6.01 DATE Sponsors Committee

The DATE Sponsor Committee shall act as Event oversight committee and shall carry the financial responsibility for the total Event.

Membership of the DATE Sponsor Committee is described in the DATE Joint Sponsorship & Representation Agreement. It specifies the number of representatives of the sponsoring organisations:


General Chair of the DATE Executive Committee Finance Chair of the DATE Executive Committee The Chair of EDAA is Chair of the DATE Sponsor Committee.

Membership of the DATE Sponsor Committee is determined by the sponsoring organisations that they represent.

The DATE Sponsor Committee is responsible for the financial performance of DATE. To safeguard long-term satisfaction of the sponsors the DSC shall concern itself also with strategic planning of the total Event.

The DATE Sponsor Committee will approve the selection of the General Chair and Finance Chair of DATEnn+1. The DSC also approves the budget for the DATEnn+1 as offered for approval by the proposed next General Chair. The DSC discharges the Chairs of DATEnn from their duties after DSC approval of the audit report of the Audit Committee concerning DATEnn.

To secure and prepare for a healthy future of DATE the DSC should make a Strategic Plan in consultation with Chairs of DATE and update this yearly.

The DATE Sponsor Committee shall take timely decisions on issues that the DATE Executive Committee can not resolve after consulting all Chairs involved and that the General Chair has decided to escalate to the DSC.

The DATE Sponsor Committee shall meet at least once a year. It has in that meeting to discuss and accept the audit report of DATEnn, it has to approve the budget proposed for DATEnn+1, and it has to accept the General Chair and the Finance Chair for DATEnn+1. Besides, the DSC should discuss the general situation of DATE, evaluate its performance and give advice on potential improvements of both Conference and Exhibition.

Decision making:
The DATE Sponsor Committee shall take its decisions by consensus preferably. The DATE JS&RA specifies how voting should be conducted in the DSC meetings.