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Keynote Addresses

PDF icon The Mobile Society - Chances and Challenges for Micro- and Power Electronics [p. 1]
K Meder, President, Automotive Electronics Division, Bosch, DE

PDF icon New Foundry Models - Accelerations in Transformations of the Semiconductor Industry [p. 2]
M Chian, Senior Vice President Design Enablement, GlobalFoundries, DE

2.2: Validation of Modern Microprocessors

Moderators: D Grosse, Bremen U, DE; V Bertacco, U of Michigan, US
PDF icon Automated Generation of Directed Tests for Transition Coverage in Cache Coherence Protocols [p. 3]
X Qin and P Mishra

PDF icon On ESL Verification of Memory Consistency for System-on-Chip Multiprocessing [p. 9]
E A Rambo, O P Henschel and L C V dos Santos

PDF icon Generating Instruction Streams Using Abstract CSP [p. 15]
Y Katz, M Rimon and A Ziv

PDF icon A Cycle-Approximate, Mixed-ISA Simulator for the KAHRISMA Architecture [p. 21]
T Stripf, R Koenig and J Becker

PDF icon A Clustering-Based Scheme for Concurrent Trace in Debugging NoC-Based Multicore Systems [p. 27]
J Gao, J Wang, Y Han, L Zhang and X Li

2.3: Memory System Optimization

Moderators: T Austin, EECS, U of Michigan, US; C Silvano, Politecnico di Milano, IT
PDF icon CACTI-3DD: Architecture-level Modeling for 3D Die-stacked DRAM Main Memory [p. 33]
K Chen, S Li, N Muralimanohar, J H Ahn, J B.Brockman and N P.Jouppi

PDF icon TagTM - Accelerating STMs with Hardware Tags for Fast Meta-Data Access [p. 39]
S Stipic, S Tomic, F Zyulkyarov, A Cristal, O Unsal and M Valero

PDF icon Dynamically Reconfigurable Hybrid Cache: An Energy-Efficient Last-Level Cache Design [p. 45]
Y-T Chen, J Cong, H Huang, B Liu, C Liu, M Potkonjak and G Reinman

PDF icon DRAM Selection and Configuration for Real-Time Mobile Systems [p. 51]
M D Gomony, C Weis, B Akesson, N Wehn and K Goossens

2.4: Architectures and Efficient Desgns for Automotive and Energy-Management Systems

Moderators: C Sebeke, Bosch, DE; G Merrett, Southampton U, UK
PDF icon Using Timing Analysis for the Design of Future Switched Based Ethernet Automotive Networks [p. 57]
J Rox, R Ernst and P Giusto

PDF icon Fair Energy Resource Allocation by Minority Game Algorithm for Smart Buildings [p. 63]
C Zhang, W Wu, H Huang and H Yu

PDF icon On Demand Dependent Deactivation of Automotive ECUs [p. 69]
C Schmutzler, M Simons and J Becker

PDF icon Smart Power Unit with Ultra Low Power Radio Trigger Capabilities for Wireless Sensor Networks [p. 75]
M Magno, S Marinkovic, D Brunelli, E Popovici, B O'Flynn and L Benini

2.5: Physical Design for Low-Power

Moderators: J Teich, Erlangen-Nuremberg U, DE; W Fornaciari, Politecnico di Milano, IT
PDF icon IR-Drop Analysis of Graphene-Based Power Distribution Networks [p. 81]
S Miryala, A Calimera, E Macii and M Poncino

PDF icon Off-path Leakage Power Aware Routing for SRAM-based FPGAs [p. 87]
K Huang, Y Hu, X Li, B Liu, H Liu and J Gong

PDF icon Stability and Yield-Oriented Ultra-Low-Power Embedded 6T SRAM Cell Design Optimization [p. 93]
A Makosiej, O Thomas, A Vladimerescu and A Amara

PDF icon Post-Synthesis Leakage Power Minimization [p. 99]
M Rahman and C Sechen

2.6: Optimized Utilization of Embedded Platforms

Moderators: F Slomka, Ulm U, DE; O Bringmann, FZI Karlsruhe, DE
PDF icon Fast and Lightweight Support for Nested Parallelism on Cluster-Based Embedded Many-Cores [p. 105]
A Marongiu, P Burgio and L Benini

PDF icon A Divide and Conquer Based Distributed Run-time Mapping Methodology for Many-Core Platforms [p. 111]
I Anagnostopoulos, A Bartzas, G Kathareios and D Soudris

PDF icon Dual Greedy: Adaptive Garbage Collection for Page-Mapping Solid-State Disks [p. 117]
W-H Lin and L-P Chang

2.7: SPECIAL SESSION - HOT TOPIC - EDA Solutions to New-Defect Detection in Advanced Process Technologies

Moderator: E J Marinissen, IMEC, BE
PDF icon EDA Solutions to New-Defect Detection in Advanced Process Technologies [p. 123]
E J Marinissen, G Vandling, S K Goel, F Hapke, J Rivers, N Mittermaier, S Bahl

2.8: Beyond CMOS - Benchmarking for Future Technologies

Moderators: C M Sotomayor Torres, Barcelona U, ES; W Rosenstiel, edacentrum and Tuebingen U, DE
PDF icon Beyond CMOS - Benchmarking for Future Technologies [p. 129]
C M Sotomayor Torres, J Ahopelto, M W M Graef, R M Popp, W Rosenstiel

3.2: Effective Functional Simulation and Validation

Moderators: P P Sanchez, Cantabria U, ES; F Fummi, Verona U, IT
PDF icon Accurately Timed Transaction Level Models for Virtual Prototyping at High Abstraction Level [p. 135]
K Lu, D Mueller-Gritschneder and U Schlichtmann

PDF icon Out-of-Order Parallel Simulation for ESL Design [p. 141]
W Chen, X Han and R Doemer

PDF icon A Probabilistic Analysis Method for Functional Qualification under Mutation Analysis [p. 147]
H-Y Lin, C-Y Wang, S-C Chang, Y-C Chen, H-M Chou, C-Y Huang, Y-C Yang and C-C Shen

PDF icon Approximating Checkers for Simulation Acceleration [p. 153]
B Mammo, D Chatterjee, D Pidan, A Nahir, A Ziv, R Morad and V Bertacco

3.3: Industrial Design Methodologies

Moderators: A Jerraya, CEA, FR; R Zafalon, STMicroelectronics, IT
PDF icon Guidelines for Model Based Systems Engineering [p. 159]
D Steinbach

PDF icon SURF Algorithm in FPGA: A Novel Architecture for High Demanding Industrial Applications [p. 161]
N Battezzati, S Colazzo, M Maffione and L Senepa

PDF icon NOCEVE: Network On Chip Emulation and Verification Environment [p. 163]
O Hammami, X Li and J-M Brault

PDF icon Investigating the Effects of Inverted Temperature Dependence (ITD) on Clock Distribution Networks [p. 165]
A Sassone, A Calimera, A Macii, E Macii, M Poncino, R Goldman, V Melikyan, E Babayan and S Rinaudo

PDF icon Challenges in Verifying an Integrated 3D Design [p. 167]
T G Yip, C Y Hung and V Iyengar

3.4: Large-Scale Energy and Thermal Management

Moderators: G Palermo, Politecnico di Milano, IT; M Poncino, Politecnico di Torino, IT
PDF icon Multiple-Source and Multiple-Destination Charge Migration in Hybrid Electrical Energy Storage Systems [p. 169]
Y Wang, Q Xie, M Pedram, Y Kim, N Chang and M Poncino

PDF icon Benefits of Green Energy and Proportionality in High Speed Wide Area Networks Connecting Data Centers [p. 175]
B Aksanli, T S Rosing and I Monga

PDF icon Quantifying the Impact of Frequency Scaling on the Energy Efficiency of the Single-Chip Cloud Computer [p. 181]
A Bartolini, M Sadri, J-N Furst, A K Coskun and L Benini

PDF icon Neighbor-Aware Dynamic Thermal Management for Multi-core Platform [p. 187]
G Liu, M Fan and G Quan

