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Big Success in Dresden for new DATE 2010



After DATE10 closed doors, all attendees were enthusiastic about the new DATE.

The conference again proved its World-Wide leadership with attendees from 39 Countries. Germany accounts for a fourth of the attendees, followed by USA and France.

China showed a substantial increase and was already number 4 of the participating countries.
The number of attendees (1,300) again reached the very high level of the previous years.

The proceedings of DATE10 are now available on-line at:, including also the paper from Valeria Bertacco et al. with a lot of press attention and more than 50,000 downloads.

Innovation at DATE 2010 Exhibition


To characterise the exhibition of DATE 2010 with one word, it would be ‘innovation’. The exhibition floor will be full of vendors showcasing their new products, collaborative projects disclosing their work to the public and universities demonstrating their latest research results. Also DATE’s exhibition features new ideas such as ‘what the users need’ sessions and the European EDA Village.

DATE 2010 Advance Programme is Available


A full technical programme for DATE 2010, the major global event in Europe which is set to shape the future of the worldwide electronics industry, is now available at:

The conference will take place at the ICC in Dresden, Germany from 8-12 March 2010. Dresden, is well-known for its Elbe Valley and its numerous monuments from the 16th to 20th centuries and is the home of Silicon Saxony, Europe’s largest network in the semiconductor, electronics, and microsystems industry.

Keep ahead with DATE 2010 Exhibition


Automotive and Foundry Industries are Highlighted in the Exhibition Program

DATE 2010 announces the cornerstones of the Exhibition Program including many innovative offerings. The Exhibition Theatre will serve as the central meeting point for all DATE attendees and present Hot Topic sessions on Embedded Software, Autosar and Automotive Software Design, as well as panel discussions on IP block assembly, Heterogeneous Multi-Core Debug and Embedded Software Testing.

DATE 2010 takes off with a new record - Highest number of submissions ever for DATE 2010 in Dresden


DATE 2010 proves to be very well positioned in the worldwide electronics industry.  While many conferences currently suffer from travel restrictions in many companies and face severe problems in attracting attendees, the total number of submissions for DATE 2010 reached an all-time high of more than 980 submissions.

‘This shows the worldwide leadership of DATE as a technical conference and exhibition.  It is a clear sign that DATE 2010 in Dresden will be the place where all experts will meet and shape the future of our industry.  Nobody can afford to miss this event.’, said DATE’s General Chair Professor Giovanni De Micheli.

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