DATE 2011
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Keynote presentations are now available for download


Biologically-Inspired Massively-Parallel Architectures- computing beynod a million processors
Steve Furber, The University of Manchester

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How Technology R&D Leadership Brings a Competitive Advantage in the Fields of Multimedia convergance and Power Applications
Philippe Magarshack, STMicro

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DATE exhibition attendance increases 40% - consolidating global importance


After DATE 2011 in Grenoble closed doors last Friday, it was clear to attendees, conference delegates; visitors and exhibitors, that DATE’s concept of choosing the vibrant European clusters Grenoble and Dresden as new venues is proving a major success.

DATE 2012 - Preliminary Call For Papers now available


Preliminary Call For Papers, 15th DATE Conference and Exhibition, March 12-16, 2012, Dresden, Germany.

Please click here to download the Preliminary Call For Papers.

DATE 2011 Highlights


Registration at DATE 2011
Registration at DATE 2011
Steve Furber, Keynote Address 1
Steve Furber, Keynote Address 1
Phillipe Margarshack, Keynote Address 2
Phillipe Margarshack, Keynote Address 2
Plenary Session, DATE 2011
Plenary Session, DATE 2011
Bashir Al-Hashimi, General Chair
Bashir Al-Hashimi, General Chair
Enrico Macii, Programme Chair
Enrico Macii, Programme Chair
Antun Domic, Executive Special Session
Antun Domic, Executive Special Session
Deputy Mayor of Grenoble
Deputy Mayor of Grenoble
EDAA Award presented by Norbert Wehn to Mel Breuer
EDAA Award presented by Norbert Wehn to Mel Breuer
Ireland Stand
Ireland Stand

DATE 2011 Exhibition is Back to Growth


The European economy is back to growth; during the downturn Europe’s microelectronics industry has further sharpened the profile of its leading clusters like Grenoble and Dresden. Both of that will be clearly visible at DATE 2011 Conference and Exhibition from 14-18 March in Grenoble, France.

DATE 2011 Advance Program is Available


The full technical programme for DATE 2011, the major global event in Europe which will again push innovation in the worldwide electronics industry, is now available at:

The DATE 2011 program is clearly focused on industrial and academic needs. It consists of 57 technical sessions and around 200 papers, plus an executive track featuring 3 sessions with industry-leading executives. The program is completed by Tutorials given by world market-leaders and key scientists.

DATE 2011 General Chair’s Message


Download the Call for Paper as PDF here (PDF - 282kB)

DATE 2011 General Chair’s Message


Welcome to DATE2011 which will take place in the beautiful city of Grenoble, France, from 14 to 18 March, 2011. Grenoble is a key semiconductor site in Europe, and a major industrial and scientific centre for micro and nano electronics, making it a perfect place for hosting DATE2011.

DATE2011 will be the place to learn about the latest in the design and engineering of electronic systems and embedded software, please read the message from the Technical Programme Chair, Professor Enrico Macii. DATE 2011 will feature two Special Days focussing on topics of outstanding importance to industry and academia and will dedicate a full-day program of keynotes, panels, tutorials and technical presentations to each of them. The special days are: Smart Devices of the Future and Intelligent Energy Management-Supply and Utilisation.

DATE has a vibrant and professional exhibition which provides excellent opportunities for close interaction between industrial and scientific research, managers, designers, developers, and others. The exhibition in Grenoble will feature a multitude of world market-leaders and numerous start-ups in the semiconductor and EDA sectors. I would be delighted to hear from you if you are considering to exhibit at DATE, or becoming a supporter of DATE.

For more detailed information on DATE2011, visit Join us for an informative and inspiring week in Grenoble.

Best Wishes
Bashir M. Al-Hashimi
University of Southampton, UK
General Chair, DATE2011 


DATE 2011 Technical Program Chair’s Message

Dear DATE contributors and participant,

In line with the tradition, one of the distinguishing characteristics of DATE2011 will be the quality of the technical program, which will feature presentations covering a broad spectrum of topics relevant to the design, automation and test of electronic circuits and (embedded) systems, including both the hardware and the software components.

The final program will consist of a few hundreds of papers; selecting them among the 900+ submissions that we are expecting will not be an easy task. To accomplish it in the best possible manner, and thus ensure an outstanding quality to the technical program, a Technical Program Committee (TPC) has been set up, organized using a hierarchical model. Three “Track Chairs” have been appointed by the General Chair and myself to take care of the paper selection process for the “Application Topics” (Dr. Pol Marchal from IMEC), for the “Test Topics” (Dr. Erik Jan Marinissen from IMEC) and for the “Embedded Software Topics” (Prof. Petru Eles from Linkopping University), respectively, while I will take care personally of the “Design Topics”. Within these four “Tracks”, we have defined a total of 30 “Topics” (15 in Track D, 6 in Track A, 5 in Track T and 4 in Track E), and for each Topic a subcommittee of expert, led by a Chair and a Co-Chair has been appointed; they will manage, under the supervision of the Track Chairs and of the TPC Chair the paper selection process, which will take place in September-October 2011 and which will have its final act during the TPC Meeting that will be held in Torino on October 21, 2010.

