Wednesday, March 27, 2019 Technical Sessions

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Session LabelSession TitleTimeLocationDetails
5.1Special Day on "Embedded Meets Hyperscale and HPC" Session: Heterogeneous Computing in the Datacenter and in HPC08:30 - 10:00Room 1Read More
5.2Improving Formal Verification and Applications to GPUs and High-Level Synthesis08:30 - 10:00Room 2Read More
5.3EU Projects08:30 - 10:00Room 3Read More
5.4Emerging technologies for better NoCs08:30 - 10:00Room 4Read More
5.5Hardware Obfuscation08:30 - 10:00Room 5Read More
5.6Energy efficiency in IoT - Edge to Cloud08:30 - 10:00Room 6Read More
5.7Data-driven Acceleration08:30 - 10:00Room 7Read More
5.8Special Session: The ARAMiS II Project - Efficient Use of Multicore for safety-critical Applications08:30 - 10:00Exh. TheatreRead More
IP2Interactive Presentations10:00 - 10:30Poster AreaRead More
6.1Special Day on "Embedded Meets Hyperscale and HPC" Session: Near-memory computing11:00 - 12:30Room 1Read More
6.2Special Session: 3D Sensor - Hardware to Application11:00 - 12:30Room 2Read More
6.3When Approximation Meets Dependability11:00 - 12:30Room 3Read More
6.4Hardware support for microarchitecture performance11:00 - 12:30Room 4Read More
6.5System Level Security11:00 - 12:30Room 5Read More
6.6Intelligent Wearable and Implantable Sensors for Augmented Living11:00 - 12:30Room 6Read More
6.7How Secure and Verified is your Cyber-Physical System?11:00 - 12:30Room 7Read More
7.0LUNCH TIME KEYNOTE SESSION13:50 - 14:20Room 1Read More
7.1Special Day on "Embedded Meets Hyperscale and HPC" Session: Tools and Runtime Systems14:30 - 16:00Room 1Read More
7.2Accelerators using novel memory technologies14:30 - 16:00Room 2Read More
7.3CPU and GPU microarchitecture dependability14:30 - 16:00Room 3Read More
7.4Low Power Design: From Highly-Optimized Power Delivery Networks to CNN Accelerators14:30 - 16:00Room 4Read More
7.5Reliable and Persistent: From Cache to File system14:30 - 16:00Room 5Read More
7.6Optimization of Smart Energy Systems14:30 - 16:00Room 6Read More
7.7Toward Correct and Secure Embedded Systems14:30 - 16:00Room 7Read More
IP3Interactive Presentations16:00 - 16:30Poster AreaRead More
8.1Special Day on "Embedded Meets Hyperscale and HPC" Panel: What can HPC and hyperscale learn from embedded computing17:00 - 18:30Room 1Read More
8.2Special Session: Innovative methods for verifying Systems-on-Chip: digital, mixed-signal, security and software17:00 - 18:30Room 2Read More
8.3Test Preparation and Generation17:00 - 18:30Room 3Read More
8.4Applications of Reconfigurable Computing17:00 - 18:30Room 4Read More
8.5Don't Forget the Memory17:00 - 18:30Room 5Read More
8.6Robotics and Industry 4.017:00 - 18:30Room 6Read More
8.7Embedded hardware architectures for deep neural networks17:00 - 18:30Room 7Read More