Tuesday, March 26, 2019 Technical Sessions

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Session LabelSession TitleTimeLocationDetails
2.1Executive Session 1: Panel "Life After CMOS"11:30 - 13:00Room 1Read More
2.2Physical Attacks11:30 - 13:00Room 2Read More
2.3Special Session: Circuit design and design automation for flexible electronics11:30 - 13:00Room 3Read More
2.4Temperature and Variability Driven Modeling and Runtime Management11:30 - 13:00Room 4Read More
2.5Solutions for reliability and security of mixed-signal circuits11:30 - 13:00Room 5Read More
2.6Computational and resource-efficiency in quantum and approximate computing11:30 - 13:00Room 6Read More
2.7Analysis and optimization techniques for neural networks11:30 - 13:00Room 7Read More
3.0LUNCH TIME KEYNOTE SESSION13:50 - 14:20Room 1Read More
3.1Executive Session 2: Panel "Semiconductor IP, Surfing the Next Big Wave"14:30 - 16:00Room 1Read More
3.2Special Session: Smart Resource Management and Design Space Exploration for Heterogenous Processors14:30 - 16:00Room 2Read More
3.3Methods and Characterisation techniques for Reliability14:30 - 16:00Room 3Read More
3.4Physical Design, Extraction and Timing Analysis14:30 - 16:00Room 4Read More
3.5Hardware authentication and attack prevention14:30 - 16:00Room 5Read More
3.6Software Solutions for Reliable Memories14:30 - 16:00Room 6Read More
3.7Design Automation of Cyber-Physical Systems14:30 - 16:00Room 7Read More
IP1Interactive Presentations16:00 - 16:30Poster AreaRead More
4.1Executive Session 3: The Future of Test17:00 - 18:30Room 1Read More
4.2Reconfigurable Architecture and Tools17:00 - 18:30Room 2Read More
4.3Improving test generation and coverage17:00 - 18:30Room 3Read More
4.4Digital processing with emerging memory technologies17:00 - 18:30Room 4Read More
4.5Hardware Trojans and Split Manufacturing17:00 - 18:30Room 5Read More
4.6Smart Communication Solutions for Automotive Systems17:00 - 18:30Room 6Read More
4.7Energy and power efficiency in GPU-based systems17:00 - 18:30Room 7Read More
4.8Embedded Tutorial: Paving the Way for Very Large Scale Integration of Superconductive Electronics17:00 - 18:30Exh. TheatreRead More