6.02 DATE Advisory Board

Mission of the Advisory Board
The Advisory Board shall establish the strategic development of DATE and monitor its overall execution, ensuring long-term organisational stability, consistency and sustained growth.

Composition of the Advisory Board
The Advisory Board will be chaired by the Chairman of EDAA and will be composed of:

  • General Chairs of past DATE events
  • Program Chairs of past DATE events
  • Finance Chairs of past DATE events
  • Exhibition Chairs of the 3 past years (whenever available)
  • 3 persons nominated by the Chairman

Responsibilities of the Advisory Board
The Advisory Board shall be responsible for the overall policy of DATE.

Tasks of the Advisory Board
The Advisory Board shall advise the DATE General Chairs on the planning of DATE events, yearly objectives and targets to be achieved, and overall relationship of the DATE Conference with all other events clustered in the "DATE week", in particular the DATE Exhibition and various Users Groups.

Time Line of Main Tasks
The main tasks of the Advisory Board shall take place according the time line of the major yearly event milestones, namely:

January to May
Advise on the selection of key members of the Executive Committee, ensuring both its stability and renewal;

Advise on the overall planning of the DATE week, ensuring the strategic interests of DATE are preserved while enabling non-conflicting clustering of other related activities gravitating around it.

Advise on the targets to be achieved at the Exhibition.

May to November
Advise on the overall development of the Conference Program, ensuring its highest quality and growth; Advise on specific “yearly themes” to deserve focal attention in the Conference Program (e.g. Special Days).

November to February
Advise on the overall promotion of DATE.