3.5: PANEL - Key Challenges for Next Generation Computing

Moderator:R Riemenschneider, European Commission, BE
PDF icon PANEL: Key Challenges for the Next Generation of Computing Systems Taming the Data Deluge [p. 193]

3.6: Model-Based Design and Verification for Embedded Systems

Moderators: W Yi, Uppsala U, SE; S Ben Salem, Verimag Laboratory, FR
PDF icon Playing Games with Scenario- and Resource-Aware SDF Graphs Through Policy Iteration [p. 194]
Y Yang, M Geilen, T Basten, S Stuijk and H Corporaal

PDF icon Verifying Timing Synchronization Constraints in Distributed Embedded Architectures [p. 200]
A C Rajeev, S Mohalik and S Ramesh

PDF icon Task Implementation of Synchronous Finite State Machines [p. 206]
M Di Natale and H Zeng

PDF icon Enabling Dynamic Assertion-based Verification of Embedded Software through Model-driven Design [p. 212]
G Di Guglielmo, L Di Guglielmo, F Fummi and G Pravadelli

3.7: Improving Reliability and Yield in Advanced Technologies

Moderators: S Nassif, IBM, US; S Khursheed, Southampton U, UK
PDF icon NBTI Mitigation by Optimized NOP Assignment and Insertion [p. 218]
F Firouzi, S Kiamehr and M B Tahoori

PDF icon An Accurate Single Event Effect Digital Design Flow for Reliable System Level Design [p. 224]
J Pontes, N Calazans and P Vivet

PDF icon Cross Entropy Minimization for Efficient Estimation of SRAM Failure Rate [p. 230]
M A Shahid

3.8: HOT TOPIC - Design Automation Tools for Engineering Biological Systems

Moderator: J Madsen, DTU, DK
PDF icon Experimentally Driven Verification of Synthetic Biological Circuits [p. 236]
B Yordanov, E Appleton, R Ganguly, E A Gol, S B Carr, S Bhatia, T Haddock, C Belta, D Densmore

PDF icon Genetic/Bio Design Automation for (Re-)Engineering Biological Systems [p. 242]
S Hassoun

IP1: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Fast Cycle Estimation Methodology for Instruction-Level Emulator [p. 248]
D Thach, Y Tamiya, S Kuwamura and A Ike

PDF icon Verification Coverage of Embedded Multicore Applications [p. 252]
E Deniz, A Sen and J Holt

PDF icon Hazard Driven Test Generation for SMT Processors [p. 256]
P Singh, V Narayanan and D L Landis

PDF icon Extending the Lifetime of NAND Flash Memory by Salvaging Bad Blocks [p. 260]
C Wang and W-F Wong

PDF icon A Case Study on the Application of Real Phase-Change RAM to Main Memory Subsystem [p. 264]
S Kwon, D Kim, Y Kim, S Yoo and S Lee

PDF icon A High-Performance Dense Block Matching Solution for Automotive 6D-Vision [p. 268]
H Sahlbach, S Whitty and R Ernst

PDF icon Optimization Intensive Energy Harvesting [p. 272]
M Rofouei, M A Ghodrat, M Potkonjak and A Martinez Nova

PDF icon Designing FlexRay-based Automotive Architectures: A Holistic OEM Approach [p. 276]
P Milbredt, M Glass, M Lukasiewycz, A Steininger and J Teich

PDF icon Virtualized On-Chip Distributed Computing for Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Multi-Core Systems [p. 280]
S Werner, O Dey, D Goehringer, M Huebner and J Becker

PDF icon VaMV: Variability-aware Memory Virtualization [p. 284]
L A D Bathen, N D Dutt, A Nicolau and P Gupta

PDF icon Hybrid Simulation for Extensible Processor Cores [p. 288]
J Jovic, S Yakoushkin, L Murillo, J Eusse, R Leupers and G Ascheid

PDF icon Leveraging Reconfigurability to Raise Productivity in FPGA Functional Debug [p. 292]
Z Poulos, Y-S Yang, J Anderson, A Veneris and B Le

PDF icon MOUSSE: Scaling MOdelling and Verification to Complex HeterogeneoUS Embedded Systems Evolution [p. 296]
M Becker, G B G Defo, F Fummi, W Mueller, G Pravadelli and S Vinco

PDF icon Runtime Power Gating in Caches of GPUs for Leakage Energy Savings [p. 300]
Y Wang, S Roy and N Ranganathan

PDF icon Automatic Generation of Functional Models for Embedded Processor Extensions [p. 304]
F Sun

PDF icon An Integrated Test Generation Tool for Enhanced Coverage of Simulink/Stateflow Models [p. 308]
P Peranandam, S Raviram, M Satpathy, A Yeolekar, A Gadkari and S Ramesh

PDF icon Model Driven Resource Usage Simulation for Critical Embedded Systems [p. 312]
M Lafaye, L Pautet, E Borde, M Gatti and D Faura

PDF icon RAG: An Efficient Reliability Analysis of Logic Circuits on Graphics Processing Units [p. 316]
M Li and M S Hsiao

4.2: Routing Solutions for Upcoming NoC Challenges

Moderators: J Flich, UP Valencia, ES; M Palesi, Kore U, IT
PDF icon CATRA -Congestion Aware Trapezoid-based Routing Algorithm for On-Chip Networks [p. 320]
M Ebrahimi, M Daneshtalab, P Liljeberg, J Plosila and H Tenhunen

PDF icon An MILP-Based Aging-Aware Routing Algorithm for NoCs [p. 326]
K Bhardwaj, K Chakraborty and S Roy

PDF icon AFRA: A Low Cost High Performance Reliable Routing for 3D Mesh NoCs [p. 332]
S Akbari, A Shafiee, M Fathy and R Berangi

4.3: Industrial Embedded System Design

Moderators: F Clermidy, CEA-LETI, FR; T Simunic Rosing, UC San Diego, US
PDF icon Middleware Services for Network Interoperability in Smart Energy Efficient Buildings [p. 338]
E Patti, A Acquaviva, F Abate, A Osello, A Cucuccio, M Jahn, M Jentsch and E Macii

PDF icon Low-power Embedded System for Real-Time Correction of Fish-Eye Automotive Cameras [p. 340]
M Turturici, S Saponara, L Fanucci and E Franchi

PDF icon Mechatronic System for Energy Efficiency in Bus Transport [p. 342]
M Donno, A Ferrari, A Scarpelli, P Perlo and A Bocca

PDF icon Intelligent and Collaborative Embedded Computing in Automation Engineering [p. 344]
M A Al Faruque and A Canedo

4.4: System-Level Power and Reliability Estimation and Optimisation

Moderators: A K Coskun, Boston U, US; J-J Chen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE
PDF icon Variation-Aware Leakage Power Model Extraction for System-Level Hierarchical Power Analysis [p. 346]
Y Xu, B Li, R Hasholzner, B Rohfleisch, C Haubelt and J Teich

PDF icon Runtime Power Estimator Calibration for High-Performance Microprocessors [p. 352]
H Wang, S X-D Tan, X-X Liu and A Gupta

PDF icon Estimation Based Power and Supply Voltage Management for Future RF-Powered Multi-Core Smart Cards [p. 358]
N Druml, C Steger, R Weiss, A Genser and J Haid

PDF icon Application-Specific Memory Partitioning for Joint Energy and Lifetime Optimization [p. 364]
H Mahmood, M Poncino, M Loghi and E Macii

4.5: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - State-of-the-Art Tools and Techniques for Quantitative Modeling and Analysis of Embedded Systems

Moderators: A Legay, INRIA/Rennes, FR
PDF icon State-of-the-art Tools and Techniques for Quantitative Modeling and Analysis of Embedded Systems [p. 370]
M Bozga, A David, A Hartmanns, H Hermanns, K G Larsen, A Legay and J Tretmans

4.6: Compilers and Source-Level Simulation

Moderators: R Rabbah, IBM Research, US; B Franke, Edinburgh U, UK
PDF icon Hybrid Source-Level Simulation of Data Caches Using Abstract Cache Models [p. 376]
S Stattelmann, G Gebhard, C Cullmann, O Bringmann and W Rosenstiel

