W05 Trustworthy Manufacturing and Utilization of Secure Devices (TRUDEVICE 2018)

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Location / Room: 
Konferenz 5


Giorgio Di Natale, LIRMM, FR (Contact Giorgio Di Natale)
Francesco Regazzoni, AlaRI, CH (Contact Francesco Regazzoni)

Programme Committee Chairs

Nele Mentens, KU Leuven, BE (Contact Nele Mentens)
Lejla Batina, Radboud University Nijmegen, NL (Contact Lejla Batina)

Programme Committee Members

Bernd Becker, University of Freiburg, DE (Contact Bernd Becker)
Bossuet Lilian, University of St. Etienne, FR (Contact Bossuet Lilian)
Ricardo Chaves, Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, PT (Contact Ricardo Chaves)
Viktor Fischer, Hubert Curien Laboratory, FR (Contact Viktor Fischer)
Marie-Lise Flottes, LIRMM, FR (Contact Marie-Lise Flottes)
Said Hamdioui, TU Delft, NL (Contact Said Hamdioui)
Paris Kitsos, Hellenic Open University, GR (Contact Paris Kitsos)
Martin Novotny, CVUT, CZ (Contact Martin Novotny)
Ilia Polian, University of Passau, DE (Contact Ilia Polian)
bruno rouzeyre, University Montpellier, FR (Contact bruno rouzeyre)
Johanna Sepulveda, TU Munich, DE (Contact Johanna Sepulveda)
Nicolas Sklavos, University of Patras, GR (Contact Nicolas Sklavos)

Hardware security is becoming increasingly important for many embedded systems applications, ranging from small RFID tags to satellites orbiting the earth. The number of secure applications, such as public services, communication, control and healthcare, keeps on growing. Hardware devices that implement cryptography functions have become the Achilles' heel of these systems.

The TRUDEVICE Workshop will provide an environment for researchers from academic and industrial domains who want to discuss recent findings, theories and on-going work on all aspects of hardware security including design, manufacturing, testing, reliability, validation and utilization.

The topics of the workshop include:

  • Manufacturing Test of Secure Devices
  • Trustworthy Manufacturing of Secure Devices
  • PUFs and TRNGs
  • Hardware Trojans in IPs and ICs
  • Reconfigurable Devices for Security
  • Fault Attack Injection, Detection and Protection
  • Validation and Evaluation Methodologies for Physical Security
  • Side Channel Attacks and Countermeasures


08:30W05.1Session 1: Physical attacks
08:30W05.1.1Keynote 1

09:30W05.1.2Automatic Application of Side Channel Countermeasures: History and Perspectives
Francesco Regazzoni, AlaRI, CH

10:00W05.2Poster Session 1 + Coffee Break
10:00W05.2.1Dummy rounds side-channel attack protection of round-based encryption algorithms
Stanislav Jerabek, Jan Schmidt and Martin Novotny, CTU, CZ

10:00W05.2.2A New Metric for the Side-Channel Vulnerability Evaluation?
Jan Bělohoubek, Petr Fiser and Jan Schmidt, CTU, CZ

10:00W05.2.3Influence of Fault-Tolerance Techniques on Power-Analysis Resistance of AES implemented in FPGA
Vojtěch Miškovský, Hana Kubatova and Martin Novotny, CTU, CZ

10:30W05.3Session 2: Active attacks and systems integrity
10:30W05.3.1A Hybrid Approach for Ensuring the Security of Hardware Control Systems
Naceur Maha, Ulrich Kuehne and Jean-Luc Danger, Télécom ParisTech, FR

11:00W05.3.2On Security Metrics for Evaluating Fault-injection Countermeasures
Maël Gay1, Batya Karp2, Osnat Keren2 and Ilia Polian3
1University of Passau, DE; 2Bar Ilan University, IL; 3University of Stuttgart, DE

11:30W05.3.3SCA & Glitch Rogue: An Accurate Side Channel Analysis and Glitch Attack Evaluation Platform for Embedded Systems
Athanasios Papadimitriou and David Hely, Univ. Grenoble Alpes, FR

11:45W05.3.4Nonlinear Codes for Control Flow Checking
Giorgio Di Natale1 and Osnat Keren2
1LIRMM, FR; 2Bar Ilan University, IL

12:00W05.4Lunch Break
13:00W05.5Session 3: Design and test of secure hardware
13:00W05.5.1Keynote 2

14:00W05.5.2Does stream cipher-based scan chains encryption really prevent scan attacks?
Mathieu Da Silva, Marie-Lise Flottes, Giorgio Di Natale and Bruno Rouzeyre, LIRMM, FR

14:30W05.6Poster Session 2 + Coffee Break
14:30W05.6.1Dynamic reconfiguration used for side channel attacks protection of various encryption algorithms
Jan Brejnik, Stanislav Jerabek and Martin Novotny, CTU, CZ

14:30W05.6.2Xilinx 7-Series FPGA Based Evaluation Platform for Physically Unclonable Function
Matej Bartik, CTU, CZ

14:30W05.6.3Design and Implementation of a Security Processor for Satellite Communication Systems
Stavroula Zouzoula1, Nicolas Sklavos2 and Apostolos Fournaris1
1University of Patras, GR; 2University of Patra, GR

15:00W05.7Session 4: Hardware circuit security
15:00W05.7.1Using Convolutional Codes for Key Extraction in SRAM Physical Unclonable Functions
Sven Mueelich, Sven Puchinger and Martin Bossert, Ulm University, DE

15:30W05.7.2Towards Inter-Vendor Compatibility of TRNGs for FPGAs
Milos Grujic1, Bohan Yang1, Vladimir Rožić1 and Ingrid Verbauwhede2
1KU Leuven, BE; 2KU Leuven and UCLA, BE

16:00W05.7.3Two Methods of the Clock Jitter Measurement Aimed at Embedded TRNG testing
Oto Petura1, Marek Laban2, Elie Noumon Allini3 and Viktor Fischer4
1Hubert Curien Laboratory, Jean Monnet University, FR; 2Technical University of Kosice, SK; 3Jean Monnet University Saint-Etienne, FR; 4Laboratoire Hubert Curien, FR

16:15W05.7.4Random Bit Generation Based on The Association of Serial CBRAM Devices
Daniel Arumi, Salvador Manich and Rosa Rodriguez, UPC, ES

16:30W05.7.5Hardware Trojan Detection and Obfuscation based on Approximate Circuits
Honorio Martin1, Giorgio Di Natale2, Sophie Dupuis2 and Luis Entrena1
1University Carlos III de Madrid, ES; 2LIRMM, FR

16:45W05.7.6Using different LUT paths to increase area efficiency of RO-PUFs on Altera FPGAs
Linus Feiten, Karsten Scheibler, Bernd Becker and Matthias Sauer, University of Freiburg, DE