002 - General - Why should I register? What is my benefit?

Please note: The concept of the DATE web-portal is based on groups, roles and related rights.

If you register on the DATE web-portal (it is free!) you get access to several features:

  • You are enabled to enter your technical Profile (we call it 'MyProfile'), which you can make public (or keep it hidden)
  • You have access to all proceedings from past DATE conferences free of charge.
  • You can subscribe and unsubscribe to DATE Newsletters.
  • You can register to the DATE Conference and Exhibition.
  • You can apply for non-public areas (access will be granted by the group admin)
  • You can enter your CompanyProfile (if you are an exhibitor).

These are just some of the features. Register to discover more of the DATE Web-Portal benefits.

Please see also our Privacy Policy.