PDF icon Accurate Source-Level Simulation of Embedded Software with Respect to Compiler Optimizations [p. 382]
Z Wang and J Henkel

PDF icon Scheduling for Register File Energy Minimization in Explicit Datapath Architectures [p. 388]
D She, Y He, B Mesman and H Corporaal

PDF icon Multi-Objective Aware Extraction of Task-Level Parallelism Using Genetic Algorithms [p. 394]
D Cordes and P Marwedel

4.7: Advances in Test Generation

Moderators: G Mrugalski, Mentor Graphics, PL; S Hellebrand, Paderborn U, DE
PDF icon RTL Analysis and Modifications for Improving At-speed Test [p. 400]
K-H Chang, H-Z Chou and I L Markov

PDF icon Test Generation for Clock-Domain Crossing Faults in Integrated Circuits [p. 406]
N Karimi, K Chakrabarty, P Gupta and S Patil

PDF icon A New SBST Algorithm for Testing the Register File of VLIW Processors [p. 412]
D Sabena, M Sonza Reorda and L Sterpone

PDF icon On the Optimality of K Longest Path Generation Algorithm Under Memory Constraints [p. 418]
J Jiang, M Sauer, A Czutro, B Becker and I Polian

5.1: Special Day E-Mobility - Embedded Systems and SW Challenges:

Moderator: S Chakraborty, TU Munich, DE
PDF icon Embedded Systems and Software Challenges in Electric Vehicles [p. 424]
S Chakraborty, M Lukasiewycz, C Buckl, S Fahmy, N Chang, S Park, Y Kim, P Leteinturier and H Adlkofer

5.2: Panel - Accelerators and Emulatiors for HS Verification

Moderator: B Al-Hashimi U of Southampton, UK
PDF icon Accelerators and Emulators: Can They Become the Platform of Choice for Hardware Verification? [p. 430]

5.3: Medical and Healthcare Applications

Moderators: C Van Hoof, IMEC, BE; Y Chen, ETH Zuerich, CH
PDF icon A Closed-loop System for Artifact Mitigation in Ambulatory Electrocardiogram Monitoring [p. 431]
M Shoaib, G Marsh, H Garudadri and S Majumdar

PDF icon Enabling Advanced Inference on Sensor Nodes Through Direct Use of Compressively-sensed Signals [p. 437]
M Shoaib, N K Jha and N Verma

PDF icon A Multi-Parameter Bio-Electric ASIC Sensor with Integrated 2-Wire Data Transmission Protocol for Wearable Healthcare System [p. 443]
G Yang, J Chen, F Jonsson, H Tenhunen and L-R Zheng

5.4: Microarchitecture

Moderators: M Berekovic, TU Braunschweig, DE; T Austin, U of Michigan, US
PDF icon Energy-Efficient Branch Prediction with Compiler-Guided History Stack [p. 449]
M Tan, X Liu, Z Xie, D Tong and X Cheng

PDF icon Toward Virtualizing Branch Direction Prediction [p. 455]
M Sadooghi-Alvandi, K Aasaraai and A Moshovos

PDF icon S/DC: A Storage and Energy Efficient Data Prefetcher [p. 461]
X Dang, X Wang, D Tong, J Lu, J Yi and K Wang

PDF icon An Architecture-Level Approach for Mitigating the Impact of Process Variations on Extensible Processors [p. 467]
M Kamal, A Afzali-Kusha, S Safari and M Pedram

5.5: Shared Memory Management in Multicore

Moderators: C Silvano, Polimi, IT; M Berekovic, TU Braunschweig, DE
PDF icon PCASA: Probabilistic Control-Adjusted Selective Allocation for Shared Caches [p. 473]
K Aisopos, J Moses, R Illikkal, R Iyer and D Newell

PDF icon Dynamic Directories: A Mechanism for Reducing On-Chip Interconnect Power in Multicores [p. 479]
A Das, M Schuchardt, N Hardavellas, G Memik and A Choudhary

PDF icon Dynamic Cache Management in Multi-Core Architectures through Run-time Adaptation [p. 485]
F Hameed, L Bauer and J Henkel

PDF icon Design of a Collective Communication Infrastructure for Barrier Synchronization in Cluster-Based Nanoscale MPSoCs [p. 491]
J L Abellan, J Fernandez, M E Acacio, D Bertozzi, D Bortolotti, A Marongiu and L Benini

5.6: Scheduling and Allocation

Moderators: G Lipari, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, IT; R Kirner, Hertfortshire U, UK
PDF icon Preemption Delay Analysis for Floating Non-Preemptive Region Scheduling [p. 497]
J M Marinho, V Nelis, S M Petters and I Puaut

PDF icon Harmonic Semi-Partitioned Scheduling for Fixed-Priority Real-Time Tasks on Multi-Core Platform [p. 503]
M Fan and G Quan

PDF icon Static Scheduling of a Time-Triggered Network-on-Chip Based on SMT Solving [p. 509]
J Huang, J O Blech, A Raabe, C Buckl and A Knoll

PDF icon Formal Analysis of Sporadic Overload in Real-Time Systems [p. 515]
S Quinton, M Hanke and R Ernst

5.7: Testing of Non-Volatile Memories

Moderators: R Aitken, ARM, US; B Tasic, NXP Semiconductors, NL
PDF icon Error Patterns in MLC NAND Flash Memory: Measurement, Characterization, and Analysis [p. 521]
Y Cai, E F Haratsch, O Mutlu and K Mai

PDF icon Modeling and Testing of Interference Faults in the Nano NAND Flash Memory [p. 527]
J Zha, X Cui and C L Lee

PDF icon Impact of Resistive-Open Defects on the Heat Current of TAS-MRAM Architectures [p. 532]
J Azevedo, A Virazel, A Bosio, L Dilillo, P Girard, A Todri, G Prenat, J Alvarez-Herault and K Mackay

IP2: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Worst-Case Delay Analysis of Variable Bit-Rate Flows in Network-on-Chip with Aggregate Scheduling [p. 538]
F Jafari, A Jantsch and Z Lu

PDF icon Dynamic-Priority Arbiter and Multiplexer Soft Macros for On-Chip Networks Switches [p. 542]
G Dimitrakopoulos and E Kalligeros

PDF icon Low Power Aging-Aware Register File Design by Duty Cycle Balancing [p. 546]
S Wang, T Jin, C Zheng and G Duan

PDF icon PowerAdviser: An RTL Power Platform for Interactive Sequential Optimizations [p. 550]
N Vyagrheswarudu, S Das and A Ranjan

PDF icon Towards Parallel Execution of IEC 61131 Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems Applications [p. 554]
A Canedo and M A Al-Faruque

PDF icon A Scan Pattern Debugger for Partial Scan Industrial Designs [p. 558]
K Chandrasekar, S K Misra, S Sengupta and M S Hsiao

PDF icon FAST-GP: An RTL Functional Verification Framework Based on Fault Simulation on GP-GPUs [p. 562]
N Bombieri, F Fummi and V Guarnieri

PDF icon Exploiting Binary Translation for Fast ASIP Design Space Exploration on FPGAs [p. 566]
S Pomata, P Meloni, G Tuveri, L Raffo and M Lindwer

PDF icon Design of a Low-Energy Data Processing Architecture for WSN Nodes [p. 570]
C Walravens and W Dehaene

PDF icon Application-Specific Power-Efficient Approach for Reducing Register File Vulnerability [p. 574]
H Tabkhi and G Schirner

PDF icon On-line Scheduling of Target Sensitive Periodic Tasks with the Gravitational Task Model [p. 578]
R Guerra and G Fohler

PDF icon Online Scheduling for Multi-Core Shared Reconfigurable Fabric [p. 582]
L Chen, T Marconi and T Mitra

PDF icon SCFIT: A FPGA-based Fault Injection Technique for SEU Fault Model [p. 586]
A Mohammadi, M Ebrahimi, A Ejlali and S G Miremadi

6.1: PANEL - Role of EDA in the Development of Electric Vehicles (Special Day E-Mobility)

Moderator: O Bringmann, FZI Research Center for Information Technology, Karlsruhe, DE
PDF icon E-MOBILITY PANEL - Role of EDA in the Development of Electric Vehicles [p. 590]

