eSilicon Italy s.r.l.

eSilicon Italy s.r.l.

Contact: Giovanni Cesura

eSilicon Italy s.r.l.
viale della Repubblica 38
27100 Pavia

Tel: +39 03823755315

eSilicon Italy s.r.l.


eSilicon serves the $10B+ ASIC design and manufacturing markets for system OEMs and fabless semiconductor companies covering diverse end markets. eSilicon offers design and manufacturing services, along with a rich portfolio of customizable memory IP, high performances IOs and SerDes making it an ideal partner for creating semiconductor-based solutions no matter what the end market, no matter what the process node and no matter how fast the expected volume ramp.

In its Pavia Design center, eSilicon develops a set of high end networking interface functions (IPs) used to connect the large ASICs for their Tier-1 customers and also to be licensed to customers who are doing their own ASIC design. The main focus is on: 56Gb/s PAM4 modulated, Long Reach (~40dB @ Nyquist freq.) SerDes interfaces for intra-board, board to board and cable connections, next generation 112Gb/s SerDes using the most scaled Si process available on the planet and Intra-Package links (High Bandwidth Interfaces).

Our most advanced solutions are truly Digital Signal Processing based and in our Pavia site we do everything from A-to-Z: design, test, FirmWare and Software development, Automatic Testing Support, Documentation and IP package release.

ASIC and SOC Design:

  • Design Entry
  • Behavioural Modelling & Simulation
  • Synthesis
  • Power & Optimisation
  • Physical Analysis (Timing, Themal, Signal)
  • Verification
  • Analogue and Mixed-Signal Design
  • RF Design

System-Level Design:

  • Behavioural Modelling & Analysis
  • Hardware/Software Co-Design
  • Package Design
  • PCB & MCM Design


  • Design for Test
  • Design for Manufacture and Yield
  • Logic Analysis
  • Test Automation (ATPG, BIST)
  • Boundary Scan
  • Silicon Validation
  • Mixed-Signal Test
  • System Test

Embedded Software Development:

  • Software/Modelling


  • Development Boards

Semiconductor IP:

  • Analogue & Mixed Signal IP
  • Embedded Software IP

Application-Specific IP:

  • Analogue & Mixed Signal IP
  • Data Communication
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Networking