M05 Safety and Security in Automotive 2.0 Era

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13:30M05.1Tutorial and Conference Registration
14:00M05.2Tutorials start

PART A: Introduction starts with a brief overview of the top level trends in automotive and semiconductor industries that are driving various design requirements, including the emerging concerns of safety and security.

14:20M05.4Automotive Functional Safety I

PART B: Automotive Functional Safety I is the first of a two part module on automotive functional safety for a semiconductor developer. Using the presenters' experience in leading functional safety compliant chip development and certification, the module examines various aspects of the automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 and its parent industrial safety standard IEC61508. We start with the foundations of functional safety including key terminology and metrics, safety compliant development process for HW/SW, component and system level safety mechanisms, and qualitative safety analysis.

15:30M05.5Coffee Break for Tutorials
16:00M05.6Automotive Functional Safety II

PART C: Automotive Functional Safety II is the second of a two part module on automotive functional safety for a semiconductor developer. This module first covers the various techniques that are used in the quantitative safety analysis phase that follows qualitative safety analysis. We then survey the readiness of safety EDA ecosystem today from the eyes of a semiconductor developer. We conclude with emerging functional safety topics of interest and review the key changes in the 2nd edition of ISO26262.

16:50M05.7Automotive Security: Moving from Ad-hoc to Standards

PART D: Automotive Security: Moving from Ad-hoc to Standards is a module crafted to share the latest knowhow from a rapidly evolving domain - automotive security. The module starts with a detailed look at attack surface of an automobile and the various threat "opportunities". Then, we survey the foundational HW/SW mechanisms necessary to secure automotive electronics and also review emerging standards for secure automotive semiconductor development. Finally, we examine the curious relationship of security and safety that designers need to grapple with.

18:00M05.8Tutorials end
18:00M05.9Welcome Reception & PhD Forum