6.1.2: Keynote

PDF icon Research and Innovation on Advanced Computing - an EU Perspective [p. 591]
T Van der Pyl, Director Components and Systems, European Commission

6.2: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - Memristor Technology

Moderator: R Tetzlaff, TU Dresden, DE
PDF icon Memristor Technology in Future Electronic System Design [p. 592]
R Tetzlaff, A Bruening, L O Chua, R S Williams

6.3: Thermal Aware Low Power Design

Moderators: A Macii, Politecnico di Torino, IT; A Garcia-Ortiz, Bremen U, DE
PDF icon TempoMP: Integrated Prediction and Management of Temperature in Heterogeneous MPSoCs [p. 593]
S Sharifi, R Ayoub and T Simunic Rosing

PDF icon Thermal Balancing of Liquid-Cooled 3D-MPSoCs Using Channel Modulation [p. 599]
M M Sabry, A Sridhar and D Atienza

PDF icon Statistical Thermal Modeling and Optimization Considering Leakage Power Variations [p. 605]
D-C Juan, Y-L Chuang, D Marculescu, Y-W Chang

PDF icon Analysis and Runtime Management of 3D Systems with Stacked DRAM for Boosting Energy Efficiency [p. 611]
J Meng and A K Coskun

6.4: Basic Techniques for Improving the Formal Verification Flow

Moderators: M Wedler, Kaiserslautern U, DE; G Cabodi, Politecnico di Torino, IT
PDF icon A Guiding Coverage Metric for Formal Verification [p. 617]
F Haedicke, D Grosse and R Drechsler

PDF icon Verification of Partial Designs Using Incremental QBF Solving [p. 623]
P Marin, C Miller, M Lewis and B Becker

PDF icon Non-Solution Implications Using Reverse Domination in a Modern SAT-based Debugging Environment [p. 629]
B Le, H Mangassarian, B Keng and A Veneris

6.5: System-on-Chip Composition and Synthesis

Moderators: T Stefanov, Leiden U, NL; D Sciuto, Politecnico di Milano, IT
PDF icon Optimizing Performance Analysis for Synchronous Dataflow Graphs with Shared Resources [p. 635]
D Thiele and R Ernst

PDF icon Compositional System-Level Design Exploration with Planning of High-Level Synthesis [p. 641]
H-Y Liu, M Petracca and L P Carloni

PDF icon Correct-by-Construction Multi-Component SoC Design [p. 647]
R Sinha, P S Roop, Z Salcic and S Basu

6.6: Timing Analysis

Moderators: P Puschner, TU Wien, AT; S M Petters, CISTER-ISEP, PT
PDF icon Model Checking of Scenario-Aware Dataflow with CADP [p. 653]
B Theelen, J-P Katoen and H Wu

PDF icon An Instruction Scratchpad Memory Allocation for the Precision Timed Architecture [p. 659]
A Prakash and H D Patel

PDF icon Bounding WCET of Applications Using SDRAM with Priority Based Budget Scheduling in MPSoCs [p. 665]
H Shah, A Raabe and A Knoll

PDF icon Time Analysable Synchronisation Techniques for Parallelised Hard Real-Time Applications [p. 671]
M Gerdes, F Kluge, T Ungerer, C Rochange and P Sainrat

6.7: HOT TOPIC - Design for Test and Reliability in Ultimate CMOS

Moderator: L Anghel, TIMA, FR
PDF icon Design for Test and Reliability in Ultimate CMOS [p. 677]
M Nicolaidis, L Anghel, N-E Zergainoh, Y Zorian, T Karnik, K Bowman, J Tschanz, S-L Lu, C Tokunaga, A Raychowdhury, M Khellah, J Kulkarni, V De and D Avresky

7.1: HOT TOPIC - Energy of Optimization (Special Day E-Mobility)

Moderator: K Knoedler, Robert Bosch GmbH, Heilbronn, DE
PDF icon Optimal Energy Management and Recovery for FEV [p. 683]
K Knoedler, J Steinmann, S Laversanne, S Jones, A Huss, E Kural, D Sanchez, O Bringmann, J Zimmermann

7.2: HOT TOPIC - Virtual Platforms: Breaking New Grounds

Moderators: S A Huss, TU Darmstadt, DE
PDF icon Virtual Platforms: Breaking New Grounds [p. 685]
R Leupers, G Martin, R Plyaskin, A Herkersdorf, F Schirrmeister, T Kogel, M Vaupel

7.3: Multimedia and Consumer Applications

Moderators: T Theocharides, Cyprus U, CY; F Kienle, TU Kaiserslautern, DE
PDF icon An FPGA-based Accelerator for Cortical Object Classification [p. 691]
M S Park, S Kestur, J Sabarad, V Narayanan and M J Irwin

PDF icon Power-Efficient Error-Resiliency for H.264/AVC Context-Adaptive Variable Length Coding [p. 697]
M Shafique, B Zatt, S Rehman, F Kriebel and J Henkel

PDF icon Towards Accurate Hardware Stereo Correspondence: A Real-Time FPGA Implementation of a Segmentation-Based Adaptive Support Weight Algorithm [p. 703]
C Ttofis and T Theocharides

PDF icon An FPGA-based Parallel Processor for Black-Scholes Option Pricing Using Finite Differences Schemes [p. 709]
G Chatziparaskevas, A Brokalakis and I Papaefstathiou

7.4: Nanoelectronic Devices

Moderators: S Garg, Toronto U, CA; C Nicopoulos, Cyprus U, CY
PDF icon A SAT-based Fitness Function for Evolutionary Optimization of Polymorphic Circuits [p. 715]
L Sekanina and Z Vasicek

PDF icon Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Based Design of All Optical Reversible Binary Adder [p. 721]
S Kotiyal, H Thapliyal and N Ranganathan

PDF icon Weighted Area Technique for Electromechanically Enabled Logic Computation with Cantilever-Based NEMS Switches [p. 727]
S Patil, M-W Jang, C-L Chen, D Lee, Z Ye, W E Partlo III, D J Lilja, S A Campbell and T Cui

7.5: High Level and Statistical Design of Mixed-Signal Systems

Moderators: C Dehollain, EPF Lausanne, CH; D Morche, CEA-LETI, FR
PDF icon Response-surface-based Design Space Exploration and Optimization of Wireless Sensor Nodes with Tunable Energy Harvesters [p. 733]
L Wang, T J Kazmierski, B M Al-Hashimi, M Aloufi and J Wenninger

PDF icon Holistic Modeling of Embedded Systems with Multi-Discipline Feedback: Application to a Precollision Mitigation Braking System [p. 739]
A Leveque, F Pecheux, M-M Louerat, H Aboushady, F Cenni, S Scotti, A Massouri and L Clavier

PDF icon Hierarchical Analog Circuit Reliability Analysis Using Multivariate Nonlinear Regression and Active Learning Sample Selection [p. 745]
E Maricau, D De Jonghe and G Gielen

PDF icon A Fast Analog Circuit Yield Estimation Method for Medium and High Dimensional Problems [p. 751]
B Liu, J Messaoudi and G Gielen

PDF icon Fast Isomorphism Testing for a Graph-based Analog Circuit Synthesis Framework [p. 757]
M Meissner, O Mitea, L Luy and L Hedrich

7.6: Advances in Dataflow Modeling and Analysis

Moderators: C Haubelt, Rostock U, DE; L S Indrusiak, York U, UK
PDF icon Design of Streaming Applications on MPSoCs Using Abstract Clocks [p. 763]
A Gamatie

PDF icon SPDF: A Schedulable Parametric Data-Flow MoC [p. 769]
P Fradet, A Girault and P Poplavko

PDF icon Modeling Static-Order Schedules in Synchronous Dataflow Graphs [p. 775]
M Damavandpeyma, S Stuijk, T Basten, M Geilen and H Corporaal

PDF icon Design Space Pruning through Hybrid Analysis in System-level Design Space Exploration [p. 781]
R Piscitelli and A D Pimentel

