10.8 An Industry Approach to FPGA and SOC System Development and Verification

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Date: Thursday 22 March 2018
Time: 11:00 - 12:30
Location / Room: Exhibition Theatre

Alexander Schreiber, The MathWorks, DE

John Zhao, MathWorks, US

MATLAB and Simulink provide a rich environment for embedded-system development, with libraries of proven, specialized algorithms ready to use for specific applications. The environment enables a model-based design workflow for fast prototyping and implementation of the algorithms on heterogeneous embedded targets, such as MPSoC. A system-level design approach enables architectural exploration and partitioning, as well as coordination between SW and HW development workflows. Functional verification throughout the design process improves coverage and test-case generation while reducing the time and resources required.

In this exhibition theater session, you will learn

  • Automatically generate synthesizable RTL code from you MATLAB and Simulink algorithms targeting FPGA, ASIC or Programmable SoC
  • A HW/SW co-design workflow that combines system level design and simulation with automatic code generation
  • Functional verification using MATLAB and Simulink in a SystemVerilog workflow illustrated by a detailed example
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12:30End of session
Lunch Break in Großer Saal and Saal 1

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