Smart Data Converters for Wireline and Wireless Systems Using 22Fdx

Friedel Gerfers
Technical University Berlin, DE


High-performance, high-precision, energy-efficient data converters are indispensable in mixed-signal and RF ICs that enable next generation wireless, mobile computing, automotive, medical, and IoT applications. These applications demand the development of data conversion including mixed-signal calibration techniques that emphasize performance, accuracy, robustness, and energy efficiency with reduced silicon area / cost.

In this presentation, we will discuss the latest ADC and DAC architectures and their respective design challenges required for 5G RF systems, optical communication and automotive systems using 22FDX. The stringent performance requirements in terms of noise and linearity demand smart mixed-signal calibration techniques in order to meet the performance targets at minimum power consumption and smallest silicon area. In addition we highlight technological benefits of 22FDX, which enable power savings on both system and circuit level.