W05 Trustworthy Manufacturing and Utilization of Secure Devices (TRUDEVICE 2018)

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08:30W05.1Session 1: Physical attacks
08:30W05.1.1Keynote 1

09:30W05.1.2Automatic Application of Side Channel Countermeasures: History and Perspectives
Francesco Regazzoni, AlaRI, CH

10:00W05.2Poster Session 1 + Coffee Break
10:00W05.2.1Dummy rounds side-channel attack protection of round-based encryption algorithms
Stanislav Jerabek, Jan Schmidt and Martin Novotny, CTU, CZ

10:00W05.2.2A New Metric for the Side-Channel Vulnerability Evaluation?
Jan Bělohoubek, Petr Fiser and Jan Schmidt, CTU, CZ

10:00W05.2.3Influence of Fault-Tolerance Techniques on Power-Analysis Resistance of AES implemented in FPGA
Vojtěch Miškovský, Hana Kubatova and Martin Novotny, CTU, CZ

10:30W05.3Session 2: Active attacks and systems integrity
10:30W05.3.1A Hybrid Approach for Ensuring the Security of Hardware Control Systems
Naceur Maha, Ulrich Kuehne and Jean-Luc Danger, Télécom ParisTech, FR

11:00W05.3.2On Security Metrics for Evaluating Fault-injection Countermeasures
Maël Gay1, Batya Karp2, Osnat Keren2 and Ilia Polian3
1University of Passau, DE; 2Bar Ilan University, IL; 3University of Stuttgart, DE

11:30W05.3.3SCA & Glitch Rogue: An Accurate Side Channel Analysis and Glitch Attack Evaluation Platform for Embedded Systems
Athanasios Papadimitriou and David Hely, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, FR

11:45W05.3.4Nonlinear Codes for Control Flow Checking
Giorgio Di Natale1 and Osnat Keren2
1LIRMM, FR; 2Bar Ilan University, IL

12:00W05.4Lunch Break
13:00W05.5Session 3: Design and test of secure hardware
13:00W05.5.1Keynote 2

14:00W05.5.2Does stream cipher-based scan chains encryption really prevent scan attacks?
Mathieu Da Silva, Marie-Lise Flottes, Giorgio Di Natale and Bruno Rouzeyre, LIRMM, FR

14:30W05.6Poster Session 2 + Coffee Break
14:30W05.6.1Dynamic reconfiguration used for side channel attacks protection of various encryption algorithms
Jan Brejnik, Stanislav Jerabek and Martin Novotny, CTU, CZ

14:30W05.6.2Xilinx 7-Series FPGA Based Evaluation Platform for Physically Unclonable Function
Matej Bartik, CTU, CZ

14:30W05.6.3Design and Implementation of a Security Processor for Satellite Communication Systems
Stavroula Zouzoula1, Nicolas Sklavos2 and Apostolos Fournaris1
1University of Patras, GR; 2University of Patra, GR

15:00W05.7Session 4: Hardware circuit security
15:00W05.7.1Using Convolutional Codes for Key Extraction in SRAM Physical Unclonable Functions
Sven Mueelich, Sven Puchinger and Martin Bossert, Ulm University, DE

15:30W05.7.2Towards Inter-Vendor Compatibility of TRNGs for FPGAs
Milos Grujic1, Bohan Yang1, Vladimir Rožić1 and Ingrid Verbauwhede2
1KU Leuven, BE; 2KU Leuven and UCLA, BE

16:00W05.7.3Two Methods of the Clock Jitter Measurement Aimed at Embedded TRNG testing
Oto Petura1, Marek Laban2, Elie Noumon Allini3 and Viktor Fischer4
1Hubert Curien Laboratory, Jean Monnet University, FR; 2Technical University of Kosice, SK; 3Jean Monnet University Saint-Etienne, FR; 4Laboratoire Hubert Curien, FR

16:15W05.7.4Random Bit Generation Based on The Association of Serial CBRAM Devices
Daniel Arumi, Salvador Manich and Rosa Rodriguez, UPC, ES

16:30W05.7.5Hardware Trojan Detection and Obfuscation based on Approximate Circuits
Honorio Martin1, Giorgio Di Natale2, Sophie Dupuis2 and Luis Entrena1
1University Carlos III de Madrid, ES; 2LIRMM, FR

16:45W05.7.6Using different LUT paths to increase area efficiency of RO-PUFs on Altera FPGAs
Linus Feiten, Karsten Scheibler, Bernd Becker and Matthias Sauer, University of Freiburg, DE