Wednesday 11 March 2015 At-A-Glance

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Interactive Presentations: 10:00 - 10:30 IP2 (in room Exhibition Area) / 16:00 - 16:30 IP3 (in room Exhibition Area)

Track /
08:30 - 10:0010:00 - 10:3010:00 - 12:0011:00 - 12:3012:00 - 14:0012:50 - 14:3014:00 - 16:0014:30 - 16:0016:00 - 16:3016:00 - 18:0017:00 - 18:30
Track 1
Salle Oisans
5.1 SPECIAL DAY Hot Topic: Applications of IoT6.1 SPECIAL DAY Hot Topic: Platforms for the IoT7.1 SPECIAL DAY Hot Topic: Design Tools for the IoT8.1 SPECIAL DAY Panel: Security and Verification for the IoT
Track 2
Belle Etoile
5.2 Hardware Trojan and Active Implementation Attacks6.2 Physical Unclonable Functions7.2 Hot Topic - Trading Accuracy for Efficient Computing8.2 Flash Memories & Numerical Approximation
Track 3
5.3 Variability Challenges in Nanoscale Circuits6.3 Emerging Low Power Techniques7.3 Hot Topic - Advances in Hardware Trojans Detection8.3 Dynamic Thermal Management for Multi-cores
Track 4
5.4 Emerging Technologies for NoCs6.4 Bridging the Moore's Law Gap with Application-Specific Architectures7.4 Routing Advances for Fault-tolerant and Multicast NoCs8.4 Industrial System Design Opportunities
Track 5
5.5 Critical Embedded Systems6.5 Multimedia and Consumer Electronics7.5 System Reliability: from Runtime to Design Languages8.5 Hot Topic - Spintronics based Computing
Track 6
5.6 Analyzing and Improving Memories6.6 Panel - The Future of Electronics, Semiconductor, and Design in Europe7.6 Test Power and 3-D Fault Tolerance8.6 Statistical Answers to Analog/Mixed Signal Design and Test Problems
Track 7
Les Bans
5.7 Architectures and Design for Cyber-Physical Systems6.7 Application-Mapping Strategies for Many-Cores7.7 Energy-efficient Computing8.7 Compilers and Tools for Performance
Track 8
Salle Lesdiguières
5.8 Hot Topic - The Next Generation of Virtual Prototyping: Ultra-fast yet Accurate Simulation of HW/SW Systems6.8 Panel - The Future of Electronics, Semiconductor, and Design in Europe -> takes place as session 6.6 in Salle Bayard7.8 Critical Research Areas Driven by Industry Transformations8.8 Share a Fab - Multi Project Wafers Enable Your Innovations
Exhibition Area
IP2 Interactive PresentationsIP3 Interactive Presentations
University Booth, Booth 4, Exhibition Area
UB05 Session 5UB06 Session 6UB07 Session 7UB08 Session 8
Track 0
Salle Oisans
7.0 SPECIAL DAY Keynotes