Rapid Growth of IP Traffic Is Driving Adoption of Silicon Photonics in Data Centers

Kaushik Patel
Silicon Photonics Development, Cisco Systems, 3700 Cisco Way, San Jose, CA 9134, USA


With the dramatic growth in consumers using Mobile plus Video data and the corresponding increase in IP traffic, more Data Centers are required together with a need to scale the capacity within the Data Centers. Moore's law continues to push advances in CMOS technology enabling the design of larger higher capacity ASICs used to build Switches and Routers in the Data Centers. The cost, power dissipation and face plate optical density challenges are being solved by Silicon Photonics deployed in smaller form factor pluggable optics with a longer term transition to embedded optics. This march towards higher data rates, lower cost and lower power dissipation requires major advances in the cost, volume wafer manufacturing, optical packaging and test for Silicon Photonics based products. The focus of this talk will be on how Cisco is addressing these multiple development and manufacturing challenges as Silicon Photonics based products are released in the market.

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