Session TitleExecutive Panel: How Electronics May Change Our Lives, and the World
Session Code / Room2.1 / Saal 2
Date / TimeTuesday, March 20, 2018 / 11:30 – 13:30
ChairDomic Antun, Synopsys, US, Contact Antun Domic

Innovation runs strong in our industry. A 17 qubits Quantum Computer (QC) has been shipped to Delft University researchers; an initiative to make cloud QC commercially available for businesses and research has been announced; if, and once available QC may change the landscape of finance, imaging diagnostics, pharmacology, meteorology and, of course, security all the way. After decades of domination by general purpose CPU and GPU, innovation is disrupting computing architectures: Massively parallel Tensor Processing Units (TPU) have demonstrated that a computer can learn from past experience, and then beat a 9-dan human professional Go player, or classify zillions of images with unprecedented accuracy and speed. Autonomous “Things” in which a wide breadth of sensors feed a processor with huge amounts of data, that are analyzed in order to make decisions that are then sent to actuators with minimal if any human supervision are emerging; Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) are the top of the iceberg, exceeding SAE level 3 requirements, ADAS have been adopted by scores of automakers, and all the top 10 automakers have already announced plans toward SAE level 4, and 5 availability before the end of this decade. Finally, computers are digital, but the world is analog; scores of sensors and actuators are the eyes, the ears, the nose, and the arms of the most advanced processors, and the most advanced applications could not exist without them. Today, sensors are designed at the established technology nodes, and often manufactured using electro-mechanical processes which make their integration with their host processors challenging. Is this going to continue, or will they be submerged by digital, and eventually be designed, integrated, and manufactured using the very same emerging technology nodes? Electronics may truly change our lives, and the world, IF we will be able to expand the scope of QC beyond cryptography, and the scope of AI beyond image recognition, IF ADAS technology will not be overwhelmed by legal. IF “More than Moore” will join forces with “More of Moore”. IF... This Executive Panel, moderated by Dr. Antun Domic, Synopsys CTO, gathers world experts to discuss the many opportunities that lie ahead, and the challenges to be overcome


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