7.7: Test and Repair of New Technologies

Moderators: J Tyszer, TU Poznan, PL; H-J Wunderlich, Stuttgart U, DE
PDF icon Test Pin Count Reduction for NoC-based Test Delivery in Multicore SOCs [p. 787]
M Richter and K Chakrabarty

PDF icon On Effective TSV Repair for 3D-Stacked ICs [p. 793]
L Jiang, Q Xu and B Eklow

PDF icon DfT Schemes for Resistive Open Defects in RRAMs [p. 799]
N Z Haron and S Hamdioui

7.8: HOT TOPIC - New Directions in Timing Modeling and Analysis of Automotive Software

Moderator: W Mueller, U Paderborn, DE
PDF icon Timing Modeling with AUTOSAR - Current State and Future Directions [p. 805]
M-A Peraldi-Frati, H Blom, D Karlsson and S Kuntz

PDF icon Challenges and New Trends in Probabilistic Timing Analysis [p. 810]
S Quinton, R Ernst, D Bertrand and P Meumeu Yomsi

IP3: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon QBF-Based Boolean Function Bi-Decomposition [p. 816]
H Chen, M Janota and J Marques-Silva

PDF icon Automatic Transition Between Structural System Views in a Safety Relevant Embedded Systems Development Process [p. 820]
C Ellen, C Etzien and M Oertel

PDF icon Towards New Applications of Multi-Function Logic: Image Multi-Filtering [p. 824]
L Sekanina and V Salajka

PDF icon Memory-Map Selection for Firm Real-Time SDRAM Controllers [p. 828]
S Goossens, T Kouters, B Akesson and K Goossens

PDF icon Real-time Implementation and Performance Optimization of 3D Sound Localization on GPUs [p. 832]
Y Liang, Z Cui, S Zhao, K Rupnow, Y Zhang, D L Jones and D Chen

PDF icon Impact of TSV Area on the Dynamic Range and Frame Rate Performance of 3D-Integrated Image Sensors [p. 836]
A Xhakoni, D San Segundo Bello and G Gielen

PDF icon Minimizing the Latency of Quantum Circuits during Mapping to the Ion-Trap Circuit Fabric [p. 840]
M J Dousti and M Pedram

PDF icon Voltage Propagation Method for 3-D Power Grid Analysis [p. 844]
C Zhang, V F Pavlidis and G De Micheli

PDF icon Yield Optimization for Radio Frequency Receiver at System Level [p. 848]
S A Nazin, D Morche and A Reinhardt

PDF icon Parallel Statistical Analysis of Analog Circuits by GPU-accelerated Graph-based Approach [p. 852]
X-X Liu, S X-D Tan and H Wang

PDF icon Automated Critical Device Identification for Configurable Analogue Transistors [p. 858]
R Rudolf, P Taatizadeh, R Wilcock and P Wilson

PDF icon Analysis of Multi-Domain Scenarios for Optimized Dynamic Power Management Strategies [p. 862]
J Zimmermann, O Bringmann and W Rosenstiel

PDF icon PUF-based Secure Test Wrapper Design for Cryptographic SoC Testing [p. 866]
A Das, U Kocabas, A-R Sadeghi and I Verbauwhede

8.1: HOT TOPIC - Robustness Challenges in Automotive (Special Day E-Mobility)

Moderator: J Lau, Infineon, DE
PDF icon Complexity, Quality and Robustness - The Challenges of Tomorrow's Automotive Electronics [p. 870]
U Abelein, H Lochner, D Hahn and S Straube

PDF icon Measuring and Improving the Robustness of Automotive Smart Power Microelectronics [p. 872]
T Nirmaier, V Meyer zu Bexten, M Tristl, M Harrant, M Kunze, M Rafaila, J Lau, G Pelz

8.2: PANEL - EDA for Trailing Edge Technologies

Moderator: P Rolandi STMicroelectronics Italy
PDF icon Panel: What Is EDA Doing for Trailing Edge Technologies? [p. 874]
Panelists: A Bruening, A Domic, R Kress, J Sawicki and C Sebeke

8.3: Innovative Reliable Systems and Applications

Moderators: J Ayala, Madrid Complutense U, ES; M D Santambrogio, Politecnico di Milano, IT
PDF icon Reli: Hardware/Software Checkpoint and Recovery Scheme for Embedded Processors [p. 875]
T Li, R Ragel and S Parameswaran

PDF icon A Cross-Layer Approach for New Reliability-Performance Trade-Offs in MLC NAND Flash Memories [p. 881]
C Zambelli, M Indaco, M Fabiano, S Di Carlo, P Prinetto, P Olivo and D Bertozzi

PDF icon A Resilient Architecture for Low Latency Communication in Shared-L1 Processor Clusters [p. 887]
M R Kakoee, I Loi and L Benini

PDF icon Performance-Reliability Tradeoff Analysis for Multithreaded Applications [p. 893]
I Oz, H R Topcuoglu, M Kandemir and O Tosun

8.4: Advances in Formal SoC Verification

Moderators: D Grosse, Bremen U, DE; F Rahim, Atrenta, FR
PDF icon Efficient Groebner Basis Reductions for Formal Verification of Galois Field Multipliers [p. 899]
J Lv, P Kalla and F Enescu

PDF icon Scalable Progress Verification in Credit-Based Flow-Control Systems [p. 905]
S Ray and R K Brayton

PDF icon Formal Methods for Ranking Counterexamples through Assumption Mining [p. 911]
S Mitra, A Banerjee and P Dasgupta

8.5: Variability and Delay

Moderators: S Sapatnekar, Minnesota U, US; J Cortadella, UP Catalunya, ES
PDF icon Transistor-Level Gate Model Based Statistical Timing Analysis Considering Correlations [p. 917]
Q Tang, A Zjajo, M Berkelaar and N van der Meijs

PDF icon Current Source Modeling for Power and Timing Analysis at Different Supply Voltages [p. 923]
C Knoth, H Jedda and U Schlichtmann

PDF icon Clock Skew Scheduling for Timing Speculation [p. 929]
R Ye, F Yuan, H Zhou and Q Xu

8.6: System-Level Optimization of Embedded Real-Time Systems

Moderators: J Teich, Erlangen-Nuremberg U, DE; J-J Chen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE
PDF icon Robust and Flexible Mapping for Real-time Distributed Applications during the Early Design Phases [p. 935]
J Gan, P Pop, F Gruian and J Madsen

PDF icon A Methodology for Automated Design of Hard-Real-Time Embedded Streaming Systems [p. 941]
M A Bamakhrama, J T Zhai, H Nikolov and T Stefanov

PDF icon Co-Design Techniques for Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems with Communication Security Constraints [p. 947]
K Jiang, P Eles and Z Peng

8.7: On-Line Test for Secure Systems

Moderators: X Vera, Intel Labs Barcelona, ES; J Abella, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, ES
PDF icon Logic Encryption: A Fault Analysis Perspective [p. 953]
J Rajendran, Y Pino, O Sinanoglu and R Karri

PDF icon Low-Cost Implementations of On-the-Fly Tests for Random Number Generators [p. 959]
F Veljkovic, V Rozic and I Verbauwhede

PDF icon Post-Deployment Trust Evaluation in Wireless Cryptographic ICs [p. 965]
Y Jin, D Maliuk and Y Makris

8.8: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - Batteries and Battery Management Systems

Moderators: L Fanucci, U Pisa, IT; H Gall, austriamicrosystems, AT
PDF icon Batteries and Battery Management Systems for Electric Vehicles [p. 971]
M Brandl, H Gall, M Wenger, V Lorentz, M Giegerich, F Baronti, G Fantechi, L Fanucci, R Roncella, R Saletti, S Saponara, A Thaler, M Cifrain and W Prochazka

9.2: SPECIAL SESSION - From Ultra-Low-Power Multi-Core Design to Exascale Computing

Moderators: R Hermida, UCM Madrid, ES; T Simunic Rosing, UCSD, US
PDF icon Power Management of Multi-Core Chips: Challenges and Pitfalls [p. 977]
P Bose, A Buyuktosunoglu, J A Darringer, M S Gupta, M B Healy, H Jacobson, I Nair, J A Rivers, J Shin, A Vega, A J Weger

