Why should you specify your technical profile at the DATE Web-Site?

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Please let us first ensure you that we give most concern to your privacy. We will not rent, sell, or share personal information except to provide services you have requested, when we have your permission (please also see our Privacy Policy).

DATE uses the provided information (your technical profile) to customize the content you see. By specifying your technical profile you tell us what your professional tasks and your technical interests are.

When news, information, (and probably additional services in the future) are intended to be provided on the DATE Web-Site they are classified according to the potential user interest-list.

By doing so DATE provides you with only the information that you are interested in. If you for example are from the analog department, you probably have no interest in receiving embedded software tool exhibitor news. If however you do want to receive embedded as well, simply change your profile accordingly.

What is more, in the future we will also enable a classified view into the past. So if you have been an analog engineer in the past, all last-year’s DATE content was filtered to be of analog content. If you are now working in system design, the respective change in your profile will show you the system design content when accessing last-year’s DATE. Of course you can always switch back to your initial view by changing the profile again.

We do intend to enlarge the customized features in the future so that you feel “at home” when you log-in to the DATE Web-Site.

In doing so our basic principle is Trust. You are maintaining your data, you can edit or delete it at any time, and as already said, we do not give your data away to any third-party.

If you have any concerns or input please contact us.