CW03 Exceeding Reliably the Energy Scaling Limits in Commodity Servers for Edge/Cloud Deployments

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Location / Room: 
Room 9


Georgios Karakonstantis, Queen's University Belfast, GB (Contact Georgios Karakonstantis)

Conservative design margins in modern processor/memory chips may guarantee correct execution of the software layers of computing systems under various operating conditions, accounting for the inherent variability among different cores/cells of the same chip, among different manufactured chips and among different workloads; however such margins limit significantly the energy efficiency.

In this workshop, we will present recent methods and studies on design-time voltage/refresh-rate margins characterization and identification in modern multicore CPUs and DRAMs within commodity servers. In addition, we will discuss how such methods can guide informed decisions at the software layers for exceeding the conservative energy scaling limits, while presenting mechanisms at the virtualization (Hypervisor) and resource management (Openstack) layers for ensuring reliable system operation in Edge and Cloud deployments.

The workshop will include talks by IBM Research, ARM, WorldSensing, Queen's University and Universities of Athens, Cyprus and Thessaly revealing challenges and latest results from academia and industry.

The research presented in this workshop is supported by the Horizon 2020 UniServer project (