PDF icon P2012: Building an Ecosystem for a Scalable, Modular and High-Efficiency Embedded Computing Accelerator [p. 983]
L Benini, E Flamand, D Fuin and D Melpignano

PDF icon Multi-Core Architecture Design for Ultra-Low-Power Wearable Health Monitoring Systems [p. 988]
A Y Dogan, J Constantin, M Ruggiero, A Burg and D Atienza

PDF icon Reducing the Energy Cost of Computing through Efficient Co-Scheduling of Parallel Workloads [p. 994]
C Hankendi and A K Coskun

9.3: Architecture and Building Blocks for Secure Systems

Moderators: L Fesquet, TIMA Laboratory, FR; L Torres, LIRMM, FR
PDF icon SAFER PATH: Security Architecture Using Fragmented Execution and Replication for Protection against Trojaned Hardware [p. 1000]
M Beaumont, B Hopkins and T Newby

PDF icon ASIC Implementations of Five SHA-3 Finalists [p. 1006]
X Guo, M Srivastav, S Huang, D Ganta, M B Henry, L Nazhandali and P Schaumont

PDF icon Side Channel Analysis of the SHA-3 Finalists [p. 1012]
M Zohner, M Kasper, M Stoettinger and S A Huss

9.4: Advances in High-Level Synthesis

Moderators: G Coutinho, ICL, UK; P Coussy, Bretagne-Sud U, FR
PDF icon Combining Module Selection and Replication for Throughput-Driven Streaming Programs [p. 1018]
J Cong, M Huang, B Liu, P Zhang and Y Zou

PDF icon Exploiting Area/Delay Tradeoffs in High-Level Synthesis [p. 1024]
A Kondratyev, L Lavagno, M Meyer and Y Watanabe

PDF icon Predicting Best Design Trade-offs: A Case Study in Processor Customization [p. 1030]
M Zuluaga, E Bonilla and N Topham

9.5: Supply Voltage and Circuitry Based Power Reductions

Moderators: M Lopez-Vallejo, UP Madrid, ES; W Nebel, Oldenburg U and OFFIS, DE
PDF icon Automatic Design of Low-Power Encoders Using Reversible Circuit Synthesis [p. 1036]
R Wille, R Drechsler, C Osewold and A Garcia-Ortiz

PDF icon Ultra Low Power Litho Friendly Local Assist Circuitry for Variability Resilient 8T SRAM [p. 1042]
V Sharma, S Cosemans, M Ashouei, J Huisken, F Catthoor and W Dehaene

PDF icon Sliding-Mode Control to Compensate PVT Variations in Dual Core Systems [p. 1048]
H R Pourshaghaghi, H Fatemi and J Pineda de Gyvez

PDF icon MAPG: Memory Access Power Gating [p. 1054]
K Jeong, A B Kahng, S Kang, T S Rosing and R Strong

PDF icon State of Health Aware Charge Management in Hybrid Electrical Energy Storage Systems [p. 1060]
Q Xie, X Lin, Y Wang, M Pedram, D Shin and N Chang

9.6: Creation and Processing of System-level Models

Moderators: E Villar, Cantabria U, ES; J Haase, TU Wien, AT
PDF icon Automated Construction of a Cycle-Approximate Transaction Level Model of a Memory Controller [p. 1066]
V Todorov, D Mueller-Gritschneder, H Reinig and U Schlichtmann

PDF icon Refinement of UML/MARTE Models for the Design of Networked Embedded Systems [p. 1072]
E Ebeid, F Fummi, D Quaglia and F Stefanni

PDF icon Debugging of Inconsistent UML/OCL Models [p. 1078]
R Wille, M Soeken and R Drechsler

9.7: Test and Monitoring of RF and Mixed-Signal ICs

Moderators: S Sattler, Erlangen-Nuremberg U, DE; H Stratigopoulos, IMAG / CNRS, FR
PDF icon An Analytical Technique for Characterization of Transceiver IQ Imbalances in the Loop-Back Mode [p. 1084]
A Nassery and S Ozev

PDF icon Testing RF Circuits with True Non-Intrusive Built-In Sensors [p. 1090]
L Abdallah, H-G Stratigopoulos, S Mir and J Altet

PDF icon Monitoring Active Filters under Automotive Aging Scenarios with Embedded Instrument [p. 1096]
J Wan and H G Kerkhoff

IP4: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Analysis of Instruction-level Vulnerability to Dynamic Voltage and Temperature Variations [p. 1102]
A Rahimi, L Benini and R K Gupta

PDF icon CrashTest'ing SWAT: Accurate, Gate-Level Evaluation of Symptom-Based Resiliency Solutions [p. 1106]
A Pellegrini, R Smolinski, L Chen, X Fu, S K S Hari, J Jiang, S V Adve, T Austin and V Bertacco

PDF icon A Hybrid HW-SW Approach for Intermittent Error Mitigation in Streaming-Based Embedded Systems [p. 1110]
M M Sabry, D Atienza and F Catthoor

PDF icon Probabilistic Response Time Bound for CAN Messages with Arbitrary Deadlines [p. 1114]
P Axer, M Sebastian and R Ernst

PDF icon Exploring Pausible Clocking Based GALS Design for 40-nm System Integration [p. 1118]
X Fan, M Kristic, E Grass, B Sanders and C Heer

PDF icon Static Analysis of Asynchronous Clock Domain Crossings [p. 1122]
S Chaturvedi

PDF icon A Scalable GPU-based Approach to Accelerate the Multiple-Choice Knapsack Problem [p. 1126]
B Suri, U D Bordoloi and P Eles

PDF icon Enhancing Non-Linear Kernels by an Optimized Memory Hierarchy in a High Level Synthesis Flow [p. 1130]
S Mancini and F Rousseau

PDF icon Workload-Aware Voltage Regulator Optimization for Power Efficient Multi-Core Processors [p. 1134]
A A Sinkar, H Wang and N S Kim

PDF icon An Energy Efficient DRAM Subsystem for 3D Integrated SoCs [p. 1138]
C Weis, I Loi, L Benini and N Wehn

PDF icon Eliminating Invariants in UML/OCL Models [p. 1142]
M Soeken, R Wille and R Drechsler

PDF icon On-Chip Source Synchronous Interface Timing Test Scheme with Calibration [p. 1146]
H Kim and J A Abraham

10.1: Special Day More-than-Moore: Technologies

Moderators: M Brillouët, CEA-Leti, FR
PDF icon ITRS 2011 Analog EDA Challenges and Approaches - Invited Paper [p. 1150]
H Graeb

PDF icon UWB: Innovative Architectures Enable Disruptive Low Power Wireless Applications - Invited Paper [p. 1160]
D Morche, M Pelissier, G Masson and P Vincent

10.2: Pathways to Servers of the Future

Moderator: G Fettweis, TU Dresden, DE
PDF icon Pathways to Servers of the Future - Highly Adaptive Energy Efficient Computing (HAEC) [p. 1161]
G Fettweis, W Nagel and W Lehner

10.3: Side-Channel Analysis and Protection of Secure Embedded Systems

Moderators: F Regazzoni, ALaRI, CH; P Schaumont, Virginia Tech, US
PDF icon Amplitude Demodulation-based EM Analysis of Different RSA Implementations [p. 1167]
G Perin, L Torres, P Benoit and P Maurine

PDF icon RSM: A Small and Fast Countermeasure for AES, Secure against First- and Second-order Zero-Offset SCAs [p. 1173]
M Nassar, Y Souissi, S Guilley and J-L Danger

PDF icon Revealing Side-Channel Issues of Complex Circuits by Enhanced Leakage Models [p. 1179]
A Heuser, W Schindler and M Stoettinger

10.4: Topics in High-Level Synthesis

Moderators: K Bertels, TU Delft, NL; P Brisk, UC Riverside, US
PDF icon 3DHLS: Incorporating High-Level Synthesis in Physical Planning of Three-Dimensional (3D) ICs [p. 1185]
Y Chen, G Sun, Q Zou and Y Xie

