DATE 2014 Proceedings - Session Index

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1.1.1 Keynote: System Design Challenges for Next Generation Wireless and Embedded Systems

1.1.2 Keynote: The Growing Importance of Microelectronics from a Foundry Perspective

2.2 Panel: Emerging vs. Established Technologies: A Two Sphinxes' Riddle at the Crossroads?

2.3 Making Automotive Systems Safer and More Energy Efficient

2.4 Modern Challenges in Analog and Mixed-Signal Design

2.5 Low-Power and Efficient Architectures

2.6 Real-Time Memory Hierarchies

2.7 Yield and Reliability for Robust Systems

2.8 Hot Topic: Technology Transfer towards Horizon 2020

3.2 Panel: The World Is Going... Analog & Mixed-Signal! What about EDA?

3.3 Secure Hardware Primitives and Implementations

3.4 Modeling and Optimization of Power Distribution Networks

3.5 Robust Architectures

3.6 Cyber Physical Systems: Security and Co-design

3.7 On line Strategies for Reliability

3.8 Hot Topic: Mission Profile Aware Design - The Solution for Successful Design of Tomorrows Automotive Electronics

4.2 Hot Topic: Multicore Systems in Safety Critical Electronic Control Units for Automotive and Avionics

4.3 Secure Device Identification

4.4 "Almost There" Emerging Technologies

4.5 Memory System Architectures

4.6 Code Generation and Optimization for Embedded Platforms

4.7 Dependable System Design

5.1 Hot Topic: Predictable Multi-Core Computing

5.2 Hot Topic: Hacking and Protecting Hardware: Threats and Challenges

5.3 Reliable Systems in the Age of Variability

5.4 Prediction and Optimization of Timing Variations

5.5 Boosting the Scalability of Formal Verification Technologies

5.6 Emerging Logic Technologies

5.7 Test generation and optimization

5.8 System Integration - The Bridge between More than Moore and More Moore

6.1 Hot Topic: The Fight against Dark Silicon

6.2 Embedded Tutorial: Emerging Transistor Technologies: From Devices to Architectures

6.3 Management of Micro/Macro Renewable Energy Storage Systems

6.4 Power Delivery and Distribution

6.5 Beyond EDA: Extending the Application Domain of Formal Methods

6.6 Model-Based Design and Hardware/Software Interfaces

6.7 Hardening Approaches at Different Design Levels

7.0 Special Day Keynote

7.2 Embedded Tutorial: Cross Layer Resiliency in Real World

7.3 Low Power Methods and Multicore Architectures for Mobile Health Applications

7.4 Runtime Memory Optimization and GPU/Manycore Architectures

7.5 Emerging Memory Technologies

7.6 Performance and Timing Analysis

7.7 Design-for-Test and Test Access

8.1 System Simulation and Virtual Prototyping

8.2 Hot Topic: Near Threshold Computing (NTC)

8.3 Physical Attacks and Countermeasures

8.4 Efficient Designs for Telecom and Financial Applications

8.5 Modeling & Specification

8.6 Mapping and Scheduling for Many-Core Embedded Systems

8.7 Performance Modeling and Delay Test

8.8 Hot Topic: Beyond CMOS Ultra-low-power Computing

9.1 Hot Topic: CMOS Scaling - from Evolutionary to Revolutionary Computing

9.2 Low-Cost, High-Performance NoCs

9.3 Hardware Implementations for Data Security

9.4 Timing challenges in validation

9.5 Hot Topic: Connecting Different Worlds - Technology Abstraction for Reliability-Aware Design and Test

9.6 Schedulability Analysis

9.7 Timing Analysis and Cell Design

9.8 Embedded Tutorial: Memcomputing: The Cape of Good Hope

10.1 Hot Topic: Memories Today and Tomorrow

10.2 Wireless NoCs

10.3 Green Computing Systems

10.4 System-level Evaluation

10.5 Analysis of Components and Systems

10.6 Multi-processor and Distributed Systems

10.7 Advances in Synthesis

11.0 Special Day Keynote: Organic Electronics - From Lab to Markets

11.1 Embedded Tutorial: Alternatives to CMOS

11.2 Transitioning NoC Design Techniques to Future Challenges

11.3 Industry Relevant Research and Practice for System Design

11.4 Enabling validation on fast platforms

11.5 Memory Resource Allocation and Scheduling in MPSoC

11.6 System-Level Thermal Estimation and Management

11.7 Power and Emerging Technologies in Reconfigurable Computing

11.8 Embedded Tutorial: GPGPUs: How to Combine High Computational Power with High Reliability

12.1 Hot Topic: The Future of Interfacing to the Natural World

12.2 Hot topic: How Secure are PUFs Really? On the Reach and Limits of Recent PUF Attacks

12.3 Multimedia Systems

12.4 Physical Aspects

12.5 System-level Design Space Exploration

12.6 Error Resilience and Power Management

12.7 Built-in Self-test Solutions for Mixed-signal and RF ICs

12.8 Panel: Future SoC Verification Methodology: UVM Evolution or Revolution?