Ultra-Low Power and Dependability for IoT Devices

Jörg Henkela, Santiago Paganib, Hussam Amrouchc, Lars Bauerd and Farzad Samiee
Chair for Embedded Systems (CES), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany.


Recent advances in technologies have allowed the design of small-size low-power and low-cost devices that can be connected to the Internet, enabling the emerging paradigm of Internet-of-things (IoT). IoT covers an ever-increasing range of applications, e.g., health-care monitoring, smart homes and buildings, etc. In this invited paper, we discuss and summarize the IoT paradigm with a special focus on energy consumption and methodologies for its minimization. Furthermore, we also discuss about reliability in the context of IoT devices. In all, this paper attempts to be a starting point for readers interested in developing energy-efficient IoT devices.

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