PDF icon Multi-Token Resource Sharing for Pipelined Asynchronous Systems [p. 1191]
J Hansen and M Singh

PDF icon Design of Low-Complexity Digital Finite Impulse Response Filters on FPGAs [p. 1197]
L Aksoy, E Costa, P Flores and J Monteiro

10.5: Modeling of Complex Analogue and Digital Systems

Moderators: T Kazmierski, Southampton U, UK; N van der Meijs, TU Delft, NL
PDF icon An Efficient Framework for Passive Compact Dynamical Modeling of Multiport Linear Systems [p. 1203]
Z Mahmood, R Suaya and L Daniel

PDF icon Analysis and Design of Sub-Harmonically Injection Locked Oscillators [p. 1209]
A Neogy and J Roychowdhury

PDF icon Design of an Intrinsically-Linear Double- VCO-based ADC with 2nd-order Noise Shaping [p. 1215]
P Gao, X Xing, J Craninckx and G Gielen

PDF icon Large Signal Simulation of Integrated Inductors on Semi-Conducting Substrates [p. 1221]
W Schoenmaker, M Matthes, B De Smedt, S Baumanns, C Tischendorf and R Janssen

10.6: Cyber-Physical Systems

Moderators: P Eles, Linkoping U, SE; R Ernst, TU Braunschweig, DE
PDF icon Time-triggered Implementations of Mixed-Criticality Automotive Software [p. 1227]
D Goswami, M Lukasiewycz, R Schneider and S Chakraborty

PDF icon Timing Analysis of Cyber-Physical Applications for Hybrid Communication Protocols [p. 1233]
A Masrur, D Goswami, S Chakraborty, J-J Chen, A Annaswamy and A Banerjee

PDF icon A Cyberphysical Synthesis Approach for Error Recovery in Digital Microfluidic Biochips [p. 1239]
Y Luo, K Chakrabarty and T-Y Ho

PDF icon Predictive Control of Networked Control Systems over Differentiated Services Lossy Networks [p. 1245]
R Muradore, D Quaglia and P Fiorini

10.7: On-Line Test and Fault Tolerance

Moderators: D Gizopoulos, Athens U, GR; M Nicolaidis, TIMA Laboratory, FR
PDF icon Input Vector Monitoring on Line Concurrent BIST Based on Multilevel Decoding Logic [p. 1251]
I Voyiatzis

PDF icon High Performance Reliable Variable Latency Carry Select Addition [p. 1257]
K Du, P Varman and K Mohanram

PDF icon Salvaging Chips with Caches beyond Repair [p. 1263]
H Hsuing, B Cha and S K Gupta

PDF icon Mitigating Lifetime Underestimation: A System-Level Approach Considering Temperature Variations and Correlations between Failure Mechanisms [p. 1269]
K-C Wu, M-C Lee, D Marculescu and S-C Wang

10.8: EMBEDDED TUTORIAL - Moore Meets Maxwell

Moderator: R Camposano, Nimbic Inc., US
PDF icon Moore Meets Maxwell [p. 1275]
R Camposano, D Gope, S Grivet-Talocia and V Jandhyala

11.1: SPECIAL DAY MORE-THAN-MOORE: Heterogeneous Integration

Moderator: M Brillouët, CEA-Leti, FR
PDF icon Challenges and Emerging Solutions in Testing TSV-Based 2 1/2D-and 3D-Stacked ICs - Invited Paper [p. 1277]
E J Marinissen

11.2: The Quest for NoC Performance

Moderators: D Bertozzi, Ferrara U, IT; C Seiculescu, EPF Lausanne, CH
PDF icon A TDM NoC Supporting QoS, Multicast, and Fast Connection Set-Up [p. 1283]
R Stefan, A Molnos, A Ambrose and K Goossens

PDF icon Parallel Probing: Dynamic and Constant Time Setup Procedure in Circuit Switching NoC [p. 1289]
S Liu, A Jantsch and Z Lu

PDF icon A Flit-level Speedup Scheme for Network-on-Chips Using Self-Reconfigurable Bi-directional Channels [p. 1295]
Z Qian, Y F Teh and C-Y Tsui

11.3: Emerging Memory Technologies (1)

Moderators: G Sun, Peking U, CN; Y Liu, Tsinghua U, CN
PDF icon Spintronic Memristor Based Temperature Sensor Design with CMOS Current Reference [p. 1301]
X Bi, C Zhang, H Li, Y Chen and R E Pino

PDF icon 3D-FlashMap: A Physical-Location-Aware Block Mapping Strategy for 3D NAND Flash Memory [p. 1307]
Y Wang, L A D Bathen, Z Shao and N D Dutt

PDF icon Asymmetry of MTJ Switching and Its Implication to STT-RAM Designs [p. 1313]
Y Zhang, X Wang, Y Li, A K Jones and Y Chen

11.4: Physical Anchors for Secure Systems

Moderators: L Torres, LIRMM, FR; V Fischer, Hubert Curien Laboratory, FR
PDF icon Comparative Analysis of SRAM Memories Used as PUF Primitives [p. 1319]
G-J Schrijen and V van der Leest

PDF icon Comparison of Self-Timed Ring and Inverter Ring Oscillators as Entropy Sources in FPGAs [p. 1325]
A Cherkaoui, V Fischer, A Aubert and L Fesquet

PDF icon A Sensor-Assisted Self-Authentication Framework for Hardware Trojan Detection [p. 1331]
M Li, A Davoodi and M Tehranipoor

11.5: Analogue Design Validation

Moderators: M Zwolinski, Southampton U, UK; J Raik, TU Tallin, EE
PDF icon Towards Improving Simulation of Analog Circuits Using Model Order Reduction [p. 1337]
H Aridhi, M H Zaki and S Tahar

PDF icon Efficiency Evaluation of Parametric Failure Mitigation Techniques for Reliable SRAM Operation [p. 1343]
E I Vatajelu and J Figueras

PDF icon A GPU-Accelerated Envelope-Following Method for Switching Power Converter Simulation [p. 1349]
X-X Liu, S X-D Tan, H Wang and H Yu

PDF icon Simulation of the Steady State of Oscillators in the Time Domain [p. 1355]
H G Brachtendorf, K Bittner and R Laur

11.6: Techniques and Technologies Power Aware Reconfiguration

Moderators: M Platzner, Paderborn U, DE; D Goehringer, Fraunhofer Institute, DE
PDF icon Nano-Electro-Mechanical Relays for FPGA Routing: Experimental Demonstration and a Design Technique [p. 1361]
C Chen, W S Lee, R Parsa, S Chong, J Provine, J Watt, R T Howe, H-S P Wong and S Mitra

PDF icon State-based Full Predication for Low Power Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture [p. 1367]
K Han, S Park and K Choi

PDF icon UPaRC -- Ultra-Fast Power-aware Reconfiguration Controller [p. 1373]
R Bonamy, H-M Pham, S Pillement and D Chillet

PDF icon Using Multi-objective Design Space Exploration to Enable Run-time Resource Management for Reconfigurable Architectures [p. 1379]
G Mariani, V-M Sima, G Palermo, V Zaccaria, C Silvano and K Bertels

11.7: Rise and Fall of Layout

Moderators: R Otten, TU Eindhoven, NL; P Groeneveld, Magma Design Automation, US
PDF icon VLSI Legalization with Minimum Perturbation by Iterative Augmentation [p. 1385]
U Brenner

PDF icon Agglomerative-Based Flip-Flop Merging with Signal Wirelength Optimization [p. 1391]
S S-Y Liu, C-J Lee and H-M Chen

PDF icon Fixed Origin Corner Square Inspection Layout Regularity Metric [p. 1397]
M Pons, M Morgan and C Piguet

11.8: HOT TOPIC - Programmability and Performance Portability of Multi-/Many-Core

Moderator: C Kessler, Linkoping U, SE
PDF icon Programmability and Performance Portability Aspects of Heterogeneous Multi-/Manycore Systems [p. 1403]
C Kessler, U Dastgeer, S Thibault, R Namyst, A Richards, U Dolinsky, S Benkner, J L Traff and S Pllana

