Tuesday 28 March 2017 Technical Sessions

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Session LabelSession TitleTimeLocationDetails
1.1Opening Session: Plenary, Awards Ceremony & Keynote Addresses08:30 - 10:30Auditorium ARead More
2.1Executive Panel: The Electronics Innovation Landscape: Opportunities, Challenges and Strategies11:30 - 13:00Auditorium ARead More
2.2Stochastic, Approximate and Neural Computing11:30 - 13:004BCRead More
2.3Cache memory management for performance and reliability11:30 - 13:002BCRead More
2.4Performance and Power Analysis11:30 - 13:003ARead More
2.5Reliability and Energy-Efficiency: Two Pillars of NoC Design11:30 - 13:003CRead More
2.6Advancing Test for Mixed-Signal and Microfluidic Circuits and Systems11:30 - 13:005ARead More
2.7EU Project Special Session: from Secure Clouds to reliable and variable HPC11:30 - 13:003BRead More
3.0LUNCH TIME KEYNOTE SESSION: Precision Medicine: Where Engineering and Life Science meet13:50 - 14:20Garden FoyerRead More
3.1IT&A Session: Parallel Ultra-Low-Power Computing for the IoT: Applications, Platforms, Circuits14:30 - 16:005BCRead More
3.2Hot Topic Session: New Benchmarking Vectors for Emerging Devices, Circuits, and Architectures: Energy, Delay, and ... Accuracy14:30 - 16:004BCRead More
3.3Hardware Trojans and Fault Attacks14:30 - 16:002BCRead More
3.4Guardbanding and Approximation14:30 - 16:003ARead More
3.5Low-power brain inspired computing for embedded systems14:30 - 16:003CRead More
3.6Mechanisms for hardware fault testing, recovery and metastability management14:30 - 16:005ARead More
3.7Scheduling and Optimization14:30 - 16:003BRead More
3.9A tribute to Ralph Otten14:30 - 16:00Auditorium ARead More
IP1Interactive Presentations16:00 - 16:30IP sessions (in front of rooms 4A and 5A)Read More
4.1IT&A Session: The Emergence of Silicon Photonics: From High Performance Computing to Data Centers and Quantum Computing17:00 - 18:305BCRead More
4.2Logic, Interconnects, Neurons: New Realizations17:00 - 18:304BCRead More
4.3Efficient memory design17:00 - 18:302BCRead More
4.4From functional validation to functional qualification17:00 - 18:303ARead More
4.5Hot Topic Session: On How to Design and Manage Exascale Computing System Technologies17:00 - 18:303CRead More
4.6Fault modeling, test generation and diagnosis17:00 - 18:305ARead More
4.7Process variation management for today's and tomorrow's computing17:00 - 18:303BRead More