5. Organisation of DATE

DATE in year nn (DATE-nn) is organised by the DATE Executive Committee for year nn (DEC-nn). The composition of DEC-nn+1 is prepared by the Nomination Committee of DEC-nn. Some positions have a fixed succession. The DATE Sponsor Committee (DSC) has to agree with the proposed selection for General Chair and Finance Chair of DATEnn+1. The DSC also approves each year the budget for DATE-nn+1 before it is send as TMRF to IEEE.


The DATE Executive Committee is assisted in its tasks by the following sub- Committees

  • Conference Program Committee
  • Exhibition Program Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Audit Committee

and by Professional Event Secretariats for the practical organisation of the Conference and the Exhibition.

The DATE Joint Sponsorship and Representation Agreement (DATE JS&RA) sets the boundary conditions for the co-operation in the organisation of DATE. The document you are reading now serves to further detail the set up, operation, procedures and evaluation of the total DATE Event. Therefore, the sequel discusses first several of the most important issues of each of the Committees and sub-Committees mentioned and subsequently details many aspects of each of the major positions. A short description is added subsequently of the tasks and responsibilities of the Event Manager who oversees the execution of the Contracts with the Professional Event Secretariats.

The following table gives in matrix format an overview of the involvement of all the DEC chairs in the various sub-committees:

Committee involvement of DATE Executive Committee Chairs
 DECCore Team
General ChairxX   x 
General Vice-Chairxx  XX 
Finance Chairxx     
Past General Chairx    x 
Nominations Chairx    X 
Conf. Program ChairxxX    
Conf. Program Vice-Chairxxx    
Past Conference Chairx x    
Users’ Forum Chairx x    
Posters Chairx x    
PCB Symposium Chairx x    
Special Sessions Chairx x    
Electronic Review Chairx x    
Audio-Visual Chairx x    
Tutorials Chairx x    
Exhibition Program Chairxx X   
University Booth Chairx  x   
Hands-On Tutorials Chairx  x   
Vendors Chairx  x   
Communications Chairxx  X  
Publicity Chairx   x  
Web Chairx   x  
Proceedings Chairx   x  
Awards Chairx   x  
Fringe Meetings Chairx   x  
Travel Grants Chairx   x  
Local Arrangements Chairxx  x  
Liaison Chair USAx      
Liaison Chair Asiax      
Liaison Chair EDAAx      
Liaison Chair EDACx      
Liaison Chair IEEEx      
Event Manager xxxx  
Conference Secretariat xx x  
Exhibition Secretariat x xx  
Independent Financial Expert      X
Independent Financial Expert      x
Independent Financial Expert      x
 Capital X in bold indicates person chairing a committee