101 - Exhibition - How can I get the status of an exhibitor?

You can apply for the exhibitor status while registering for the DATE Web-Portal. You can also >>  join << (here) for the Exhibition Area.

Please note that the web-site registration process for exhibitors is monitored, i.e. the Exhibitor Administrator will enable your web account and will send you a registration conformation email. Please note also that you have to be registered with a valid company email address to be approved as Exhibitor.

All members of the exhibition area have access to all the exhibitor related information. When you actually register for the exhibition (i.e. you book your stand area) you get access to additional service like creating your  company profile.

Please note that although all exhibitor personal can get registered as exhibitors (we call this 'Authenticated Exhibitors') only one person of your company (probably the Event Manager) can get the status of an exhibitor who is actually registered for the event. Thus, only one person can create, edit and generally maintain the company profile.