Thursday 12 March 2015 At-A-Glance

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Interactive Presentations: 10:00 - 10:30 IP4 (in room Exhibition Area) / 15:30 - 16:00 IP5 (in room Exhibition Area)

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Track 1
Salle Oisans
9.1 SPECIAL DAY Hot Topic: Game-changing Innovative Technology Platforms for Health Care10.1 SPECIAL DAY Hot Topic: Wearable Medical Applications11.1 SPECIAL DAY Hot Topic: Implantable Medical Applications12.1 SPECIAL DAY Hot Topic: Technology and Design Platforms for Diagnostics
Track 2
Belle Etoile
9.2 Hot Topic - Transparent Use of Accelerators in Heterogeneous Computing Systems10.2 Emerging Memory Architectures11.2 Variability and Robustness for Emerging Technologies12.2 Solver Advances and Emerging Applications
Track 3
9.3 NoC Optimization10.3 Modern Architectures for Real-Time Systems11.3 Hot Topic - Multi/Many-Core Programming: Where Are We Standing?12.3 Patterning, Pairing, Placement and Packing
Track 4
9.4 Advanced Trends in Alternative Technologies10.4 Energy Aware Data Center: Design and Management11.4 Logic Synthesis: the Faithful, the Approximate and the Stochastic12.4 High-Level Specifications and Models
Track 5
9.5 Modeling and Simulation of Extra-Functional Properties10.5 Reconfigurable Architectures and Applications11.5 Ultra-low Power Devices for Health and Rehabilitation12.5 New Perspectives in Next-Generation Medical Systems
Track 6
9.6 Design, Synthesis and Validation of Analog Circuits10.6 Circuit Design and Test: From Characterization to Measurement11.6 Video Architectures for Multimedia and Communications12.6 Medical Design Automation: Is All That Simulation and Model Reduction Getting Into Your "Head"?
Track 7
Les Bans
9.7 Test Generation, Fault Simulation and Diagnosis10.7 Expanding the Applicability of Formal Methods11.7 Exploiting Dark Silicon12.7 Brain Health and Mental Disorders: new challenges for electronic engineers
Track 8
Salle Lesdigui√®res
9.8 Hot Topic - Monolithic 3D: A Path to Real 3D Integrated Chips10.8 From IP to EDA Tools Enterprise Management: What is so special?11.8 Exhibition Keynote - Designing Systems for the Connected Autonomous Future: An Industry Perspective12.8 Tutorial: An Industry Approach to FPGA/ARM System Development and Verification
Exhibition Area
IP4 Interactive PresentationsIP5 Interactive Presentations
University Booth, Booth 4, Exhibition Area
UB09 Session 9UB10 Session 10UB11 Session 11
Track 0
Salle Oisans
11.0 SPECIAL DAY Keynote