Tuesday 10 March 2015 At-A-Glance

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Interactive Presentations: 16:00 - 16:30 IP1 (in room Exhibition Area)

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08:30 - 10:3010:30 - 12:3011:30 - 13:0012:30 - 15:0013:20 - 14:2014:30 - 16:0015:00 - 17:3016:00 - 16:3017:00 - 18:3017:30 - 19:3018:30 - 19:30
Track 1
Auditorium Dauphiné
1.1 Opening Session: Plenary, Awards Ceremony & Keynote Addresses
Track 1
Salle Oisans
2.1 Executive Panel - New Opportunities in the Internet of Things3.1 Executive Panel - Extending Moore's Law & Heterogeneous Integration4.1 Executive Panel - Trends and Challenges in Today's Automotive Semiconductors
University Booth, Booth 4, Exhibition Area
UB01 Session 1UB02 Session 2UB03 Session 3UB04 Session 4
Exhibition Area
IP1 Interactive Presentations
Several serving points inside the Exhibition Area
Exhibition-Reception Exhibition Reception
Track 2
Belle Etoile
2.2 Adaptability for Low Power Computing3.2 Passive Implementation Attacks and Countermeasures4.2 Implementation and Verification of Security Components
Track 3
2.3 System Level Design Methods3.3 Loop Acceleration4.3 Multi-/Manycore Scheduling
Track 4
2.4 Automotive Systems and Smart Energy Systems3.4 Tackling Memory Walls with Emerging Architectures and Technologies4.4 Exploring Reliability and Efficiency Tradeoffs at the Architectural Level
Track 5
2.5 Power of Assertions3.5 Breaking Simulation Boundaries4.5 Industrial Test and Validation Experiments
Track 6
2.6 Design and Analysis of Dependable Systems3.6 Hot Topic - Memristor based Computation-in-Memory Architecture for Data-Intensive Applications4.6 Online Testing and Reliable Memories
Track 7
Les Bans
2.7 Compilation and Code Transformations for Reconfigurable Computing3.7 Model-based Analysis and Verification4.7 How Resilient Are Emerging Technologies?
Track 8
Salle Lesdiguières
2.8 Facilities for Design and Fabrication for FD-SOI IC3.8 Hot Topic - Design Methodologies for a Cyber-Physical Systems Approach to Personalized Medicine-on-a-Chip: Challenges and Opportunities4.8 Strength by Interdisciplinary Research: The Cadence Academic Network
Track 0
Salle Oisans
3.0 LUNCH TIME KEYNOTE SESSION: "How micro-electronic will change your life style" sponsored by Mentor Graphics