Wednesday 29 March 2017 Technical Sessions

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Session LabelSession TitleTimeLocationDetails
5.1IoT Day: IoT Perspectives08:30 - 10:005BCRead More
5.2Emerging Computer Paradigms08:30 - 10:004BCRead More
5.3Hot Topic Session: I'm Gonna Make an Approximation IoT Can't Refuse - Approximate Computing for Improving Power Efficiency of IoT and HPC08:30 - 10:002BCRead More
5.4Solutions for efficient simulation and validation08:30 - 10:003ARead More
5.5Hot Topic Session: Spintronics-based Computing08:30 - 10:003CRead More
5.6Reuse and Integration of Test, Debug, and Reliability Infrastructure08:30 - 10:005ARead More
5.7Schedulability Analysis08:30 - 10:003BRead More
IP2Interactive Presentations10:00 - 10:30IP sessions (in front of rooms 4A and 5A)Read More
6.1IoT Day Hot Topic Session: IoT Enabling Technologies11:00 - 12:305BCRead More
6.2IT&A Session: Panel: Ultra-Low-Power (ULP) Autonomously Powered Systems11:00 - 12:304BCRead More
6.3Security Primitives11:00 - 12:302BCRead More
6.4High-performance Reconfigurable Computing11:00 - 12:303ARead More
6.5Hot Topic Session: Memristor for Computing: Myth or Reality?11:00 - 12:303CRead More
6.6Industrial Experiences & EU Projects11:00 - 12:305ARead More
6.7Model-Based Design and Verification of Real-Time Systems11:00 - 12:303BRead More
7.0LUNCH TIME KEYNOTE SESSION13:50 - 14:20Garden FoyerRead More
7.1IoT Day Hot Topic Session: IoT Deployment14:30 - 16:005BCRead More
7.2In-memory Computing and Security for Non-volatile Memory Technologies14:30 - 16:004BCRead More
7.3Optimizing performance, energy and predictability via hardware/software codesign14:30 - 16:002BCRead More
7.4Advances in Logic Synthesis14:30 - 16:003ARead More
7.5Hot Topic Session: The Engineering Challenges for Quantum Computing14:30 - 16:003CRead More
7.6Memory Reliability: Modeling and Mitigation14:30 - 16:005ARead More
7.7Resource management and analysis for embedded architectures14:30 - 16:003BRead More
IP3Interactive Presentations16:00 - 16:30IP sessions (in front of rooms 4A and 5A)Read More
IP7Ten Cent Chip Challenge - Interactive Presentations16:00 - 16:30IP session (in front of room 5BC)Read More
8.1IoT Day Hot Topic Session: Challenges and Potentials for IoT Rollout17:00 - 18:305BCRead More
8.2Hot Topic Session: No Power? No Problem! Exploiting Non-Volatility in Energy Constrained Environments17:00 - 18:304BCRead More
8.3Secure Processor Components17:00 - 18:302BCRead More
8.4Advanced systems for healthcare and assistive technologies17:00 - 18:303ARead More
8.5Learning and Resilience Techniques for Green Computing17:00 - 18:303CRead More
8.6Hot Topic Session: Self-aware Systems: Concepts and Applications17:00 - 18:305ARead More
8.7Instruction-level and thread-level parallelism in embedded systems17:00 - 18:303BRead More
8.8Panel: Technology startups. Vision from Academia and Industry17:00 - 18:30Exhibition TheatreRead More