Compared to the previous years, the number of topics included in the program has slightly decreased; this in the attempt of making author’s life easier, as they will have to deal with fewer (yet sharper) definitions of the scope of the topics, and will thus find it simpler to decide to what topics their contributions should be submitted.

In addition to this, also the composition of the TPC has been somehow revised, with the purpose of privileging the quality of the paper reviews over the quantity. I strongly believe that for an author it is more important to read meaningful and detailed comments of three-four reviewers than six-seven superficial assessment reports.

A final remark regarding the DATE2011 Technical Program is that, for the first time, besides the regular papers and interactive presentations we are used to since quite some time, it will feature short, 2-page papers, which will give a chance (primarily to industry) of pointing to the community real-life design and technology challenges that should address in a short-to-medium term.

The months to come will be very work-intensive for the entire TPC; I am sure that all together we will be able to deliver, as output of our effort, a DATE2011 Technical Program which will be in line with DATE’s tradition and that will satisfy the expectations of all the conference attendee’s. I am thus looking forward to working with the Track Chairs, the Topics Chairs and Co-Chairs, as well as all the members of the TPC in the near future.

Enrico Macii
Politecnico di Torino
Technical Program Chair, DATE2011


DATE 2011 - Call for Papers

Download the CfP as PDF here (PDF - 282kB)

The 14th DATE conference and exhibition is the main European event bringing together designers and design automation users, researchers and vendors, as well as specialists in the hardware and software design, test and manufacturing of electronic circuits and systems. It puts strong emphasis on ICs/SoCs, reconfigurable hardware and embedded systems, including embedded software.

The five-day event consists of a conference with plenary invited papers, regular papers, panels, hot-topic sessions, tutorials and workshops, two special focus days and a track for executives. The scientific conference is complemented by a commercial exhibition showing the state-of-the-art in design and test tools, methodologies, IP and design services, reconfigurable and other hardware platforms, embedded software, and (industrial) design experiences from different application domains, e.g. automotive, wireless, telecom and multimedia applications. The organisation of user group meetings, fringe meetings, a university booth, a PhD forum, vendor presentations and social events offers a wide variety of extra opportunities to meet and exchange information on relevant issues for the design and test community. Special space will also be allocated for EU-funded projects to show their results.

The Conference

The conference addresses all aspects of research into technologies for electronic and (embedded) systems engineering. It covers the design process, test, and tools for design automation of electronic products ranging from integrated circuits to distributed large-scale systems. [...]

The Exhibition

The conference is complemented a large exhibition and unique networking opportunity for vendors of tools and services for hardware and embedded software for the design, development and test of Systems-on-Chip, IPs, Embedded Systems, ASICs, FPGAs and PCBs including a broad range of design reuse technologies and services.
To inform attendees on commercial and design related topics, there will be a full programme in the Exhibition Theatre which will combine presentations by exhibiting companies and selected conference special sessions.

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Keep ahead with industry-driven - DATE 2011 in Grenoble


With a worldwide reputation as a leading-edge conference, DATE 2011 is attracting key researchers from all over the world to Grenoble next March. The selection of the best and most important contributions out of nearly 950 submissions has been completed, with the DATE 2011 program clearly focused on industrial and academic needs. It includes 7 tutorial tracks, 57 sessions of technical program and an executive track featuring 3 sessions with industry-leading executives.

UNIVERSITY BOOTH 2011 – Announcement, March 15-17


The University Booth 2011 is announced. Universities and public research institutes are invited to demonstrate their hardware platforms, prototypes tools and pre-commercial results. In addition, we also want to encourage R&D projects to present their outstanding solutions at the University Booth.

Smart Devices and Intelligent Energy at DATE 2011 in Grenoble


DATE2011 is well on track and, against the prevailing trend worldwide, is continuing to see high numbers of submissions for its prestigious conference.

"With nearly 950 submissions we have reached comparable numbers as in the record year of 2010," says DATE`s General Chair Professor Bashir M. Al-Hashimi. "This is a clear sign that our strategy of choosing the key European semiconductor sites of Dresden in 2010 and Grenoble in 2011 as DATE venues is proving a success."

Professor Enrico Macii, Program Chair of DATE 2011, adds: "North America accounts for 28% and ASIA for 22% of the submissions, demonstrating the increasing importance of DATE as the leading event worldwide."

The Opening Keynotes will set the tone for the DATE event. "I am delighted to announce that we have two very distinguished figures giving our Opening Keynotes," says Professor Al-Hashimi. "We look forward to welcoming Jean-Marc Chery, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, STMicroelectronics, who will provide a perspective on the global microelectronics industry, and Steve Furber, ICL Professor of Computer Engineering, The University of Manchester, who is leading some of the most interesting academic research in our area."

Highlights of the Technical Program are the keynote talks given by outstanding leaders from industry and research. By featuring two Special Days focusing on topics of outstanding importance, DATE 2011 will also provide important direction to key players in the semiconductor industry and academic research. Each of the Special Days will have a full program of keynotes, panels, tutorials and technical presentations.