001 - General - Some words on the new Structure / Concept

Welcome to the DATE 2019 Conference & Exhibition area as part of the DATE Platform!

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A DATE Platform describes the accumulation of Conference & Exhibition, and Exhibitor / Press area for a specific year. As years go by you will have the option of stepping through the past with exactly the same settings (i.e. user rights) as you had in that year.

Per default, the Conference & Exhibition menu item is linked to the current year. When you click on it, the DATE Area block including all items relevant for that year's topic appears on the right-hand side (this also holds for the other left-hand side menu items under DATE Platforms, provided you have been granted the respective rights).

If you visit the DATE web-portal as a guest, you have access to all public news and information. If you register as a website user (it's free) you have also access to more specific news and information, distributed on the basis of granted rights and user roles.

A basic concept of the new web-site is to provide the user with content that can be targeted to the personal needs. When you registered as a user you will notice you personal area (myPage). Your myPage is the space where you can make yourself at home. Contents provided at the DATE web-portal can be filtered to your personal needs via the personal User Profile (please see also WhySpecifyProfile). The DATE web-portal uses the technical user profile to filter the information provided to your personal technical needs (please also see our Privacy Policy).

And, there is no risk involved. As also stated in the Privacy Policy you can change or delete your profile at any time. If you however delete it, we can not restore it since it is physically wiped from the server's database.

So please try out what the new web-portal offers. We further would very much appreciate your input on features and enhancements to understand and serve the needs of the nano-electronic community.

For input, questions, suggestions please contact webmaster at date-conference [dot] com.