DFT Part: Tessent Mission Mode: New, On-Line Self-Testing Technology Paves Way for Self-Correcting Automotive Electronic Architectures

Ralph Sommer
Mentor, DE


Quality, safety, and reliability in automotive electronic systems are more important than ever. Those systems, of course, are only as good as the silicon integrated circuits (ICs) that drive them. OEMs and suppliers need to understand what's involved in making an automotive-grade IC, including how the circuits are tested after being manufactured and during the lifetime operation of the IC in the system.

Mentor, A Siemens Business, offers new DFT automation tools to help the automotive industry develop ICs that offer the next-level of reliability and safety for the era of fully-autonomous driving. Our Tessent Mission Mode technology, described in this paper, lets ICs be tested during runtime with no interruption to the normal operation of the chip, then easily communicates errors to the main controller, which can warn drivers, send data to service centers, or take corrective action to self-repair the problem.