Friday Workshops

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DATE's Friday’s Workshops initiative started in 2003 and it is now at its thirteenth edition, fostering a number of workshops on different topics and attracting an audience of both researchers and designers.

The event offers a unique opportunity to present and discuss new and in-progress outcomes, as well as experiences and visions. The topics have been changing during the years, following the trend on current and emerging issues in design, test, software and EDA, taking the floor after the regular conference programme running throughout the week.

The Friday's Workshops programme for DATE 2015 is rich and includes ten workshop themes. These cover innovative ideas ranging from design automation to neurocomputing, from optical interconnect systems to dependability.

"Dependable computing" is the main focus of the new edition of an already successful workshop, that considers specific topics related multicore architectures. Attendees interested in "security" will also find a workshop presenting the on-going activities on trustworthy manufacturing and secure devices. Design automation in the sense of "understanding hardware designs" and "dealing with uncertainty" are two events of interest for designers, where novel contributions in the area will be presented. A fourth workshop deals with the "fidelity of the design implementations" with respect to the estimated characteristics. "EV battery packs" are addressed in a workshop aiming to cover innovative solutions in terms of design automation for these devices. The successful workshop on "neuromorphic" and brain-based computing of 2013 is back, this time with the recent advances in this attractive field. New contributions and challenges in "image processing systems" are presented in a workshop focused on heterogeneous hardware and software solutions. "Optical and photonic interconnects" are discussed in a workshop aimed at proposing a forum on the latest advances in this recent research area. Finally, the workshop on "3D integration" presents its new edition, illustrating practical solutions and open challenges.

Friday’s Workshops attendees should choose in advance one workshop among W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, W7, W8, W9 and W10. The workshops run from 08:30 until 17:00. The individual timetables for each workshop may vary, and for the detailed version of the workshop programmes, visit the workshop webpages.

Registration for the workshops is open from 7:30. Welcome Refreshments are served 7:30 - 8:30 in the Exhibition Area and "Salle de Reception" in front of the workshop rooms.

For information about Workshops please contact:

Friday Workshops Co-Chairs
Jose L. Ayala, Complutense University of Madrid, ES
fridayworkshops at date-conference [dot] com
Cristiana Bolchini, Politecnico di Milano, IT
fridayworkshops at date-conference [dot] com

Session ID Title Time Location / Room Details
W01 1st Workshop on Model-Implementation Fidelity (MiFi) 08:30-16:00 Meije
W02 Design Automation of Things: EV Battery Packs 08:30-16:30 Bayard
W03 2nd International Workshop on Neuromorphic and Brain-Based Computing Systems (NeuComp 2015) 08:30-16:00 Stendhal
W04 DUHDe – 2nd Workshop on Design Automation for Understanding Hardware Designs 08:30-16:30 Berlioz
W05 3D Integration Technology, Architecture, Design, Package, Automation, and Test 08:15-17:30 Belle Etoile
W06 Workshop on Manufacturable and Dependable Multicore Architectures at Nanoscale (MEDIAN) 08:30-16:20 Chartreuse
W07 Designing with Uncertainty - Opportunities & Challenges 08:30-17:00 Salle Lesdiguières
W08 Heterogeneous Architectures and Design Methods for Embedded Image Systems 08:30-17:00 Sept Laux 4
W09 International Workshop on Optical/Photonic Interconnects for Computing Systems (OPTICS Workshop) 08:30-16:30 Sept Laux 5
W10 TRUDEVICE 2015: Workshop on Trustworthy Manufacturing and Utilization of Secure Devices 08:30-17:00 Les Bans