EDAA Outstanding Dissertations Award 2018 - The Winners are ...


Grenoble, February 5th, 2019. In recognition of the importance of university research to the advancement of design, automation and test, and to encourage young researchers to work in the field, the European Design and Automation Association (EDAA) has established an award for outstanding Ph.D. dissertations.

Four categories have been considered in 2018:

Topic 1 – New directions in software design and optimization for embedded, cyber-physical and secure systems.

Topic 2 – New directions in system-on-chip platforms co-design, novel emerging architectures and system-level management.

Topic 3 – New directions in logic, physical design and CAD for analog/mixed-signal, nano-scale and emerging technologies.

Topic 4 – New directions in safety, reliability and security-aware hardware design, validation and test for systems and circuits

An open call for nominations was organized. The awards are open to young researchers from any country. The dissertations must have been finalized in the last 2 years before the submission deadline. The nominations had to include - An extended statement explaining the outstanding contributions of the thesis, The PhD thesis, preferably in English, a CV and a list of related publications. Each nomination had to be supported by at least two reference letters of experts, and at least one from a different university.

In 2017 EDAA has received a total of 51 submissions from around the world. In each category, a committee of international experts evaluated all nominations and selected the final winner. Each award consists of a 1000 € prize and a certificate.

The 2018 winners have been selected by a high level jury composed by Prof. Lorena Anghel, Prof. Cristiana Bolchini, Dr. Giorgio Di Natale, Prof. Georges Gielen, Prof. Andreas Herkersdorf, Prof. Joerg Henkel, Prof. Jan Madsen, Dr. Salvador Mir, Prof. Ian O’Connor, Prof. Ilia Polian, Prof. Donatella Sciuto, Prof. Olivier Sentieys, Prof. Jurgen Teich, Prof. Norbert Wehn, Dr. Ioana Vatajelu, Prof. Marilyn Wolf and Prof. Hans-Joachim Wunderlich.

They will be awarded at the DATE 2019 Conference and Exhibition, to be held March 25th – 28th in Florence, Italy.

The 2018 winners in the 4 categories are:

Kaisheng Ma and Lorena AnghelTopic 1: Kaisheng Ma, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University; Advisors: V. Narayanan, John Sampson @ Penn State and Y. Xie @UCSB); Thesis: “Self-Powered Internet-of-Things Nonvolatile Processor and System Exploration and Optimization”.

Anastasios Psarras and Lorena AnghelTopic 2: Anastasios Psarras, Ph.D. (U. of Thrace, Greece; Advisor: G. Dimitrakopoulos); Thesis: “High Performance Networks-on-Chip”.

Hassan Najafi and Lorena AnghelTopic 3: Hassan Najafi, PhD. (U. of Minnesota, USA; Advisor: D. Lilja); Thesis: “New Views for Stochastic Computing: From Time-Encoding to Deterministic Processing”.

Meng Li and Lorena AnghelTopic 4: Meng Li, Ph.D. (U. of Texas at Austin; Advisor: D. Z Pan); Thesis: “A Synergistic Framework for Hardware IP Privacy and Integrity Protection”.

In addition, SPRINGER will publish these awarded dissertations in the EDAA Outstanding Monographs series. More information:


Lorena Anghel, EDAA Vice-Chair

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