Technical Programme Committee 2012

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Topic: D13 Physical Design and Verification

Floorplanning; automatic place and route; module generation; design rule checking and layout characterization; electrical verification; problems in deep sub-micron and high-speed design; interconnect-driven and performance-driven layout; process technology developments; design for manufacturability.

Chair: r [dot] h [dot] j [dot] m [dot] ottenattue [dot] nl, Contact

Co-Chair: Azadeh Davoodi, University of Wisconsin - Madison, US, Contact


  • Matthew Guthaus, University of California Santa Cruz, US, Contact
  • , Contact
  • Jens Lienig, Technical University of Dresden, DE, Contact
  • Igor Markov, University of Michigan, US, Contact
  • Mustafa Ozdal, Intel, US, Contact
  • Sven Peyer, IBM, DE, Contact
  • Sherief Reda, Brown University, US, Contact
  • tcwangatcs [dot] nthu [dot] edu [dot] tw, Contact