Friday Workshops

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This is the twelth edition of DATE Friday’s Workshops initiative, started in 2003 and that has hosted workshops on a variety of topics, attracting every year more and more researchers and designers.

The topics have been changing during the years, following the trend on current and emerging issues in design, test, software and EDA, taking the floor after the regular conference programme running throughout the week. The workshops offer a unique opportunity to present and discuss new and in-progress outcomes as well as experiences and visions.

The Friday's Workshops programme for DATE 2014 includes eight workshop themes, presenting innovative ideas on heterogeneous computing architectures to memristor and cyber-physical systems, from design automation to test and dependability.

For attendees interested in dependable computing, two workshops are available, one focused on GPUs, becoming increasingly popular also for non-graphic intensive computaton, the other on multi-core architectures in the nanotechnology era. Cyber-Physical Systems are the focus of another workshop, dealing with simulation for analyzing, designing and evaluating CPS. A workshop on heterogeneous computing will present the emerging trends and discuss challenges in this area that is receiving a lot of attention, given the variety of available computing resources. This plurality of resources is also the topic of a workshop on many-core embedded systems, investigating the performance, power and predictability aspects of these architectures. Design automation is addressed in a workshop with respect to understanding hardware designs, presenting novel contributions in the area. A new edition of the successful workshop on 3D integration is proposed this year, with new solutions and open challenges. Memristors are the focus of a workshop aimed at proposing a multidiscilinary forum on the latest advances in the field.

Friday’s Workshops attendees should choose in advance one workshop among W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, W6, W7 or W8. The workshops run from 08:30 until 17:00. The individual timetables for each workshop may vary, and for the detailed version of the workshop programmes, visit the workshop webpages.

For information about Workshops please contact:

Friday Workshops Co-Chairs
Lorena Anghel, TIMA, FR
fridayworkshops at date-conference [dot] com
Cristiana Bolchini, Politecnico di Milano, IT
fridayworkshops at date-conference [dot] com

Session ID Title Time Location / Room Details
W1 International Workshop on Dependable GPU Computing 08:30-17:00 Konferenz 1
W2 ES4CPS - Engineering Simulations for Cyber-Physical Systems 08:30-17:00 Konferenz 2
W3 Electronic System-Level Design towards Heterogeneous Computing 08:30-17:00 Konferenz 3
W4 Workshop on Design Automation for Understanding Hardware Designs 08:30-17:00 Konferenz 4
W5 3D Integration: Applications, Technology, Architecture, Design, Automation, and Test 08:15-16:30 Konferenz 5
W6 MEDIAN - Workshop on Manufacturable and Dependable Multicore Architectures at Nanoscale 08:30-16:30 Konferenz 6
W7 Memristor Science & Technology 08:30-17:00 Seminar 5+6
W8 3PMCES - Performance, Power and Predictability of Many-Core Embedded Systems 08:30-17:00 Seminar 3+4