Securing the Internet of Things With Ti Simplelink Platform

Roger Monk
Texas Instruments Europe, FR


With Billions of IoT devices getting connected to the Internet, it is ever more important to make these devices are as secure and robust as possible. These devices should be protected from running malicious software and it is critical that the sensitive user data that these device handle is kept secret. These security requirements add significant responsibility to the system-on-chip solutions at their heart. The SimpleLink Wi-Fi family of devices have been instrumental in enabling small, power-optimised IoT devices leveraging existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. The first generation CC3100/CC3200 provides secure network socket connectivity to enable secure data connection to remote servers and services. The next generation of this family, CC3120/CC3220, significantly extends these capabilities by not only offering the latest network security ciphers, but also an advanced security platform to protect system assets for the entire life-cycle of the product, offering customers further confidence and protection. This presentation aims to detail the challenges of security in today's IoT products and how the architecture of this latest generation of embedded Wi-Fi platform has been designed to efficiently address the technical challenges presented and how these advanced and differentiated security capabilities can be exposed and enabled for all users via a 'simple' SimpleLink API.