FED4SAE (Booth: EP 3)

Contact: Isabelle Dor

17 rue des Martyrs
38054 Grenoble - Cedex

Tel: +33 4 38785970


E-Mail: isabelle.dor@cea.fr
Website: https://fed4sae.eu/

Through the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative, the European Commission is helping digitize European industry. FED4SAE is part of this strategy, targeting a large network of ‘small’ companies (startups, small/medium enterprises and midcaps), including both technology specialists and low-tech companies. These companies can request solutions for specific use cases, which FED4SAE’s industrial and advanced platforms will provide. This will include solutions comprising one of several components, such as sensors, data fusion/processing technology and actuators. These components make up cyber-physical systems, which link the physical and digital worlds.

FED4SAE also helps participants with innovation management, providing coaching and opportunities for networking to identify the best stakeholders – private investors, national/regional initiatives, business angels, potential customers, and so on.

In summary, FED4SAE offers companies:
•    technical expertise via advanced platforms, that are either innovative technical solutions or testbeds which add value to the product
•    product support via industrial platforms, being existing products provided by market leaders in the domain of cyber-physical and embedded systems, which can bring the innovation to a state of maturity
•    innovation management, focusing on business, to help your innovation get to the market via the FED4SAE consortium and the Smart Anything Everywhere ecosystem
•    up to €60,000 in funding, representing 70% of the declared budget of the work done

The kind of experiments which will be funded will address any smart application domain (mobility, city, health & well-being, industry, sensor, etc.), involving both advanced and industrial platforms supported by FED4SAE. The experiments shall be pan-European, allowing the awarded company to collaborate with cross-border advanced platforms and industrial partners.

You just need to provide the idea and we will help you get it to market – don’t miss this opportunity!