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‘The Exhibition Program of DATE 2010 will offer plenty of helpful information to visitors who wish to bring their development and business processes to a higher level’, says Juergen Haase, Managing Director of edacentrum GmbH and responsible for organizing the Exhibition Program at DATE. Adding further ‘Silicon Saxony ( shall play an important role at DATE 2010. The industry association located in the Dresden area is one of the top five microelectronics clusters in the world, with nearly 300 companies in microelectronics, and other related sectors.’

Members of Silicon Saxony will contribute presentations to the conference technical program and will, in workshops organized by the DATE committee, convene with EDA vendors to discuss their future EDA requirements, compiled by the IC-Design Working Groups. Furthermore, they will themselves serve as exhibitors and prepare unique presentations for the Exhibition Theatre program.

‘Top-management from BMW, Continental, Infineon, X-FAB and ZMDI and others as well as experts from research and technical press, will discuss how the industrial direction towards fabless will initiate breakthroughs in vehicle electronics,’ says Thomas Hötzel, CTO of ZMDI and head of Silicon Saxony’s IC-Design Working, which represents over 700 IC design engineers. ‘Please note that ZMDI and the IC-Design Working Group are very active in the Special Day program Cool Electronics’.

In addition to the well established EDA vendors, the DATE 2010 Exhibition will showcase many for the first time exhibiting companies, such as Globalfoundries.

‘DATE 2010, is a perfect setting for us to get close with our customers as well as with our EDA vendors.’ said Gerd Teepe, Director of IP and Digital Design Services at Globalfoundries. Mr. Teepe adds, ‘We will be able to discuss how to create a working IP-ecosystem so that our customers make the best use out of the extended foundry approach. In addition, we will contribute to the special programs on Cool Electronics.’

Also, new this year to DATE 2010, will be a European EDA village. A significant number of European EDA vendors will join forces and provide the semiconductor industry with dedicated innovation for chip and system development. In addition to their booths in the European EDA village, presentations providing overviews and testimonials shall be in place in the Exhibition Theatre, along with workshops in conjunction with client companies.

Collaborative R&D initiatives are the centerpiece for the strong position of Europe in microelectronics R&D.  Sponsored by local and national ministries as well as the European Commission, industry-lead research-initiatives have developed with a wide span of subjects.

A special area in the Exhibition, the European Projects Area, is dedicated to the projects which are preparing for the future of European industry. It is complemented perfectly by the University Booth with over 60 presentations and practical demonstrations of universities on their work and results in professional education and research.

General Information on DATE 2010
DATE 2010 will take place in the The International Congress Center (  located in, Dresden, Germany.  it is one of the most modern convention centers of its kind in all of Europe, fully able to meet the requirements for this event, hosting cutting-edge conference and event technology.

Dresden is the capital of the State of Saxony and home for 500.000 inhabitants. It is an attractive and energetic modern city, connecting east and west Europe, located near Berlin, Germany and Prague, Czech-Republic, both less than two hour drive away. The City has a historic, yet modern flair, offering an excellent stage for DATE 2010. 
The Congress Center and adjoining Maritime Hotel are situated in the heart of the city, only a few steps away from the spectacular tourist sights of Dresden.

This well suited venue is located approximately 15 minutes from Dresden Airport and 5 minutes from the city centre and is easily reached from the airport by train, tram or car.  The Maritime hotel provides competitively priced hotel rooms.

For more information, contact:
Fred Santamaria DATE 2010 - Press Chair - fredmarcom [at] aol [dot] com