Tuesday 28 March 2017 At-A-Glance

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Interactive Presentations: 16:00 - 16:30 IP1 (in room IP sessions (in front of rooms 4A and 5A))

Track /
08:30 - 10:3010:30 - 12:3010:30 - 11:3011:30 - 13:0011:30 - 12:3012:30 - 15:0012:30 - 13:0013:00 - 14:3013:50 - 14:2014:30 - 16:0015:00 - 17:3016:00 - 16:3016:00 - 17:0017:00 - 18:3017:30 - 19:30
Track 1
Auditorium A
1.1 Opening Session: Plenary, Awards Ceremony & Keynote Addresses2.1 Executive Panel: The Electronics Innovation Landscape: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies
Track 1
3.1 IT&A Session: Parallel Ultra-Low-Power Computing for the IoT: Applications, Platforms, Circuits4.1 IT&A Session: The Emergence of Silicon Photonics: From High Performance Computing to Data Centers and Quantum Computing
Booth 1, Exhibition Area
UB01 Session 1UB02 Session 2UB03 Session 3UB04 Session 4
Exhibition Area
CB1 Coffee BreakCB2 Coffee Break
Garden Foyer
LB1 Lunch Break
IP sessions (in front of rooms 4A and 5A)
IP1 Interactive Presentations
Track 2
2.2 Stochastic, Approximate and Neural Computing3.2 Hot Topic Session: New Benchmarking Vectors for Emerging Devices, Circuits, and Architectures: Energy, Delay, and ... Accuracy4.2 Logic, Interconnects, Neurons: New Realizations
Track 3
2.3 Cache memory management for performance and reliability3.3 Hardware Trojans and Fault Attacks4.3 Efficient memory design
Track 4
2.4 Performance and Power Analysis3.4 Guardbanding and Approximation4.4 From functional validation to functional qualification
Track 5
2.5 Reliability and Energy-Efficiency: Two Pillars of NoC Design3.5 Low-power brain inspired computing for embedded systems4.5 Hot Topic Session: On How to Design and Manage Exascale Computing System Technologies
Track 6
2.6 Advancing Test for Mixed-Signal and Microfluidic Circuits and Systems3.6 Mechanisms for hardware fault testing, recovery and metastability management4.6 Fault modeling, test generation and diagnosis
Track 7
2.7 EU Project Special Session: from Secure Clouds to reliable and variable HPC3.7 Scheduling and Optimization4.7 Process variation management for today's and tomorrow's computing
Track 8a
Exhibition Theatre
2.8a Smart Medical Devices
Track 8b
Exhibition Theatre
2.8b Smart Medical Devices, Part 2
Track 0
Garden Foyer
3.0 LUNCH TIME KEYNOTE SESSION: Precision Medicine: Where Engineering and Life Science meet
Track 9
Auditorium A
3.9 A tribute to Ralph Otten
Track 8
Exhibition Theatre
3.8 Addressing Challenges in Today's Datacenter Systems' Design4.8 CV Fair DATE 2017