6.07 Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee shall organise timely succession of all Chair positions of the DATE organisation.

The Nominations Committee shall consist of the General Chair, the General Vice- Chair, and the Past General Chair, and the committee shall be chaired by the General Vice- Chair. To ensure continuity and accumulation of experience the Nominations Committee should offer a list of candidates with, as a whole, significant (two years at least) DATE Committee experience.

The Nominations Committee shall nominate at least two individuals for the DEC who have either never before served on this Committee, or have not served on the DEC for at least three years. Each sponsor is entitled to propose at least one person to fill a Chair position in the DEC, in case of EDAA, EDAC and IEEE to be combined with the Liaison Chair function of that sponsor.

The term for DEC Chairs shall be as indicated in the description of the DEC.

The Nominations Committee shall be responsible for the timely succession of all Chair positions of the DATE organisation in moving from DATEnn to DATEnn+1.

The Nominations Committee shall present its recommendations for composition of appropriate DEC Chair positions of the following DATE in the December/January time frame of DATEnn. The DEC of DATEnn may vote on the individuals recommended by the Nominations Committee or may nominate additional candidates for any position by filing a motion to this purpose. Final determination of each position not having a fixed succession shall then be determined by a majority vote of the DEC at the January meeting. The Nominations Committee should distribute the list of the nominations of candidates to the DEC at least 2 weeks prior to the January meeting.

The Nominations Committee must ensure that a large measure of experience is conserved through making sure that sufficient personnel continuity is present in its recommendations, while at the same time bringing in new members for future positions.

The General Vice-Chair shall call a meeting whenever necessary.