8.1 Special Day on "Embedded Meets Hyperscale and HPC" Panel: What can HPC and hyperscale learn from embedded computing

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Date: Wednesday 27 March 2019
Time: 17:00 - 18:30
Location / Room: Room 1

Christoph Hagleitner, IBM Research Zurich, CH
Christian Plessl, Paderborn University, DE

Despite their very different origins, HPC/datacenter technologies and applications face similar challenges than embedded computing. For example, embedded systems have used heterogeneous architectures with specialized co-processors for a very long time due to strict realtime or efficiency constraints. Hence, the EDA community has extensively studied models, algorithms and tools for application analysis, optimization and operation. In contrast, HPC and datacenters applications are designed to harvest the performance of networked, massively parallel but homogeneous computing resources. In this panel, our experts will debate with the audience, what the datacenter and embedded communities can learn from each other.


  • Peter Messmer, NVidia, US
  • Luca Benini, Università di Bologna, IT
  • Boris Grot, University of Edinburgh, GB
  • Jan van Lunteren, IBM Research Zurich, CH
  • Jeffrey S Vetter, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
  • Jesus Labarta, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, ES
  • João M. P. Cardoso, University of Porto/FEUP, PT
  • Babak Falsafi, EPFL, CH
18:30End of session