MM-Wave Circuit Design Using Globalfoundries 22Fdx

Aarno Pärssinen1, Janne P. Aikio2, Mikko Hietanen3, Henri Hurskainen3 and Timo Rahkonen2
1 Princeton University, US
2 Circuits and systems Research unit, University of Oulu
3 Center for Wireless Communication - Radio Technologies, University of Oulu


Design complexity is increasing in all aspects when moving towards 5G wireless systems. Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) communications require increased bandwidth and thus also higher carrier frequencies starting from lower mmW regime. Solutions call for increased speed of transistors and better passives that are not easily available in bulk CMOS technologies. 22FDX has many potential features to support complete transceiver implementation from mmW antenna interface down to baseband processing.

22FDX provides several enhancements such as wide variety of devices: fast devices for PA and LNA circuits and slower devices for static switches, for example. Another interesting feature is the back-gating option, which we used to decrease the knee voltage of the transistors of a divider circuit. The circuit library is extensive and devices for mm-wave.