DATE 1998 Session Index

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Session 1A: Design Optimization of Building Blocks

Session 1B: HW/SW Partitioning and Communication Synthesis

Session 1C: Asynchronous and Hybrid VHDL-Based Design

Session 1D: Data Path and FPGA Testing

Session 2A: Design Methods for High Performance Applications

Session 2B: Scheduling in Embedded Systems

Session 2C: Advanced Techniques for VHDL Design

Session 2D: Novel BIST Approaches

Session 3A: Architectures for Image Processing

Session 3B: Scheduling and Analysis of HW/SW Systems

Session 3C: Extensions to VHDL

Session 3D: Error Detection and Design Validation

Session 3E: Hot Topic: IP Based System-on-a-Chip Design

Session 4A: Design Reuse Methodologies

Session 4B: Flat and Timing-Driven Processor Design

Session 4C: Hot Topic: Reconfigurable Systems

Session 4D: Digital Simulation and Estimation

Session 5A: Synthesis of Reprogrammable and Reconfigurable Architectures

Session 5B: Partitioning and Routing

Session 5C: Panel -- Formal Verification: A New Standard CAD Tool for the Industrial Design Flow

Session 5D: Simulation for High-Level Design

Session 6A: Architectural Synthesis

Session 6B: Timing and Crosstalk in Interconnect

Session 6C: Panel: Next Generation System Design Tools

Session 6D: IDDQ and Memory Testing

Session 7A: Microsystems

Session 7B: Interconnect Modeling

Session 7C: Design for Manufacturability -- Embedded Tutorial

Session 7D: Sequential Circuit Testing

Session 8A: Issues in Behavioral Synthesis

Session 8B: Formal Equivalence Checking Using Decision Diagrams

Session 8C: Hot Topic: Silicon Debug of Systems-on-Chips

Session 8D: Characterization and Verification of Analogue Circuits

Session 9A: Benchmark Circuits, Technology Mapping and Scan Chains

Session 9B: Physical to Gate Level Design for Low-Power

Session 9C: Hot Topic: Embedded Memory and Embedded Logic

Session 9D: Analogue Circuit Modeling and Design Methodology

Session 10A: Combinational Logical Synthesis

Session 10B: High Level Power Estimation

Session 10C: Petri Nets and Dedicated Formalisms

Session 10D: Mixed-Signal Test and DFT

Session 11A: Sequential Logic Synthesis

Session 11B: High-Level Power Optimization

Session 11C: System Architecture Design

Session 11D: Simulation and Test Tools for Analogue Circuits

Poster Session