Floadia Corporation

Floadia Corporation (Booth: 12)


Floadia Tokyo HQ
1-30-9 Ogawa Higashi-cho, Kodaira-shi
Tokyo, 187-0031

Tel: +81 42 3465510

E-Mail: info.rn@floadia.com
Website: www.floadia.com

Floadia, Japanese company, provides Low power, cost Effective and Easily embedded Flash IPs. We are world-class experts in Non-Volatile Memory technology, design, test QA and production. Enjoy our cost effective and high quality eNVM solutions for your IoT, AI, and Automotive applications.

Semiconductor IP:

  • Analogue & Mixed Signal IP
  • CPUs & Controllers
  • Memory IP

Application-Specific IP:

  • Analogue & Mixed Signal IP