6.05 Exhibition Program Committee

The Exhibition Program Committee shall organise all technical content issues related to the Exhibition that may make the Exhibition more worthwhile both for industrial and academic attendees.

The Exhibition Program Committee shall consist at least of:

Exhibition Program Chair (Chair of this sub-Committee)
University Booth Chair
Hands-on Tutorials Chair
Vendors Chair
PCB Symposium Chair

The Exhibition Program Chair may invite other Chairs or experts to join the Committee.

The term for DEC Chairs shall be as indicated in the description of the DEC. Other persons may stay on the Committee as long as their activities are deemed necessary by the Exhibition Program Chair.

The Exhibition Program Committee shall be responsible to set up and run an interesting technical program related to the Exhibition, incorporating the presentations of EDA and other vendors and the university presentations.

The Exhibition Program Committee shall work to initiate, stimulate and coordinate technical activities at the Exhibition which may contribute to the transfer of academic results on design methods and tools towards professional engineering and productisation enterprises, as well as towards industrial application. Similarly, the Committee shall stimulate the transfer of advanced industrial and EDA vendor know-how towards the academic and industrial design and test communities.

The Exhibition Program Committee shall play an essential role in further developing ideas and working out proposals on how to incorporate new areas of industrial importance like embedded software.

The Exhibition Program Committee shall make special efforts to emphasise and organise activities on educational and training aspects of advanced new areas of technology. The Exhibition Program Committee shall be in close contact with the Vendors exhibiting at DATE to ensure proper co-ordination of technical presentations by Vendors and other technical activities of interest to the DATE Attendees.

The Exhibition Program Committee may convene when its Chair feels the need for it.