 10:00 - 10:30 IP2 (in room Conference Level, Foyer) / 16:00 - 16:30 IP3 (in room Conference Level, Foyer)

Track /
08:30 - 10:0010:00 - 10:3010:00 - 12:0010:00 - 11:0011:00 - 12:3012:00 - 14:0012:30 - 14:3013:50 - 14:2014:00 - 16:0014:30 - 16:0016:00 - 16:3016:00 - 18:0016:00 - 17:0017:00 - 18:3019:30 - 23:00
Track 1
Saal 2
5.1 Special Day Session on Future and Emerging Technologies: Challenges for the Design of Microfluidic Devices: EDA for your Lab-on-a-Chip6.1 Special Day Session on Future and Emerging Technologies: Transistors for Digital NanoSystems: The Road Ahead7.1 Special Day Session on Future and Emerging Technologies: Theoretical and practical aspects of verification of quantum computers8.1 Special Day Session on Future and Emerging Technologies: NanoSystems: Connecting Devices, Architectures, and Applications
Track 2
Konf. 6
5.2 Smart Energy and Automotive Systems6.2 Memory Security7.2 Run-time power estimation and optimization8.2 EU Projects: Novel Technologies, Predictable Architectures and Worst-Case Execution Times
Track 3
Konf. 1
5.3 Heterogeneous multi-level caching6.3 Advances in AMS/RF Design & Test Automation and Beyond7.3 Advances in Logic Synthesis and Technology Mapping8.3 Real time intelligent methods for energy-efficient approaches in CNN and biomedical applications
Track 4
Konf. 2
5.4 Special Session: Lightweight Security for Resources-Constrained Internet-of-Things Applications6.4 Modeling, Control and Scheduling for Cyber-Physical Systems7.4 DRAM and NVMs8.4 Efficient and reliable memory and computing architectures
Track 5
Konf. 3
5.5 Emerging Technologies for Future Computing6.5 Special Session: Three Years of Low-Power Image Recognition Challenge7.5 Reliability Modeling and Mitigation8.5 From NBTI to IoT security: industrial experiences
Track 6
Konf. 4
5.6 Reliability improvement and evaluation techniques7.6 Special Session: Next Generation Processors and Architectures for Deep Learning8.6 Designing reliable embedded architectures under uncertainty
Track 7
Konf. 5
5.7 Software-centric techniques for embedded systems7.7 Rigorous design, analysis, and monitoring of dependable embedded systems
Conference Level, Foyer
IP2 Interactive PresentationsIP3 Interactive Presentations
Booth 1, Exhibition Area
UB05 Session 5UB06 Session 6UB07 Session 7UB08 Session 8
Exhibition Area
CB3 Coffee BreakCB4 Coffee Break
Gro├čer Saal and Saal 1
LB2 Lunch Break
Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden
DATE-Party DATE Party | Networking Event; A bus shuttle from the congress centre to the Hygiene-Museum Dresden will be organized, starting at 1900 from the main entrance of the ICC Dresden.
Track 8
Exhibition Theatre
6.8 Innovative Products for Autonomous Driving (part 2)7.8 22FDX - the superior technology for IoT, RF, Automotive and Mobility: Advanced Design Methodologies for Ultra-low Power Solutions8.8 22FDX - the superior technology for IoT, RF, Automotive and Mobility: Best-in Class RF, 5G and mmWave designs
Track 0
Saal 2
7.0 LUNCH TIME KEYNOTE SESSION: From Inverse Design to Implementation of Robust and Efficient Photonics for Computing