Presentation of Tetramax

Rainer Leupers
RWTH Aachen, DE


TETRAMAX as part of the SAE Initiative started in 2017 and is funded by Horizon 2020. The project supports application experiments between academia and industry (SMEs) related to Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and focusing on customized low energy computing (CLEC).
The project builds on three major activity lines:
(1) Stimulating, organizing, co-funding, and evaluating different types of cross-border Application Experiments, providing “EU added value” via innovative CLEC technologies to first-time users and broad markets in European ICT-related industries,
(2) Building and leveraging a new European CLEC competence center network, offering technology brokerage, one-stop shop assistance and CLEC training to SMEs and mid-caps, and with a clear evolution path towards new regional digital innovation hubs where needed, and
(3) Paving the way towards self-sustainability based on pragmatic and customized long-term business plans
The project impact will be measured based on 50+ performance indicators. The immediate ambition of TETRAMAX within its duration is to support 50+ industry clients and 3rd parties in the entire EU with innovative technologies, leading to an estimated revenue increase of 25 Mio. € based on 50+ new or improved CLEC-based products, 10+ entirely new businesses/SMEs initiated, as well as 30+ new permanent jobs and significant cost and energy savings in product manufacturing. Moreover, in the long term, TETRAMAX will be the trailblazer towards a reinforced, profitable, and sustainable ecosystem infrastructure, providing CLEC competence, services and a continuous innovation stream at European scale, yet with strong regional presence as favoured by SMEs.