IP5: Interactive Presentations

PDF icon Efficient Variation-Aware EM-Semiconductor Coupled Solver for the TSV Structures in 3D IC [p. 1409]
Y Xu, W Yu, Q Chen, L Jiang and N Wong

PDF icon Verifying Jitter in an Analog and Mixed Signal Design Using Dynamic Time Warping [p. 1413]
R Narayanan, A Daghar, M H Zaki and S Tahar

PDF icon MEDS: Mockup Electronic Data Sheets for Automated Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems Using Digital Mockups [p. 1417]
B Miller, F Vahid and T Givargis

PDF icon Component-Based and Aspect-Oriented Methodology and Tool for Real-Time Embedded Control Systems Design [p. 1421]
R Hamouche and R Kocik

PDF icon Cyber-Physical Cloud Computing: The Binding and Migration Problem [p. 1425]
C Kirsch, E Pereira, R Sengupta, H Chen, R Hansen, J Huang, F Landolt, M Lippautz, A Rottmann, R Swick, R Trummer, and D Vizzini

PDF icon An Adaptive Approach for Online Fault Management in Many-Core Architectures [p. 1429]
C Bolchini, A Miele and D Sciuto

PDF icon An Hybrid Architecture to Detect Transient Faults in Microprocessors: An Experimental Validation [p. 1433]
S Campagna and M Violante

PDF icon Evaluation of a New RFID System Performance Monitoring Approach [p. 1439]
G Fritz, V Beroulle, O-E-K Aktouf and D Hely

PDF icon A Framework for Simulating Hybrid MTJ/CMOS Circuits: Atoms to System Approach [p. 1443]
G Panagopoulos, C Augustine and K Roy

PDF icon A Block-Level Flash Memory Management Scheme for Reducing Write Activities in PCM-based Embedded Systems [p. 1447]
D Liu, T Wang, Y Wang, Z Qin and Z Shao

PDF icon Architecting a Common-Source-Line Array for Bipolar Non-Volatile Memory Devices [p. 1451]
B Zhao, J Yang, Y Zhang, Y Chen and H Li

PDF icon Layout-Aware Optimization of STT MRAMs [p. 1455]
S K Gupta, S P Park, N N Mojumder and K Roy

PDF icon Characterization of the Bistable Ring PUF [p. 1459]
Q Chen, G Csaba, P Lugli, U Schlichtmann and U Ruehrmair

PDF icon An Operational Matrix-Based Algorithm for Simulating Linear and Fractional Differential Circuits [p. 1463]
Y Wang, H Liu, G K H Pang and N Wong

PDF icon A Flexible and Fast Software Implementation of the FFT on the BPE Platform [p. 1467]
T Cupaiuolo and D Lo Iacono

PDF icon Hierarchical Propagation of Geometric Constraints for Full-Custom Physical Design of ICs [p. 1471]
M Mittag, A Krinke, G Jerke and W Rosenstiel

PDF icon Double-Patterning Friendly Grid-Based Detailed Routing with Online Conflict Resolution [p. 1475]
I S Abed and A G Wassal

PDF icon Design and Analysis of Via-Configurable Routing Fabrics for Structured ASICs [p. 1479]
H-P Tsai, R-B Lin and L-C Lai


Moderator: M Brillouët, CEA-Leti, FR
PDF icon Towards A Wireless Medic Smart Card - Invited Paper [p. 1483]
S Krone, B Almeroth, F Guderian and G Fettweis

12.2: The Frontier of NoC Design

Moderators: K Goossens, TU Eindhoven, NL; S Murali, IMEC India, CH
PDF icon A Fast, Source-Synchronous Ring-based Network-on-Chip Design [p. 1489]
A Mandal, S P Khatri and R N Mahapatra

PDF icon Area Efficient Asynchronous SDM Routers Using 2-Stage Clos Switches [p. 1495]
W Song, D Edwards, J Garside and W J Bainbridge

PDF icon Power-Efficient Calibration and Reconfiguration for On-Chip Optical Communication [p. 1501]
Y Zheng, P Lisherness, M Gao, J Bovington, S Yang and K-T Cheng

12.3: Emerging Memory Technologies (2)

Moderators: H Li, NYU, US; Z Shao, The Hong Kong Polytechnic U, CN
PDF icon Modeling and Design Exploration of FBDRAM as On-chip Memory [p. 1507]
G Sun, C Xu and Y Xie

PDF icon Bloom Filter-based Dynamic Wear Leveling for Phase-Change RAM [p. 1513]
J Yun, S Lee and S Yoo

PDF icon A Compression-based Area-efficient Recovery Architecture for Nonvolatile Processors [p. 1519]
Y Wang, Y Liu, Y Liu, D Zhang, S Li, B Sai, M-F Chiang and H Yang

12.4: Digital Communication Systems

Moderators: F Kienle, TU Kaiserslautern, DE; F Clermidy, CEA-LETI, FR
PDF icon A Network-on-Chip-based Turbo/LDPC Decoder Architecture [p. 1525]
C Condo, M Martina and G Masera

PDF icon A Complexity Adaptive Channel Estimator for Low Power [p. 1531]
Z Yu, C H van Berkel and H Li

PDF icon A High Performance Split-Radix FFT with Constant Geometry Architecture [p. 1537]
J Kwong and M Goel

12.5: Architecture and Networks for Adative Computing

Moderators: F Ferrandi, Politecnico di Milano, IT; S Niar, Valenciennes U, FR
PDF icon Selective Flexibility: Breaking the Rigidity of Datapath Merging [p. 1543]
M Stojilovic, D Novo, L Saranovac, P Brisk and P Ienne

PDF icon An Out-of-Order Superscalar Processor on FPGA: The ReOrder Buffer Design [p. 1549]
M Rosiére, J-I Desbarbieux, N Drach and F Wajsbürt

PDF icon Partial Online-Synthesis for Mixed-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures [p. 1555]
A Grudnitsky, L Bauer and J Henkel

PDF icon Congestion-Aware Scheduling for NoC-based Reconfigurable Systems [p. 1561]
H-L Chao, Y-R Chen, S-Y Tung, P-A Hsiung and S-J Chen

12.6: Boolean Methods in Logic Synthesis

Moderators: M Berkelaar, TU Delft, NL; J Monteiro, INESC-ID/TU Lisbon, PT
PDF icon Multi-Patch Generation for Multi-Error Logic Rectification by Interpolation with Cofactor Reduction [p. 1567]
K-F Tang, P-K Huang, C-N Chou and C-Y Huang

PDF icon Almost Every Wire is Removable: A Modeling and Solution for Removing Any Circuit Wire [p. 1573]
X Yang, T-K Lam, W-C Tang and Y-L Wu

PDF icon Mapping into LUT Structures [p. 1579]
S Ray, A Mishchenko, N Een, R Brayton, S Jang and C Chen

PDF icon Row-Shift Decompositions for Index Generation Functions [p. 1585]
T Sasao

PDF icon Custom On-Chip Sensors for Post-Silicon Failing Path Isolation in the Presence of Process Variations [p. 1591]
M Li, A Davoodi and L Xie

12.7: Impact of Modern Technology on Layout

Moderators: J Lienig, TU Dresden, DE; P Groeneveld, Magma Design Automation, US
PDF icon On Effective Flip-Chip Routing via Pseudo Single Redistribution Layer [p. 1597]
H-W Hsu, M-L Chen, H-M Chen, H-C Li and S-H Chen

PDF icon AIR (Aerial Image Retargeting): A Novel Technique for In-Fab Automatic Model-Based Retargeting-for-Yield [p. 1603]
A Y Hamouda, M Anis and K S Karim

PDF icon Layout-Driven Robustness Analysis for Misaligned Carbon Nanotubes in CNTFET-based Standard Cells [p. 1609]
M Beste and M B Tahoori

12.8: EMBEDDDED TUTORIAL - Advances in Variation-Aware Modeling, Verification, and Testing of Analog ICs

Moderator: TBD
PDF icon Advances in Variation-Aware Modeling, Verification, and Testing of Analog ICs [p. 1615]
D De Jonghe, E Maricau, G Gielen, T McConaghy, B Tasić, and H Stratigopoulos